The Celebration of Ekadashi

Hinduism is a religion filled with festivals. One such festival is Ekadashi. The importance of Ekadashi is much more than what an individual can imagine. It allows an individual to attain spirituality, getting rid of any or every malefic planetary influence and strengthening a weaker planet. So, move ahead and learn more about the benefits, significance, dates, and timing of Ekadashi.

Ekadashi Dates For 2024

If you also have questions like Which days are Ekadashi? Worry not, as we have got your back. Mentioned below are the Ekadashi date for the year 2024.

Ekadashi 2024 DatesName of Ekadashi VratTimings of Ekadashi Vrat 2024
January 7, 2024, SundaySaphala Ekadashi12:41 AM, Jan 07 - 12:46 AM, Jan 08
January 21, 2024, SundayPausha Putrada Ekadashi07:26 PM, Jan 20 - 07:26 PM, Jan 21
February 6, 2024, TuesdayShattila Ekadashi05:24 PM, Feb 05 - 04:07 PM, Feb 06
February 20, 2024, TuesdayJaya Ekadashi08:49 AM, Feb 19 - 09:55 AM, Feb 20
March 7, 2024, ThursdayVijaya Ekadashi06:30 AM, Mar 06 - 04:13 AM, Mar 07
March 20, 2024, WednesdayAmalaki Ekadashi12:21 AM, Mar 20 - 02:22 AM, Mar 21
April 5, 2024, FridayPapmochani Ekadashi04:14 PM, Apr 04 - 01:28 PM, Apr 05
April 19, 2024, FridayKamada Ekadashi05:31 PM, Apr 18 - 08:04 PM, Apr 19
May 4, 2024, SaturdayVaruthini Ekadashi11:24 PM, May 03 - 08:38 PM, May 04
May 19, 2024, SundayMohini Ekadashi11:22 AM, May 18 - 01:50 PM, May 19
June 2, 2024, SundayApara Ekadashi05:04 AM, Jun 02 - 02:41 AM, Jun 03
June 18, 2024, TuesdayNirjala Ekadashi04:43 AM, Jun 17 - 06:24 AM, Jun 18
July 2, 2024, TuesdayYogini Ekadashi10:26 AM, Jul 01 - 08:42 AM, Jul 02
July 17, 2024, WednesdayDevshayani Ekadashi08:33 PM, Jul 16 - 09:02 PM, Jul 17
July 31, 2024, WednesdayKamika Ekadashi04:44 PM, Jul 30 - 03:55 PM, Jul 31
August 16, 2024, FridayShravana Putrada Ekadashi10:26 AM, Aug 15 - 09:39 AM, Aug 16
August 29, 2024, ThursdayAja Ekadashi01:19 AM, Aug 29 - 01:37 AM, Aug 30
September 14, 2024, SaturdayParsva Ekadashi10:30 PM, Sep 13 - 08:41 PM, Sep 14
September 28, 2024, SaturdayIndira Ekadashi01:20 PM, Sep 27 - 02:49 PM, Sep 28
October 13, 2024, SundayPapankusha Ekadashi09:08 AM, Oct 13 - 06:41 AM, Oct 14
October 28, 2024, MondayRama Ekadashi05:23 AM, Oct 27 - 07:50 AM, Oct 28
November 12, 2024, TuesdayDevutthana Ekadashi06:46 PM, Nov 11 - 04:04 PM, Nov 12
November 26, 2024, TuesdayUtpanna Ekadashi01:01 AM, Nov 26 - 03:47 AM, Nov 27
December 11, 2024, WednesdayMokshada Ekadashi03:42 AM, Dec 11 - 01:09 AM, Dec 12
December 26, 2024, ThursdaySaphala Ekadashi10:29 PM, Dec 25 - 12:43 AM, Dec 27

Ekadashi Meaning in Hinduism

The power and importance of Ekadashi lie in the meaning of the word “Ekadashi” itself. It is derived from a Sanskrit word that means “Eleven”. Thus, the term ekadashi in English means the eleventh day of the lunar fortnight. This festival is known to hold a lot of importance and significance in Hindu culture and is considered very auspicious for spiritual practices.

The Two Forms Of Ekadashi

There are known to be two types of Ekadashi, these include the following:

  • Shukla Paksha (Waxing Moon)
  • Krishna Paksha (Waning Moon)

Each Ekadashi has a different significance and is associated with various Hindu deities. For example, the importance of ekadashi first of the Hindu year, is celebrated as the "Mukkoti Ekadashi" and is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Similarly, the second type of this occasion of the Hindu month is known as "Papmochani Ekadashi" and is associated with Lord Shiva.

When is Ekdashi Observed?

The festival of Ekadashi is observed on the 11th lunar day of the lunar cycle according to the Hindu calendar month. It means there are two (2) Ekadashi in a month. It is observed as a day of fasting, meditation, and prayer. On this day, devotees abstain from food and water for the entire day and engage in various spiritual activities. The fast is seen as a way of purifying the body and mind and attaining spiritual growth. Alongside this, the Ekadasi fast is also known to help an individual attain mental peace and balance.

Why is Ekadashi celebrated?

Ekadashi is known to be celebrated by individuals who want to get blessings from Lord Vishnu. Also, Lord Vishnu once narrated the significance of Ekadashi and the rituals of fasting to Yudhishthira. Hindus believe that observing the fast and performing spiritual activities can attain blessings. It calms down the ten senses or Indriyas (eye, ears, nose, skin, tongue, feet, mouth, hands, reproductive organs and excretory organs) and eleventh, the mind.

Moreover, this day is considered very pure and sacred for the devotees of Lord Vishnu. It is also believed that the importance of Ekadashi is doubled when individuals take it seriously, observe fast, and meditate. It is a day to wash all the past karmas and attain moksha.

Why should I fast on Ekadashi Vratham?

The Ekadashi Vratham fast, or “Upavasa,” is considered auspicious because it is a way to cleanse one spiritually. The importance of Ekadashi fast includes a strict fast that must be kept wholeheartedly to fulfil all one's wishes and bring peace, harmony, and prosperity.

Moreover, on this day, devotees visit Hindu temples, perform puja (worship), and offer prayers to their chosen deity. Some also choose to meditate, recite hymns, and chant mantras. The fast is broken the next day, known as Dwadashi, with a special meal that is usually made from rice, fruit, and milk.

Benefits of Ekadashi and Fasting

If you are also wondering about the power of Ekadashi or ekadashi fast benefits or ekadashi vrat benefits. The answer you have been looking for is mentioned below. The ekadashi benefits are as follows:

Spiritual gains: Observing a fast and offering prayers to Lord Vishnu on this day is considered very sacred because it helps increase one's wealth and fortune.

Get rid of any malefic planetary influence: If you have a malefic influence of planets in your birth chart, fasting and observing prayers strictly on Ekadashi can be very auspicious and help you eliminate negative effects.

Strengthening a weak planet: If you feel that a weak planet in your natal chart has been blocking your path in life, then Ekadashi can be the best time to get rid of it.

Mental peace and balance: On the day of Ekadashi, fasting and meditating allow Lord Vishnu to bless one with a calm and stable mind, allowing them to be at peace.


आप अपनी शादी को लेकर परेशान हैं?

अभी सलाह लें मात्र 1 रुपए में

अक्सर पूछे जाने वाले सवाल-

According to Hindu culture, it is the 11th day of the lunar calendar and one of the most auspicious days of the year. Many people, not just in India but all over the world, fast on this day to gain spiritual and mental peace and balance.
In the Hindu calendar, there are 24 Ekadashi in a year, with two Ekadashis occurring every month, one during the Shukla Paksha and the other during the Krishna Paksha.
Ideally, devotees who observe a fast on this day should not sleep. During nighttime, they must visit temples and sing and pray the entire night. Moreover, they also listen to the kathas and stories recited in the temple.
There is no specific rule about hair washing for those observing a fast on this occasion. However, many women believe in not washing their hair on the day of fasting. Also, it is said that an individual should not get a haircut or cut his or her nails on a particular day as it is seen as an inauspicious activity.
Some common rules about the Ekadashi fast are that you can consume fruits, vegetables, and milk products. You should not consume rice or any kind of grains on these days. Also, reading Bhagavad-gita and Srimad-Bhagavatam can bring mental peace and satisfaction.
Hare Krishna mantra, Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevay, Shanta Karam Bhujang Shayanam Padma Nabham Suresham, Vishwadharam Gaganasadrshyam Meghavarnam Shubhangam, and Lakshmi Kantam Kamal Nayanam Yogibhirdhyan Nagmyam are some of the important mantras to chant on Ekadashi.
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