Hey Leo folks! Have you ever noticed that you and your friend are Leo, but still, your characteristics and attributes don't match one another? Do you know why? Well, it's because of the three different segments of Decan that differentiate from one another. However, according to Indian Astrology, Decan refers to the subdivision of all the zodiac signs that have been segregated into three different decans along with different personality traits. If you understand the concept of Triplicity, it can be effortless to understand what Decans are and why it is segregated into three subdivisions.

Correspondingly, each zodiac is divided into different elements; Decan is divided into three different decans with ten days each. Moving ahead, Leo is the fifth sign in the zodiac cycle; one thing in common about all three Leo Decans is that these natives are overly melodramatic and would always yearn to be in the limelight among the crowd. They would always long for attention and would always try to prove themselves right even though they may not be one. Moreover, Leo natives, if you are reading this, continue to read because you'll get to apprehend why you and your Leo friend had different personalities despite being in the same zodiac.

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Leo Decan 1: July 23rd to August 1st

Leo natives falling under the category of Decan 1 are ruled by the Sun. Leo folks in the Decan 1 are enthusiastic and determined individuals. You can't stop these pals from getting where they want to because they always strive and push themselves to be their best. Moreover, they do not allow other people to command them; instead, they will shape their life however they would prefer to. Well, everyone has a Leo in their friend group. If you find someone, always brag about themselves just to grab attention. However, it's the willingness and instinct of Leo to be noticed and appreciated all the time. Also, you won't deny if we say that Leo is an extrovert and confident individual. This could be because you'll always find Leo indulged in social activities and interactions. Due to such outgoing personalities, they are always cheerful and happy because they accept changes and have a positive attitude towards life. Also, they can easily get along with people and are excellent at bringing their thoughts into words and action. Moreover, while chasing greater things in life, Leos tend to forget to appreciate some of life's little things and moments.

Leo Decan 2: August 2 to August 12

Apart from Leo being ruled by Sun, these natives in Decan 2 are ruled by the planet Jupiter which makes them very generous and optimistic. Not to forget, Jupiter being the planet of luxury, comfort and beauty, these natives always yearn for materialistic things in life. Moreover, Leo in Decan 2 is a very loyal and faithful individual who always makes time for their loved ones regardless of their busy schedule. For these natives, love always finds a way and would go beyond to make them feel loved and appreciated. Also, they are aware of their priority, so they would make every free time to make them feel like they matter to these Leo natives. Also, they have a go-getter attitude and a positive mindset that allows them to cultivate huge goals in life. Moreover, looking on a positive note, no individuals are born with excellent intelligence and mindset, but it's something that we progress with time. Likewise, Leo natives in Decan 2 have nurtured their skills and applied them in their daily lives to become a go-getter. Moreover, Leos always sees the bright side of their life, which allows them to be optimistic in the toughest and most challenging situations.

Leo Decan 3: August 13 to August 22

The Planet Mars rules Leos in Decan 3 and thus is driven to accomplish great things in life. Also, if these natives use their skills wisely, there is no way that they will not get success in their life. Also, one of the most admirable traits of these natives is that they have a courageous and fearless attitude. They do not shy away from expressing their inner self because they believe in embracing their thoughts and emotions. Moreover, they get triggered as well as overwhelmed by every little thing. Also, the urge to do all the things at once can be due to their stubbornness. Additionally, Leo is impulsive and improvisational, making them take action without considering further consequences. Sometimes, the ascendants of Leo give a blunt opinion which people might interpret as a criticism. In addition to that, several traits of Leo match with Virgo, such as their kindness and passion towards others. Also, the influence of Mars in Decan 3 makes these individuals valiant and stalwart enough to accept their inner weaknesses and overcome them with time. All in all, these natives have a high perseverance that entitles them to find purpose in all the situations they have been facing.

Frequently Asked Questions

These individuals' personality traits include being a power pack of humble and forgiving individuals. They are extremely caring and warm-hearted people. Also, they have a strong determination to fight for what they believe in.
The three Decans of Leo are as follows:
  • Decan1, starting from 23rd July to 1st August
  • Decan 2, starting from 2nd August to 12th August
  • Decan 3, starting from 13th August to 22nd August
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Gemini, Sagittarius and Aries are the ones who are more compatible with Leo Decan. Also, some of the traits such as brave, intense and independent make them compatible with one another. Well, Leo folks! Isn’t it more amazing to know who you make the best compatibility with? Then, without any delay, connect with InstaAstro Astrologers to learn more about your compatibility by looking at your kundali and birth chart.
Mentioned below is the ruling planet of Leo Decans:
  • Sun rules Decan 1
  • Jupiter rules Decan 2
  • Mars rules Decan 3
Leo Decans dislikes Taurus, and thus it gets extremely tough for Leo Decans to get along with Taurus. Moreover, both these signs are stubborn and would have a hard time dealing with one another.
Leo Decans usually gets attracted real quick and would not mind pouring out their emotions and feelings. Also, these natives are more attracted by outer beauty, which makes their relationships with people fluctuate. Moreover, these natives are extremely demanding of their partners for attention and care.
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