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Did you know that Taurus is the second zodiac sign to be designed and documented? Well, Taureans! It is true. Also, have you ever noticed that you enjoy worldly riches and comfort more than anybody else? Or Have you ever observed that widened smile on your face when you are offered luxuries? Well, everyone likes material wealth but not as desperately as you do. And, of course, you work hard for it. No wonder you belong to the house of possessions!

You deserve a special mention as the Taurus zodiac is considered to push the zodiac cycle ahead by being the second selected birth month in the sequence. Although you are not pushy and are easy-going people to hang around with, one has to take care not to annoy you as you won’t take time to turn your fist to them in an intent to punch.

Let us explore further about Taurus Meaning and read all about Taurus zodiac sign.

  • Sanskrit Name: Vrishabha
  • Meaning of Name: Bull
  • Type: Fixed-Earth-sign-cold-feminine
  • Sign Date: April 20 - May 20
  • Symbol: Bull
  • Ruling Planet: Venus
  • Element: Earth
  • Lucky Color: Blue, Pink
  • Lucky Number: 2,6
  • Lucky Gemstone: Emerald
  • Lucky Day: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
  • Compatible Zodiac Sign: Cancer (the most), Virgo, Pisces

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About Taurus Zodiac Sign

Taurus believe in enjoying and absorbing the time that is presented to them rather than focussing on the tensions in their lives. This zodiac sign is mostly in a relaxed mood and encourages others to face every hurdle in life with a smile. It’s only when someone tries to be forceful with them or irritate them unnecessarily is when the Taurus Zodiac symbol, the bull, gets highlighted by their actions.

Moreover, Taurians! Your Taurus sun sign reveals that you are a great example of how to be a loyal friend, partner and colleague. It also indicates that you are high on ambitions and you work hard relentlessly to achieve all the expenses and shining commodities of the world and bring them within your reach. You do not tend to save your hard-earned money. Rather, you like to spend it off on a weekend trip, party or nice massage experience.

However, not all Taureans are excited about outings and recreational activities; some of them are also lazy and would prefer snuggling back into their bed and never stepping out of them. Also, they are usually not very talkative but are very clear with their words when they are needed to speak with confidence. But usually, they are comfortable in their own space and like to communicate with fewer words rather than having to explain the whole story. They prefer to answer with a nod, a yes, or a no. They like to exert less energy in everything they do and save it for adventures. Also, they are very rigid in life, being a fixed sign. And it is very hard to change their mind regarding something, even if it’s about work. They are smart enough to find their way out and do things by their own rules.

Furthermore, the Taurus moon sign puts a light on the importance of trust in their life. Taureans are truthful in relationships, and they want the same from their loved ones, be they lovers, friends or family. They are already very protective of them and, therefore, have blind faith in them that they are never going to get hurt. But if someone breaks the loyalty or trust of Taureans, they will make sure that he or she faces an equally sad emotional turmoil. Therefore, one needs to be careful and be true to themselves when dealing with Taurus. But that is not much of a concern as there is nothing wrong with being genuine and loyal. But what may go wrong is an enactment of a bad deed in front of a Taurus-born.

Also, Taurus people love taking feels and absorbing the surroundings. This means that they like fragrances, music, flowers, the sound of waterfalls and any sort of thing or activity that touches the core of their heart. They like to feel it all as it relaxes their mind and soothes their soul. This can be dedicated to their ruling planet, Venus. Moreover, Venus also contributes to their down-to-earth nature, which never fades away even with lots of money and strong social stature.

Overall, Taureans are good and genuine beings. They are peace lovers and have their chill mode on all the time. They believe in living life to the fullest instead of wasting time talking and gossiping about others. They would rather be found celebrating their me time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Taureans do not have any superior feelings in them, even when rich. They mostly keep their things to themselves and open up only when they can trust you. They are also good at keeping secrets. They are usually very calm, but when impatient, they can give others a hard time with loud reactions.
Venus rules Taurus. Venus offers admiration of beauty to the Taureans. It also fills their mindset with romance. That is why they tend to blindly trust their partners and give it all in a relationship. It also gives them a space where they have strong finances to enjoy life. Also, if you are curious about the placement of Venus in your zodiac, you must reach out to InstaAstro for expert guidance.
Taurus people are strong. They do not trust anyone easily and do not get comfortable easily either. Therefore, they take time to form connections. Trust and loyalty are very important aspects of their life, and if these two foundations are diminished, one can get ready to face their wrath.
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A Taurus is a happy person. They do not like to take stress in life; rather act upon it, find solutions and face every problem with a smile. Mostly, they are peaceful, and it is very rare that they lose patience. On a fine day, they would rather choose to go on a solo trip rather than go to work.
Yes. Taureans are true friends. They take their friends as treasures whom they never want to lose. That is why they choose their friends wisely so that they get the same trust and belief back that they have formed in them.
Taurus are people with intense physical and mental energy. If they work, they work hard, and if they party, they party with equal energy. Also, if they strongly feel the urge to sleep, they may even sleep harder, keeping all things aside. They are usually rich but don’t have any money-minded attitude in them. In fact, they always have friends of varied social statuses. All they want is fun, love and generosity.