The Power of the 16 Somvar Vrat

"Solah Somvar Vrat" is the most auspicious month according to the Hindu calendar. 16 Monday fast is a Hindu religious fast observed by women who are married for the healthy and long lives of their husbands. It is typically observed on 16 consecutive Mondays of the Hindu lunar month of Shravan (July/August) and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Below is an answer to people asking when to start 16 somvar vrat.

16 Somvar Dates 2024

Start date: 22nd July, 2024 (Monday)

End Date: 19th August, 2024 (Monday)

It is a holy month and is thus considered the month of Lord Shiva. Devotees dedicate this month to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati by offering prayers, vrat, and other religious ceremonies to seek blessings. So, let’s get ahead to learn and explore more in detail about this solah somvar vrat month.

Solah Somvar Meaning in Hinduism

"Solah Somvar Vrat" is considered very auspicious because it is believed that observing fast and offering prayers every month during the month of saawan can get beneficial rewards as a blessing from Lord Shiva. However, the word "Solah" means 16, and "Somvar" refers to Monday, making the name of the fast "16 Monday fast."

Additionally, during this fast, women abstain from food and other worldly pleasures and perform puja (worship) to Lord Shiva. The fast is considered highly auspicious and believed to bring peace, prosperity and happiness to the family. It is also thought to fulfil the devotees' desires and bestow Lord Shiva's blessings.

Significance of the Solah Somvar Vrat

It is believed that keeping this fast brings positive energy into the life of the woman, her husband, and the entire family. Thus, women observe the 16 Monday fast with great sincerity and devotion, refraining from eating food and indulging in unnecessary activities.

Moreover, this fast goes beyond just giving up on food; it also includes avoiding bad deeds and thoughts. Women who observe this fast are expected to lead a pure and pious life, avoiding negative thoughts, anger, and other negative emotions. This helps them stay disciplined, build positive relationships, and promote peace and harmony in the family.

Besides its spiritual significance, solah somvar vrat vidhi is also considered necessary for the husband's well-being. The fast is believed to bless the husband with a long life, good health, and prosperity. Moreover, by observing this fast, women can show their love and affection towards their husbands, strengthening their bond.

How is the Solah Somvar Vrat observed?

Here are the guidelines on how you can observe the 16 somvar vrat. So, you can follow these 16 somvar vrat rules to perform the vrat properly. Also, if you are still wondering how to do Shravan somvar vrat, here is all you need to know.

  • The fast is observed from sunrise to sunset, during which women abstain from food and liquids.
  • Devout Hindu women spend the day in prayer and devotion to Lord Shiva, often visiting temples dedicated to the deity and participating in puja ceremonies.
  • In some communities, it is also customary to sing hymns and chant mantras (Aum Namah Shivaya) in honour of Lord Shiva.
  • If you are offering prayers at home, you must keep the idol or picture of Lord Shiva and clean it before starting the puja.
  • You can prepare food as a bhog for Lord Shiva. Along with that, offer flowers, betel nuts, and betel leaves, light the gingelly oil, and then sit and meditate for a while.
  • At the end of the fast, you can have breakfast by eating a meal made from pure and sanctifying ingredients, such as fruits, sweet potatoes, and bananas.
  • Lastly, observing the fast with devotion and purity of heart is believed to bring blessings and fulfilment and is considered a powerful means of attaining spiritual growth and satisfaction.

Astrological Significance of 16 Somvar Vrat

Here is the significance of 16 Somvar Vrat from the astrological point of view. This will help you understand how each ritual in Hinduism is associated with astrology.

  • The Planet Moon (Chandra) is associated with Monday, so Monday is also called "Moon's Day." As the planet Moon deals with individuals' emotions and intuition, fasting on Monday can strengthen an individual's Moon in their birth chart.
  • Observing fasts and performing rituals during certain nakshatras (constellations), such as Rohini, Mrigashira, and Ardra, which align with Mondays, is considered auspicious for worshipping Lord Shiva.
  • Lord Shiva has a strong control over the planet Saturn and is believed to be able to mitigate its negative effects. Therefore, fasting and following the 16 Monday fast rules can strengthen planet saturn and remove the malefic effects of this planet.
  • If individuals have a Kaal Sarp Dosha in their kundli, it’s very important and sacred for those people to follow the 16 Monday fast rules strictly and with true devotion.

Solah Somvar Vrat Katha

The Solah Somvar Vrat Katha is a Hindu mythological story associated with the observance of the 16 Mondays fast.

According to the story, a woman named Karthika was deeply devoted to Lord Shiva. She had a strong desire to attain his blessings for her husband's well-being and for a happy married life. Therefore, she observed the Solah Somvar fast with great devotion and purity of heart, abstaining from food and water during the day and offering prayers and worship to Lord Shiva in the evening. Her dedication and sincerity impressed Lord Shiva, and he appeared before her in a dream, granting her the blessings she sought for her husband.

Since then, the tradition of observing the Solah Somvar fast has become popular among Hindu women. It is believed that those who observe this fast with devotion and sincerity will be blessed with a happy and harmonious married life.

The Solah Somvar Vrat Katha is a special occasion in Hinduism and is observed by millions of women across India. The fast also reminds us of the importance of devotion, purity of heart, and self-discipline in life.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The Solah Somvar Vrat is a Hindu fast observed for 16 consecutive Mondays. It is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is observed by Hindu women for the well-being and long life of their husbands and for a happy married life.
In Hinduism, the Solah Somvar Vrat is considered a very auspicious and sacred fast. It is believed that those who observe this fast with devotion and sincerity will be blessed with a smooth married life, and Lord Shiva will bestow wishes for their husbands' well-being.
The rules of the Solah Somvar Vrat vary depending on the individual's beliefs and customs. Generally, those who observe the fast refrain from consuming food and water during the day and offer prayers and worship to Lord Shiva in the evening. They also maintain a pure and positive mind and avoid negative thoughts and actions.
The Solah Somvar Vrat is broken after offering prayers and worship to Lord Shiva. Depending on the individual's beliefs and customs, the fast can be broken with a simple meal or feast.
Observing the Solah Somvar Vrat is believed to bring peace, happiness, and prosperity to one's life and help attain the blessings of Lord Shiva. It is also considered a way of purifying one's mind, body, and soul and seeking blessings for a thriving life.
In Hinduism, individuals can keep the 16 somvar vrat during periods but must avoid indulging in any auspicious rituals or puja vidhi. Also, if they are skipping one monday during periods, they can extend their fast period at the end.
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