Hey Gemini! Do you know that your personality gets greatly influenced by the decan you were born with? There are mainly three Gemini decans containing ten days each - Decan 1, Decan 2 and Decan 3. Your general attitude and conduct in public differ from the people who are born in the other two decans. Hence, it is an important point in astrology where you realise that people born in the same month don’t always share common interests and behaviours. Moreover, people born in different decan have varied personality traits because each decan has a specific planet seated upon them. That is, Decan 1 has Mercury, Decan 2 has Venus, and Decan 3 has Saturn as the reigning planet.

It will be exciting to read how Gemini borns have different personalities to display due to their birth date falling into a specific ten days interval. This shows that they are layers to our personalities that we hardly notice. Reading about Gemini people of different Decans opens the door to knowing the varied qualities of different Gemini natives. In fact, we may now know how two Gemini people are so different from each other.

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Gemini Decans 1: Born Between May 21 and May 31

Gemini Decan 1 people are highly intelligent and know vast amounts of information on different topics, especially sciences. Mercury rules over people born in this decan. It is believed to bring great intellect and conversational skills to the native. They have creative minds, and people always welcome their new ideas. Moreover, their thinking abilities with regard to work are well received by their office colleagues. Their spoken skills help them form real and honest associations with people. Moreover, they have an expressionless fun side which only comes out in front of people they are comfortable with. They are also keen observers and are always curious to know more. They have a visionary career approach wherein they have interests in multiple fields, and somewhere in their hearts, they want to do everything which is practically not possible.

These people are sociable but sometimes pretend to be not who they are. They can do good impersonation in order to be a part of a discussion. But they do not do it intentionally. They become certain personalities based on the situation or environment they become involved in. They tend to say things that may not always be true but are being said to create an impact. However, they are mostly honest, especially with friends.

Gemini Decans 2: Born Between June 1 to June 10

Gemini Decan 2 people think a lot before they take a step. Under the shadow of the ruling planet Venus, they always have many creative ideas running in their minds. These people are very sharp-minded and have a great aptitude for finding work-related solutions. They are also academically inclined. They can easily work things out and take advantage of their charismatic personalities. They are interactive, but due to their slow delivery of words, they look introverted and shy. But once people know them, they become the favourites of the top-level working professionals of their organisation. Hence, they always have great impressions in the eyes of seniors. Moreover, the bonds that they make in their life hold great significance, and therefore they choose their friends wisely. That is why they take time to interact and form networks.

They are also not sure of things in general as they are torn between the heart and the brain. That is why they take time to search for their life partner. As a result, they tend to marry late. Gemini dual nature aspect is predominantly observed in this section of the Gemini people. Sometimes they become extremely emotional and sensitive; at other times, they can be very detached and unromantic. Similarly, they may be consistently working hard at one point and remain distracted at the other. They are great party organisers and love travelling.

Gemini Decans 3: Born Between June 11 to June 20

Gemini Decan 3 people show long-term growth in careers and in their personal life. Their ruling planet Saturn prepares them for the best and the most prosperous professions. Saturn also offers the natives a strong intellect and wise thinking. These people are very brave and courageous. They are people of free spirit and have strong willpower. They won’t let anyone interfere with their life choices. They never fear to take a stand and fight back fiercely if the world around them completely goes against their decision. They look upto quality over quantity in friendship. That is why they have very few friends, but they are Gemini Decan 3 people’s lifelines.

Moreover, Gemini is always cautious as they get betrayed maximum times. They are very confident people and can travel the world solo. They have successful careers, and they often spend their money enjoying social parties and gatherings. But Saturn then brings them back to self-realisation by making them go out of money. This is when it strikes them that they also need to save for future purposes. They are sympathetic towards people. They immediately help when they see someone in problem and discomfort. They are very frank and straightforward in life, which sometimes appears rude and offensive to people.

Frequently Asked Questions

All Gemini decans have good logical abilities and are great thinkers. They have a creative mindset which always brings new ideas and plans for doing tasks efficiently. They are also socially interactive, and people want to keep friendly terms with them. They are also very excited and talkative when they are in their comfort zone.
Gemini Decan 3 personalities want to shine differently in the middle of a crowd. They are ready to take up challenges and adapt new methodologies to complete a task. They are innovative and do not wish to follow conventions. Instead, they learn new skills and try to apply them to old works to increase their efficiency.

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Decan 2 Gemini personalities are geeks and knowledgeable. They communicate best with people they are comfortable with. Otherwise, interpersonal skill is something they need to learn if they want to perform well in future work purposes. They eventually develop relationships with people, but they often do not have the patience to listen to the whole conversation.

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All Gemini Decan people have issues related to digestion and metabolism. They also have complaints regarding improper sleep and anxiety. They also encounter breathing issues like asthma and infection in the respiratory organs. Some of them also suffer from bronchitis.
The weakness of Decan 1 Gemini is their confusion about listening to their heart or their brain. That is, they are in a dilemma of whether to think emotionally or choose a practical approach without paying attention to the emotional aspect of a situation. They want to take a safe decision over something where both the agendas - the brain and the heart are fulfilled.
Decan 1 Gemini are very smart and have great knowledge. They are well-read and are fond of books. They have a lot of information on different subjects, and people of different interests can have an intellectual conversation with them regarding the same. They have an attractive and charming aura.
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