Do you know how to keep secrets? Well, learn it from the master - the Pisces! The reason we call them mysterious is because there are many shades to a Pisces, which you only know when you keep meeting them. A person born as a Pisces has many layers to their personality. These layers of Pisces nature and traits are more or less influenced by the play of planets in their birth charts. Well, we are here to discuss and peel those layers off to know more about Pisces qualities and who they are as people.

It just gets interesting when we go deep into the pool of secrets Pisces have kept to protect themselves from the outside world. There is a particular pattern you will see in their behaviour. On some days, you would find them joyful and, on other days, extraordinarily emotional and lost. Hence, they have a personality that makes you question more about their hidden aspects.

Pisces zodiac sign personality comes at the last of the zodiac wheel and introduces you to a mix of qualities in a Pisces native. These people, thus, carry a bag full of mysteries that lets you see something new whenever it opens. Let us get more details on Pisces traits ahead.

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About Pisces Nature

Pisces ruling planet has a lot to contribute to the lifestyle and thinking style of Pisces-borns. As a Pisces, you are ruled by the mysterious Neptune and the expansive Jupiter. So, you are both secretive and progressive, spiritual and worldly, emotional and happy-go-lucky. Sometimes, you tend to make everything lively and joyous around you; other times, you have your favourite corner to hide and mind your own business. Your mind is an ocean of imagination where you make creative choices.

The story of a Pisces native reveals a constant struggle between participating in the pleasures of the world and staying away in isolation. Just like the Pisces season (Feb-March) confuses you between winter shivers and the gentle warmth of the summer, your heart also keeps you in an inner battle of choosing this or that. You are emotional, and you love your people. But you also wish to love yourself over others. And there you are, confused again, whether to choose the self or be present for your friends. Hence, there is no fixed priority list for you.

Speaking of your priority list, first, you prioritise yourself, and then, you look around and think that you also need to keep others happy. This often leaves you miserable. On the one hand, you wish to be successful, competitive and shine amongst the rest, but on the other hand, you hold yourself back so that there is no room for jealousy. In such situations, listening to what your practical self says is better, as your heart keeps you sensitive.

As a Pisces, when dealing with such situations, you develop certain Pisces traits that define your habits. Let us see how your circumstance under the influence of Pisces ruling planets shapes your characteristics.

Pisces Zodiac Sign Characteristics

A usual Sun in Pisces indicates that they are compassionate, creative, imaginative, artistic and caring. As a Pisces, you think immensely about the people you care about and go weak and sensitive for them as you choose to have only a few special people in your life. You particularly feel the happiest when your emotions inspire your work. Let’s say you are a creative writer or a painter, and emotions are in full swing for you on a particular day. What is next is probably you writing a journal or poem or end up drawing a painting.

Moreover, Pisces horoscope personality indicates that you choose your professional fields based on your emotions. You search for platforms where you can express yourself without talking. This makes you mysterious and secretive. Sometimes, even people in your inner circle are confused about what you are thinking. This is also because you are an overthinker who smartly handles talks in a few statements so that you don’t overshare.

At the same time, you are sweet on the face, but you don’t trust people easily. You may also pass mean comments jokingly at times. The most interesting characteristic that you hold is being too intuitive. You can easily understand a person's headspace and what he or she might be thinking next. That’s scary for others but also smart for you, as you won’t get played easily. But, you need to avoid being too emotional as it can lock your intuitive self.

A few Pisces eminent personalities include Albert Einstein, Jayalalithaa, Shraddha Kapoor, Shahid Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Tiger Shroff, Abhay Deol and Anupam Kher.

Pisces Positive And Negative Traits

Pisces personality traits are a result of so many situations and experiences they have had in their entire life. As a Pisces, if all your decisions are influenced by the amount of emotions you feel at any given moment, it could lead to both Pisces good and bad qualities. Let us have a look at those Pisces traits.

Pisces Positive Traits

Talking about Pisces Positive traits, we start with their adaptable and soft-hearted nature. As a Pisces personality, your heart makes you emotional and sensitive towards your loved ones, and at the same time, you do not take much time to adapt to a situation. You are also romantic in love relationships. Moreover, you try to protect your people and keep them close, as you only let a few be that close to you. Your constant fear of losing them offers you a compassionate and caring nature. You are also very empathetic towards people you see in discomfort. It shows that you are also empathetic towards others.

At the same time, you are extremely artistic and driven to do activities that utilise your art. You are someone who would love dancing to a tune of Rain and end up writing creative poetry towards the end of the day. Your colleagues also appreciate your creative ideas at work. Moreover, you are highly imaginative and dreamy. You often love staying in your dream world, especially when it offers happiness. That’s a good way of escapism when done in control. At last, you are a spiritual person who tries to absorb all sorts of positive energies it offers.

Pisces Negative Traits

Pisces negative traits are derived from emotions they face at any given point in time. As a water sign, you are often extremely sensitive towards your love or close friends. This sometimes causes private space concerns in the minds of your loved ones. As a result, you tend to isolate yourself completely. Your habit of cutting off from everybody instead of resolving the issue lands in situations of extreme tears. This leads you to get involved in problematic forms of distractions like alcoholism, smoking and all sorts of intoxication.

And then there are days when you don’t feel anything. You keep a straight face in all situations and stop reacting. This is also taken as a negative attitude by your colleagues or close ones. Sometimes, due to the conflicts and hardships that you go through, you tend to throw mean comments in a conversation without thinking. This also leaves a negative impression on the minds of others. It is high time that you work on your emotional maturity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Pisces, as a zodiac sign, is like a bag full of mysteries. You will know something new about them when you meet them. They are empathetic, joyful, soulful, emotional, understanding, creative, smart and all other traits that you can name.
Pisces natural traits include being secretive, empathetic, emotional and creative. They mostly like to spend their days in their dreamy world, where they keep adding more creative situations to satisfy themselves. At the same time, they are soft-hearted for the people they love.
Pisces is a mutable sign. They adapt to their surroundings without much effort. Although their mood shifts them to being to themselves, they can easily interact with a group of people without any difficulty if they wish.
The secret personality of Pisces is that they are highly intuitive. They have practised living life based on natural instincts or intuitions. This has helped them sense danger before it even arrives. Due to this, they also judge people rightly.
Pisces weakness is that they easily get influenced by people who drive them emotionally. This is where their intuitions get locked. At the same time, they often have a “ don’t care” attitude, which stops them from sharing their feelings, ultimately struggling inside.
Pisces make only a few friends, though they have to interact with many due to work. Their inner circle is very small, and their biggest fear is losing them. They want nothing more than to be loved.
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