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About Gemini (May 21- June 21)

Hey Gemini folks! Are you excited to know what's in the box for you? Well, Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury who is known to be extremely brilliant and clever. They are very sharp-minded, but you won't always find them around with books because they are known to be social butterflies. Also, they are very extroverted and outspoken individuals who do not mind expressing their opinions and beliefs. Moreover, they do not hide their problems but discuss them with people so that they can find a solution to them. Also, Gemini is very adaptable and flexible with the people around them. They are extremely fun-loving and optimistic individuals therefore, they are known to be chameleons among all the zodiacs. Moreover, Taurus is very curious and always lets their inner child stay alive. Thus, they run around asking stupid questions. Also, they utilize all their failure as new opportunities. Therefore, their adaptable and childlike personality makes them the best team players. Furthermore, they are always grateful for all that comes into their life and always try to uplift them positively. They always have the urge to talk to people and collect information so that they can broaden their skills.


Gemini Nature and traits

Gemini are known to be celestial twins and also air sign which is why they have double personalities. They are very playful at once and at another moment they just flip which means that they have distinctive traits. Also, Gemini natives are extroverts and outspoken individuals who open up with people very quickly. Moreover, their extrovert nature makes them like open book who is very good at communication and can keep talking for hours without hesitation. These individuals are very adaptable to changes and do not mind hopping around from one place to another. Also, one of the best traits of these individuals is they try to behave and their actions reflect according to the environment and surroundings. In addition to that, Gemini ascendants are emotionally very strong because they can all deal with their stress and problems. However, they talk about their thoughts and emotions to people so that they can find an easy way to get rid of them. Hence, they do not let temporary problems in life stay longer. Also, due to their sociable and frisky nature, they tend to be good team players and have the ability to coordinate well among the group.


Gemini Health

Gemini natives being very active and always hopping around maintains their metabolism rate and keeps them fit. Moreover, the body parts ruled by Gemini are the arms, hands, shoulders, and lungs. As Gemini is an air sign and is ruled by Planet Mercury, they are more prone to have breathing problems such as Asthma and their airways might get infected because of which they might have to go through bronchitis, cold, and flu. Thus, these natives tend to sometimes be so over-excited and involved in several tasks because of which they tend to forget the proper intake of food and rest. However, sometimes these individuals are so involved in deep thoughts and tend to overthink a lot because of which they get migraine pain and severe headaches. Well, talking about some of the healthy food habits for Gemini are good intake of calcium and potassium chloride such as dry fruits, Avocado, bananas, broccoli, etc. Furthermore, coming to fluids, Geminis should avoid drinking high caffeine which can have an adverse effect on their health. Also, it will show a great result if they make a habit of drinking herbal drinks which include antioxidants and vitamins and also it can avoid the risk of chronic health issues.


Gemini Man

Gemini Men are Mutable Air signs because they are liable to change and can alter to any environment. Moreover, they are very good at having any sort of communication. In fact, they can talk for hours but still don't run out of words. Also, Gemini man also has a childish nature because they are very carefree and hops around without any tension. Furthermore, these men are very short-tempered and moody among all the zodiac in the chart. Also, they are very quick at making decisions which leads them to take a lot of risks in life. They always like to keep people around them entertained all the time but if they notice that the other person is uninterested, they quickly move on without wasting much of their time and energy. Also, because of their playful nature people might interpret them to be childish but remember Gemini has a dual personality. Therefore, Gemini men are childish as well as mature enough to make sound choices and are extremely fierce competitors when it comes to professionalism. Additionally, Gemini men tend to be quite unpredictable, making it challenging to predict their moods most of the time. They'll be happy and lounging around when all of a sudden they'll be completely silent and unbothered.


Gemini Woman

Gemini women are extremely good at making friends quickly because of their jolly and talkative nature. They aren't capable of making big decisions in their life and they tend to get anxious and nervous in such situations. Moreover, these individuals do not hold on to grudges in fact they let go of them very quickly. However, they dislike when someone tries to disrupt their personal space and tries to be nosy because they only allow people with whom they are extremely close to cross their personal boundaries. Moreover, they have been known to create a lively environment wherever they go. Also, Gemini women are incredibly good at planning and executing things effectively. They do not mind multitasking and keeping themself involved in several tasks. In fact, these individuals willingly keep themselves busy and tend to multitask because they know they get bored very quickly. Furthermore, Gemini women believe that life is too unpredictable so one must live their life to the fullest. Therefore, they try to take out time for themselves and make their lives adventurous. Moreover, Gemini women are very inconsistent, they can't settle in one place, and neither are their thoughts. Also, sometimes they fall behind because of their inconsistent nature and they are prone to get distracted very easily.


Gemini Relationship

Gemini is extremely great at making relationships as they are very communicative and jolly. People tend to have a great time talking to them. However, they leave a remarkable impact wherever they go. Also, Gemini tends to fall in love quickly and always yearns for a person who supports and encourages them. Also, talking about Gemini's relationship with colleagues in the workplace, they tend to make good teammates because their multitasking and communicative nature makes people share a good bond with them and also a good asset for the company. Furthermore, as a friend, Gemini natives are very loyal and helpful. They will always try to guide you in the right direction and will never let you have a dull moment around them. Also, among all the people in the group, Gemini is the first one to get excited when it comes to outings, vacations, or any adventures. Moreover, as parents, Gemini will have a firm and close relationship with their kids. Also, they'll try to engage their children in indoor games like word games and sudoku, which can develop their intellect, rather than allowing them to watch television nonstop.


Gemini Love

Gemini is very passionate, flexible, and adaptable in love. They get committed to individuals only if they can match their energy and enthusiasm. Having an introverted partner can be the greatest turn-down for a Gemini because they expect the same energy and charm in the other person as well. Gemini always wants a relationship that is lively even after years of relationship. Also, they do get into a relationship quickly but first, try to understand each other and spend more time together to know if they can be the best match. Additionally, Gemini lovers will constantly check in on their companions, which is another sign that a Gemini is in love. Also, they make an effort to change in accordance with their partners' preferences. They will be keen on finding out more about their partners so they don't miss anything. Also, Gemini people will strive to flirt, be romantic, and give them more compliments. Moreover, Gemini natives constantly want attention, and if they do not receive the attention they feel they need, they will begin to overthink and become enraged.


Gemini Career

In this fast-paced world, Gemini will excel because of their quick thinking power and intelligence. They are always finding new ways to get information either by talking to people and thus they do not let any opportunities for learning and gathering knowledge slip out of their hands. Also, they can do exponentially well in their verbal interview because of their communicative nature. However, Gemini always chooses a field where they can frequently move around while they work because sitting in one position and working for hours is not a cup of tea for Gemini Folks. However, they can't stick to one project even if they haven't completed it because they get bored very quickly. Also, Gemini ascendants always take up assignments and projects that require deep research because they believe that these can broaden their knowledge. Also, they can't be involved in a career that is monotonous because they require frequent changes in life. Therefore, changing their companies and career fields every now and then can have an adverse effect on their Career. Also, a corporate job that involves strict timings and deadlines is something that is not applicable for Gemini because they are very moody, and thus corporate jobs require patience which Gemini lacks.


Gemini Decans

In astrology, every 10 days of a month are separated into categories called Decans. Different planets govern each of the 10 days, which causes the characteristics of the Gemini to vary. You may have noticed that not all Geminis share the same characteristics, and this is due to the variation among Decans. However, Gemini natives who fall under the category of Decan 1 are born between May 21 to May 31. These natives are ruled by the planet Mercury and thus the attributes of Mercury are visible in a Gemini. Therefore, Gemini natives in Decan 1 are sharp-minded and curious individuals. They become closer and more attached to their family members. However, Gemini natives who are born under the Decan 2 are ruled by the planet Venus. Hence, their birthday falls between June 1 to June 10. They will become more creative and communicative in nature. Also, they will be more inclined toward finding love. Lastly, natives born between June 11 to June 20 are put under the category of Decan 3 and are ruled by the planet Uranus. Gemini in Decan 3 will be more inclined towards looking at the positive side of their life. Also, they will try to engage themselves in more activities.


Gemini Facts

Hola Gemini! Let's discover some of the interesting facts about these ascendants other than their dual personalities. Gemini is filled with enthusiasm and a positive vibe that can fill the room or a party with joy, laughter, and extra charm. These individuals are very attached to their loved ones and they can stand stiff to fight for them. Also, Gemini dislikes criticism and wouldn't appreciate it when someone tries to criticise their faults. Moreover, it takes a lot for a Gemini to get over their past relationships and trust someone all over again. Therefore, it requires a lot of effort to bring them close. Also, Gemini does not appreciate flings in fact they would be happier to be in a long-term relationship with whom they can think of being together in the future. Also, Gemini is very fond of exploring new places and knowing about their existence. They would love to indulge and try out new adventures in life. Also, they dislike being told what to do or when someone attempts to bully them around. However, you'll be pleasantly surprised to discover another interesting truth about Gemini. They have the potential to sense people's emotions and thoughts through their facial expressions.


Moon in Gemini

The person is self-assured and intelligent while the Moon is in Gemini. Also, they would feel burdened and experience significant mood swings. Further, talking about their feelings, these individuals become absorbed in their own thoughts and feel the urge to communicate and express their feelings with someone. Also, the Gemini natives will be more family-oriented and take the responsibility to assist and encourage them if there is a full moon in Gemini. In addition, when it comes to their careers, these people will be excellent at meeting deadlines and all of their superiors' expectations. Also, when the Moon is in the sign of Gemini, the natives will pay closer attention to their finances and make every effort to save funds. Also, they will always remain focused on a goal during this phase. Moreover, one of the drawbacks they will experience is that they will often have mental instability. Also, they will struggle greatly to manage their changes in mood. However still, because they will be overwhelmed by emotions, they will struggle to deal with problems and make the proper choices.

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