When you come across someone unknown to you but know that the person is a Pisces zodiac sign, what would you assume about that person? Like every zodiac sign, its personality traits represent its behaviour; likewise, even Pisces' energy and aura reflect their true selves. You might think about Pisces double personality or maybe someone sensitive. Well, Pisces is the 12th zodiac sign and the last among all zodiac signs, which is why this sign is blessed with all the other eleven zodiac sign features. Moreover, the Pisces season starts from 20th February - 20th March, which marks the end of the winter season and the beginning of the spring season.

Also, the pisces Zodiac symbol represents a fish that moves towards two different directions. These individuals are also romantic and have dreamy imaginations that make them very creative and have deep romantic feelings. Also, their dual personality causes them to be constantly confused and caught between multiple distinct emotions and feelings. As a result of such intense feelings and emotions, they are more oriented to spirituality. They have a strong spiritual belief, which leads them to create their spiritual universe in which they find all the answers to their problems.

Moreover, Pisces is ruled by the Planet Neptune, which makes these individuals creative and imaginative. They are excellent at writing poetry, painting, and music. They are skilled in art and creativity. Now, look into additional information regarding Pisces meaning and other interesting facts about Piscesians. At the same time, while reading about the Pisces moon sign and sun sign and their characteristics and nature. You'll be surprised to discover some things no one has previously revealed.

  • Sanskrit Name: Meena
  • Meaning of Name: The Fish
  • Type: Water-Mutable-Fish
  • Sign Date: February 19 - March 20
  • Symbol: The Fish
  • Ruling Planet: Jupiter/Neptune
  • Element: Water
  • Lucky Color: Green, Yellow
  • Lucky Number: 3
  • Lucky Gemstone: Yellow Sapphire
  • Lucky Day: Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday
  • Compatible Zodiac Sign: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

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About Pisces Zodiac Sign

As we explore the Pisces zodiac sign, remember to feel grateful if you have a Pisces zodiac sign in your life. They are the most compassionate and soft-hearted individuals you’ll ever encounter. They can go to any extent to lend a helping hand to people without expecting anything in return. Moreover, their selfless service to society and their close ones makes them universal friends who can jell up with anyone. People can find a home in Pisces due to their grounded and humble nature. Everyone around them usually admires them since they are friends with everyone and are always available to help those in need. Moreover, as Pisces belongs to the water element, they are fond of water and thus, activities related to water excite them the most. They love travelling where they can do interesting activities such as surfing, rafting, water skiing, fishing etc.

Furthermore, the Pisces sun sign is someone who does not keep grievances but is emotionally healthy and can forgive effortlessly. They do not concentrate on past tragedies and experiences that might drain them emotionally but always enter with a positive attitude. Moreover, they begin their day with a pleasant attitude because they are more spiritual. They practice meditation and self-realisation, allowing them to reflect on their behaviours and make adjustments in their lives. Also, they have a strong capability of understanding people on a deeper level.

Additionally, suppose we have to discuss Pisces zodiac sign love life and their relationships. In that case, they are sensitive and emotional lovers who don’t get easily attached, but once they do, they would love their partners wholeheartedly. They are romantic and old-school lovers who prefer sitting together and creating some romantic moments together. They don’t usually prefer fancy dates and outings, but they would instead tick a box for romantic dates at home, sitting together, playing soft music, reading poetry and making some unforgettable memories. Moreover, they take their relationship further or take the next move about being intimate and physically attached to one another. They would try to make their partners feel comfortable.

Lastly, if we look into Pisces' career, they are attentive and good listeners who would choose a field in which they can sympathise with people and have a deep connection with them. Also, career options like therapist and counsellor are great for these individuals, where they get to get in touch with people on a deeper level. They try to read their face and listen to their problems so that they can give them solutions to get through it.

Moreover, in career fields that give them the freedom to show their capability, creativity and imagination power, they will choose those fields without giving it a second thought. Besides, as spirituality is close to their heart, they would never keep it aside or avoid it. Pisces aura of spirituality gives them the power and aura to deal with their life and cleanse their inner thoughts.

Pisces Strength And Weaknesses

Talking about Pisces' strengths and weaknesses, certain things work as strengths and weaknesses in their life. The idea of spirituality and connecting the inner selves is the biggest strength of the Pisces zodiac sign. Mediation, yoga, and building awareness for oneself allow them to see the world from different angles. It helps them to deal with their life and reflect on their actions.

Moreover, they are compassionate and emphatic individuals who always have deep feelings for people. Providing care and compassion to people keeps them happy and gives them a reason always to feel pleasure and grateful. In addition to that, their pisces powers and adaptable nature makes them get along with people from any cultural background. They can adapt to any situation and circumstance without going through any difficulties.

Furthermore, the weakness of Pisces individuals is that they are overly emotional and sympathise with every individual without knowing their intentions. Due to their sensitive and emotional nature, they tend to get stuck between being practical and emotional. They forget to deal with things practically because their sensitive and overly emotional side doesn’t allow them to do so.

Sometimes, their unsettled behaviour makes it difficult for them to make decisions and come to conclusions. They get stuck between making a practical decision.

Moreover, sometimes Pisces individuals tend to trust people blindly without trying to know about their intentions. They always see good in people and trust them without having to know them properly. However, their natural trait of trusting people blindly can put them in a situation where they are taken advantage of.

Lastly, the Pisces chakra relates to the Sacral Chakra, also known as Svadhisthana, below the lower abdomen. This chakra represents the water elements associated with the Pisces zodiac sign. These chakras also deal with deep intuition, creativity and emotional stability that syncs with the pisces energy, traits and attributes. They live in the present, and the best part is that they feel pleasure in whatever they do. Also, they do not like when someone tries to push them to do certain things in life. They live their life according to their selves, and when someone tries to interfere with their personal life, they avoid approaching that person.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pisces zodiac signs are ruled by the planet Neptune, which gives them the powerful ability to be creative, intuitive and imaginative. Moreover, Neptune, their ruling planet, allows them to live a romantic lifestyle.
Some of the well-known Pisces eminent personalities are Shahid Kapoor (February 25, 1981), Alia Bhatt (March 15, 1993), Shah Rukh Khan (November 2, 1965), Shreya Ghoshal (March 12, 1984) and many more.
Pisces zodiac signs are well noticed for its sensitive, empathetic, emotional, intuitive personality. They have a strong tendency to feel deeply for people who are emotionally suffering. Moreover, they are imaginative and romantic in nature, making them perfect human beings.
Pisces usually get along with Cancer and Scorpio zodiac signs well because both are water signs and have great compatibility. Their certain characteristics and traits are common, which makes them understand each other better.
Pisces are extremely loyal and romantic in love. They always look for partners with whom they can connect on an emotional level. They try to form a connection where they are able to feel each other's suffering together. Moreover, due to Pisces sensitive and emotional nature, they tend to be over-possessive and jealous in love.
Pisces likes art, music, nature, and activities, allowing them to express themselves creatively. They also value deep, meaningful conversation and spiritual activities. However, on the other hand, they dislike criticism, being extremely practical and being constrained or restricted. Individuals born in Pisces may also dislike confrontation and prefer healthy relationships.
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