Pisces Zodiac sign

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About Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac cycle; thus, it's known for its charisma and creativity skills. Moreover, it represents “The Fish” sign and is referred to as Meena Rashi in Sanskrit or Vedic astrology because Meen refers to Fish in Hindi. Furthermore, people born in Pisces are the most satisfied and comfortable among all the other zodiac signs. This Pisces sign brings with it the characteristics of the previous eleven signs. Also, its sign signifies a pair of fish facing each other. Additionally, being a water sign, Pisces is ruled by the planet Jupiter according to Vedic astrology but simultaneously by Planet Neptune in modern astrology. However, Pisces is governed by the Planet Jupiter because it's known as the lord of gods, and Neptune is referred to as the King of the Sea. Also, Pisces is related to creativity, emotions, sensitivity and an in-depth relationship with the divine. Other than that, Pisces are always lost in their own world, and they cultivate the habit of being withdrawn, spiritual and concentrated on their internal journeys to find peace and harmony.


Pisces Nature and Traits

Pisces natives are calm and composed individuals who do not tend to complicate things. They are very nurtured and secure kids and always seek to shield all of their lifetimes. Moreover, these natives are very kind and forgiving. They do not dwell in the past with grudges and do not tend to have offences. Also, their forgiving and kind nature comes from the power of positivity, which allows them to be warm and focus on good doing. However, sometimes they tend to be on their bed all day doing nothing. However, that doesn't count as their laziness because they only do this sometimes. Also, Pisces are known to be universal friends because they are very selfless and compassionate. However, along with themselves, they also want others to achieve their best. In this selfish world, you rarely find a selfless person, but Pisces are one of them. Furthermore, being fuelled by moody personalities, they find it difficult to express their emotions. Moreover, they are someone who can't control their anger and would blow up when they try to control it. However, these natives are excellent at being self-healers who do not need someone's assistance or sympathy to get through any physical or mental trauma.


Pisces Health

Being ruled by Jupiter, Pisces natives are very sensitive and delicate when it comes to health among all the other zodiac signs. They are very delicate to seasonal changes because they quickly get infected with cough, cold or viral fever. Also, maintaining proper health hygiene for Pisces natives is very important because these natives are allergic to even a small amount of dust and improper diet. Moreover, it's essential for these natives to take care of their food habits, and even the tiniest mistake can turn out to be a big health concern. However, Pisces rules over the feet and lymphatic system. Therefore, these natives are prone to throat infection and pain which might be due to the kind of water they drink. However, Pisces tend to eat a lot of junk food which might lead to chronic problems and obesity. However, junk food is high in calories and sugar, so these natives must avoid high consumption of junk foods. Furthermore, maintaining good diet plans is essential for Pisces; they are more prone to liver and heart diseases. However, eating nutrients dense foods, coffee, blueberries, beetroot juices, and vegetables such as cauliflower, cabbage, and broccoli are some high-fibre-content foods that can keep you fit and healthy.


Pisces Men

Being a water sign, Pisces men are highly emotional, making them sensitive in nature. They tend to keep the needs of their loved ones above everything else. However, these natives are highly smart and imaginative, allowing them to be good at decision-making and problem-solving. Moreover, Pisces men are highly spontaneous, making them decide to depend on their intuitions. Therefore, they always take decisions according to their mind and hearts. Moreover, these individuals are very kind by heart and do not mind lending a helping hand who needs their assistance. Also, having cultivated the nature of selflessness, Pisces individuals can never think of hurting someone feeling and emotions.
Additionally, Pisces men are true believers in spirituality. Thus, these natives are true spirits who follow their hearts. Hence, these natives are very simple and authentic. Also, they believe in constantly improving themselves to be a better version of themselves. Moreover, whenever they encounter challenges and failures, they do not let their self-esteem fall down because they believe there is always room for improvement to help them grow and be better people.


Pisces Women

Have you ever been around any Piscean women? If you have ever been, then you would have noticed that these women are known to be versatile individuals. These natives have high in allowing them to overcome their failures and challenges on their own. Moreover, they have a high vision, because of which they have an increased tendency to be creative and imaginative. However, if you are looking for someone trustworthy, you share all your deep secrets. Then, it could be no other than Pisces women. They are good listeners who will listen to all your problems so that you can feel light.
Furthermore, they have a unique and creative taste that allows them to be imaginative and bound with extreme vision. Also, Pisces women can be a cheerleader because they will never fail to support and encourage you in every step. In addition to that, Pisces women have a deep spiritual belief that allows them to be at peace and find all the answers in their life. Moreover, they believe that spirituality can help them enhance all their daily habits and improve their thinking.


Pisces Relationship

Givers by nature, Pisces would go above and beyond the call of duty to keep ties with those they hold dear. They also like to surround themselves with a small number of sincere individuals. Additionally, Pisces natives are quite composed and desire healthy, peaceful connections with others. They don't value relationships that are chaotic in any way. Additionally, when it comes to Pisces as parents, they would offer their kids so much love and care that they would never make them feel unimportant. They would always make an effort to meet all of their children's necessities. Additionally, Pisces parents are excellent at taking their kids' temper tempers and would never be aggressive toward them. Instead, they will attempt to explain things in a way that seems kind and sensible. The fact that Pisces are incredibly innovative and creative means that their coworkers would want to collaborate and work with them to achieve their full potential, making them ideal teammates. Pisces are also excellent at adjusting to unexpected situations and people. They can, therefore, effectively handle even the most difficult situations.


Pisces Love

Pisces natives are sensitive and emotional in love rather than being practical and sensible. If you are crushing on a Pisces Man or Woman, you must read this to know about Pisces in love. Well, Pisces are so trustworthy, loyal and dedicated towards their partners. However, if you look forward to impressing and winning over a Pisces, it will definitely help you. If you are someone who can be honest and committed to a relationship, then only you can make a move towards them. However, these natives take a baby step before they jump into a serious relationship. In addition to that, they expect their partners to be attentive and remember everything they've said if they are talking about something. Also, Pisces will not tolerate when someone tries to dominate and incorporate their boundaries and personal space in a relationship. Moreover, they prefer to be independent of their partners when they are dating someone. Hence, they can fulfil their needs on their own. Also, they believe that a person should never be greedy in love, but again one should not forget their importance and, therefore, should not let the other person take them for granted.


Pisces Career

Being the most creative sign, they would always look for a career option that would allow them to be innovative in their own way. These natives are always daydreaming, thinking about involuntarily creating scenarios in their heads. Also, due to their kind and calm personality, they can choose a field of medicine as doctors and nurses. Also, they can do charity work or start their own old-age centre. Also, they do not run behind in net worth, but instead, they would always follow their dreams to make their life worthwhile. Furthermore, they can be a great contribution to their team because their capability and willingness to work with the team to achieve the best outcome make them great team assets. Also, Pisces natives display a great sense of curiosity, allowing them to grasp more knowledge and wisdom. Additionally, being hypersensitive individuals, they tend to get nervous and stressed out when they have to work under pressure. Moreover, these individuals can't tolerate negative feedback and criticism at work, which can make them feel embarrassed. Therefore, they would put in extra effort to give their best work and meet all the deadlines.


Pisces Decans

Pisces Natives born between February 19 to February 29 fall under the category of Decan 1. However, these natives are ruled by Jupiter and Neptune. The influence of Neptune makes these individuals soft-hearted and warm individuals. Moreover, these natives believe in being kind and humble to the people around them. However, Pisces natives under Decan 1 do not tend to tolerate nonsense and would rather avoid people who are disrespectful and selfish. Moreover, they are fueled by spirituality and loyalty and would always stay calm and modest. Additionally, now moving with the Pisces born under the Decan 2, who the Planet Moon rules. Also, these natives are the ones whose birth date falls between March 1 to March 10. They always look for the security and happiness of their family and would not think of disappointing them in any way. However, these traits make them a very family-oriented individual who would always try to bind their families together. Also, these natives are very romantic and filled with immense love and kindness. Moreover, they are sharp-minded individuals, which makes them very observant, gathering every little detail about things they see around them. Lastly comes the Decan 3, which the planet Mars rules. However, these individuals are born between March 11 to March 20. Also, the influence of Mars makes these individuals very hardworking and persevering in nature. They are always dreaming of achieving greater heights in life.


Pisces Facts

Pisces being the dreamy sign, they are known for their imagination skills, intuitions, creativity and empathy. Also, ascendants of Pisces being ruled by the planet Neptune are driven towards spirituality and illusions. However, these tenants are Mutable signs which are extremely easygoing and adjustable in nature. If you are unaware, Pisces have amazing artistic skills, which reflect their creativity and innovation. Also, these natives are known to be dreamy signs because they are associated with the 12th house, which is the house of secrets, thoughts and emotions. Likewise, these natives have strong intuitions, which is why it's said that Pisces have a sixth sense which makes them sense unusual feelings and emotions beforehand. They always depend on their sixth sense, which guides them to take tough decisions in life. Also, according to Vedic astrology, Pisces being the water sign, they are associated with Lord Varuna, who depicts all forms of water bodies. Moreover, if you are looking for guidance and someone who would help to uplift you, no one could be a better person than Pisces. Hence, their warm nature allows them to make people feel at ease and pull them back into a calm and joyful state of mind.


Moon in Pisces

The presence of the Moon in the Pisces makes an individual very sensitive and caring in nature. They will be very compassionate towards the pain and suffering of people. They would go beyond their control to make them feel safe and secure. Also, being a good listener, Pisces would help you feel at home by listening to your inner feelings. Furthermore, the lunation of the Moon in Pisces will make them more concerned about their inner voice and would tend to listen to what their intuition tells them. However, when New Moon falls over Pisces, they would be more inclined towards their new beginning and would always take a mindful step to make their life better and secure. Also, these moments will allow them to understand and go deep into their thoughts and feelings. Also, Pisces natives have a sense of healing touch that allows the other person to feel more secure in sharing their inner thoughts and emotions. Moreover, being very dreamy and always lost in their introspections, they tend to over-pressurise themselves to think about all the situations in life that would make them feel stressed out.