What is Dattatreya Jayanti?

Shree Datta Jayanti is a very significant Hindu festival dedicated to Lord Dattatreya. This festival is celebrated to honour Lord Datta, who is the incarnation of three divine Trinity: Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Moreover, this festival is basically celebrated in the month of December when the full moon appears on the Agrahayana or the Margashirsha month, according to the Hindu calendar. This month is celebrated because Agrahayana is the ninth and most auspicious month according to the lunar Hindu calendar. This festival's beginning and celebration starts from Ekadashi, which lasts till Purnima.

Moreover, Dattatreya was the son of Attri and Anasuya, who also had two other siblings named Moon and Sage Durvasa. The Moon was referred to as Brahma, Durvasa as Shiva. Also, although Lord Datta was the incarnation of the three Trinity, he still considered himself only Vishnu. Furthermore, the Shree Gurudev Datta Jayanti will be celebrated on Tuesday, 26th December 2023. The Purnima Tithi for Datta Jayanti starts at 5:47 AM on 26th December and ends at 06:03 AM on 27th December. However, for 2024, Datta Jayanti will be celebrated on Saturday, 14th December.

What is the story behind celebrating Dattatreya Jayanti?

The celebration behind Dattatreya Jayanti has a very interesting and historical story that makes this festival more special and joyous. This festival reminds us about the strong tapasya of Guru Datta's mother, Anasuya and the birth of Dattatreya, who wanted a son with the qualities and values of the three most superior gods- Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. On hearing about the Tapasya and the craving of mother Anasuya by the three wives of the Trimurti (Goddess Saraswati, Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Parvati), they got jealous.

However, to calm down their jealousy, the three goddesses sent their husbands to meet Anasuya, who changed their appearance and went to her as a Sanyasis. Later, the three trinity gods asked for something to eat or drink that she could feed them naturally. On hearing this, Anasuya hesitated but again sprinkled some holy water upon the three gods, which turned them into babies. After that, Anasuya fed each one of them her own milk and thus fulfilled all their wishes. Later, when she returns home, she narrates the incident to her husband, Attri, who was already aware of the incident.

However, later on, when the husbands did not return, the wives of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva came looking for their husbands to Anasuya. So, on knowing the truth, the three wives begged Anasuya and asked to return their husbands to their original form. But as mentioned, Anasuya had fed her milk. She wanted a son with the qualities of the three divine trinity. So the Gods and Goddesses bless them with a son, Guru Dattatreya, as an Incarnation of three gods- Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. So, this was the story behind the celebration of Datta Jayanti.

What is the significance of Dattatreya Jayanti?

The primary significance of this festival that makes it more special is the birth of Guru Datta. Moreover, many devotees believe that it's very beneficial to perform prayers and puja on this day because it helps the natives get rid of all the ancestral problems. Also, on the special occasion of Dattatreya Jayanti, devotees can seek the blessings of Guru Datta and ask for his blessings to help them lead a happy and prosperous life ahead.

Guru Dattatreya is also one of the Guru who helps his devotees to gain knowledge and wisdom. Furthermore, offering prayers and observing fast on this auspicious occasion of the birth anniversary of Guru Datta helps devotees to get rid of all their financial worries, and their desires will be fulfilled. It also gives devotees the power and ability to achieve all their objectives and goals in life.

Besides that, it also helps devotees to remove all the unnecessary fears, stress and anxiety that can affect them. Moreover, as per ancient history and stated by experts, the main objective of Guru Datta was to help his devotees live a happy and prosperous life that can help them grow, instil creativity and develop a sense of devotion within themselves.

What are the Rituals and Remedies involved in Dattatreya Jayanti?

As the special occasion of Dattatreya Jayanti arrives, devotees are all set to perform various rituals and remedies that can help them seek Guru Datta’s blessings. There are some of the rituals and remedies that can be followed on this day. Read all the rituals to be followed on this day carefully so you can perform with full devotion.

Dattatreya Jayanti Rituals

  • The most important thing to be done before starting any rituals is purifying oneself. Taking a bath by sprinkling some Ganga jal in the water can purify the devotees, and they are all set to perform the rituals.
  • All the necessary requirements for the Puja must be prepared before the Puja starts, such as a diya made of oil or ghee, incense sticks, flowers, fruits, etc.
  • Devotees observe fast on this day from sunrise to sunset while performing Puja and Jaap 1000 times.
  • During the Puja, the idol of Guru Datta must be kept in the middle and applied a turmeric and sandalwood paste. Moreover, devotees can also apply sindoor to the idol or the image of Guru Datta.
  • In the form of Prasad and offering to Shri Dattatreya, devotees offer homemade food items like Kesari Goda Bhaat, Kesari Dudh and Kesari Peda.
  • Devotees should chant sacred mantras and devotional songs, and a few important lines and paragraphs from Avadhuta and Jivanmukta Gita must be recited on this day.
  • Also, in the end, when all the prayers and offers are over. People sit silently meditating in front of the idol while reciting the Guru Datta mantra, which goes like 'Om Shri Gurudev Datta' and 'Guru Dattatreya Namah'.

Dattatreya Jayanti Remedies

  • Chanting the Dattatreya mantra ('Digambara Digambara Shrīpad Vallabh Digambara') can help devotees get rid of all the curses their ancestors gave. However, everyone on Earth has to go through an ancestor curse, which can be tackled by chanting.
  • Providing unconditional care and affection to our parents and grandparents can also be one of the best remedies.
  • You must worship and offer prayers to Lord Dattatreya on the day of Dattatreya Jayanti to help get your ancestors Mukti so that they can rest in peace.


So, that was some of the important information about Dattatreya Jayanti. We have mentioned all the rituals and significance of Shri Datta Jayanti that can help you perform puja and prayers with full devotion. Moreover, knowing the significance of the puja or prayer you are performing can help you connect with the deity and seek their blessings.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Datta Jayanti is celebrated in the month of December. However, the dates vary from one another every year. This occasion falls when a full moon appears on the Agrahayana in the Margashirsha month, according to the Hindu calendar.
Datta Jayanti is an auspicious occasion and the birth date of Shri Guru Datta, where devotees visit his temple and offer prayers. On this day, devotees chant mantras and devotional songs to offer gratitude and respect to him.
On the special day of Datta Jayanti, people observe fast and offer prayers. Devotees prepare homemade prasads to offer Guru Datta and distribute them among the devotees to seek his blessings.
Shree Gurudev datta is the incarnation of the three trinity- Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Moreover, he is referred to as Datta because the word Datta means 'Given'. He is named Datta because the divine Trinity has given themselves to Guru Atri and Anusuya in the form of their son.
In the year 2023, Shri Datta Jayanti will be celebrated on Tuesday, 26th December.
According to Puranas, Shree Guru Dattatreya was born in a village named Mahur, which is in Nanded District, Maharashtra.
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