Hey Gemini Folks! How are you doing? Have you been keeping well with your curious mind? What fast food did you eat recently? We are asking these questions as it concerns Gemini Health. You have been a carefree bird until now whose mind and body are never at rest. But you need to understand that your brain won’t function well if it is overactive. It needs to relax a bit so you can use it the next day. And your brain controls all the signals crossing over different parts of your body. If the brain is not in a state to serve its purpose, your body will eventually give up the energy required to survive the day.

Health has been a prolonged issue of concern for you. Although you are conscious regarding fitness, you have not been able to take out time to look after yourself. You have mostly focused on having fun and working. For all the Gemini natives out there, it is time to have some inferences about Gemini mental health and Gemini physical health. Let us read about them in brief.

Gemini and Health

Gemini people invest a lot of energy in doing multiple tasks within a day. Moreover, if they are comfortable, they talk and work a lot. In this process, they forget that they need sleep as well. They sleep at odd times, affecting their physical and mental health. Therefore, they are prone to affect their health frequently. Being easygoing is good, but you also need to be careful about certain things in life, and health is one of them. You need a routine in life so that you are not overburdened. In the middle of completing tasks and also giving time to friends, Gemini people forget that they need to come back, have a glass of water, relax and sleep.

Furthermore, due to their dual nature, they are worked up on the one hand and anxious about pending tasks on the other. This creates a lot of stress in their mind leading to mental health issues. And when they are stressed, everything else in their body is also impacted negatively. Moreover, they tend to adopt unhealthy eating habits, which further affects their body and gives rise to health issues. Their frequent encounters with medicines and doctors can only be reduced if they sit back and lay plans for better work-life balance.

Talking about food, these street-smart Geminis would be mostly found at a famous street food corner and may have junk food for dinner instead of a proper homemade meal. Street food is indeed tasty, but they are not good for daily eating. Moreover, they also have a lot of coffee and tea without even keeping a count. Gemini natives believe in enjoying food rather than mindful eating. It’s not like they don’t like food cooked at home, but they prefer to have oily food as it satisfies their taste buds. It is not the right health approach, and most of them realise it in their late 20s and mid-30s when they are usually dealing with multiple health problems.

So, two things should keep in mind. First, they need to take on tasks according to their capacity and take proper sleep, and second, they have to minimise eating junk food. Eating healthy, following a schedule and sleeping on time can bring a lot of peace to their mind and body. Making some minor changes in their lifestyle, they can invite a lot of happiness into their world.

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Potential Gemini Health Concerns

Geminis mostly have issues related to the stomach and legs. Due to improper sleep and extra activity, their legs often get swollen, and they experience pain. It also affects their metabolism leading to weight gain. In the stomach, they complain about problems of indigestion and acidity. Moreover, working Geminis hardly remain at home and are constantly moving. Therefore, they catch a cold and cough every now and then. This also leads them to have a viral fever and breathing problems. Apart from this, hyperthyroidism and excess uric acid is predominantly seen in these natives. This doesn’t stop here. They have also been observed with anxiety issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Gemini have a lot of mental and physical health issues. It is mainly due to their lifestyle routine. They have encountered major headaches and symptoms of depression. They also have gastric issues and swelling in their legs due to overwork and low metabolic rate. Obesity is also one of the concerns in some Geminis.
Gemini ascendants' issues are no different from the Gemini natives. Lungs, eyes, stomach and metabolic issues are common in them. Gemini ascendants have particularly faced issues related to the gall bladder and liver.

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The body parts or organs that Gemini reign over are the throat and lungs. Therefore, they need to breathe fresh air by visiting less-polluted cities and just being at home so that they don’t frequently catch a fever and cough and breathlessness at the same time.

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Gemini tends to intake a lot of fat-securing food. They must avoid it. Also, eating junk food and soft drinks every now and then must be avoided completely. At home as well, they should say no to oily and spicy food, which they usually prefer. In addition, they must also stay away from the intake of caffeinated drinks like coffee and tea.
Most Geminis do not know how to do work-life management. They are stressed and anxious most of the time. And in turn, do not take proper sleep. They do not have a fixed schedule for anything. This drastically affects their mental health.
No. Geminis need to have a proper sleeping routine in order to stay healthy. Due to improper sleep, they do not eat properly and are not able to complete tasks on time. This leads to various health issues like acid reflux, obesity and high blood pressure. They must try chanting the Shanti mantra before sleeping. It helps in sound sleep.
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