Hey, Cancerians! Do you know that Cancer love is unique and pure? Do you know that you take your love life way too seriously? Have you ever noticed that your heart falls in love with genuineness and understanding? Do you know that you are quick to fall in love? Is love the ultimate form of intimacy for you? Are you a hopeless romantic? Well, the answer is a yes for all these questions and hence, stands true for a Cancer love relationship. Moreover, being in a relationship with Cancer is a mission. Their partners need a lot of tolerance to deal with their overthinking and extra concerned nature. Therefore, Cancerians love hard. Their efforts in a love relationship are more than required.

Cancerians mostly fall for people with confident personalities and a courteous sense of talking and handling situations. On top of that, if their potential partner respects their parents and treats elders well, Cancer can probably die for them. Meaning they may lose one’s head after them, i.e. go completely mad in love. However, that person has to be equally interested in the Cancer native. They will never approach a person for love due to their own inhibitions. Due to this, often, their love story never takes the next step and remains a one-sided affair. Therefore, if a Cancer gets lucky in finding their match in a lesser time, they hold on to them tightly.

  • Cancer Priority: Family
  • Cancer Focus: Feelings
  • Things Cancer teach in love: Care, Compassion, Devotion, Dedication, Sensitiveness, Adoration
  • Things Cancer need to learn in love: Patience, Trust, Personal space, letting go of things, openness
  • Cancer love compatible signs: Pisces, Scorpio, Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn

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Cancer and Love

Cancer love life is downright challenging. Cancerians have a habit of keeping a lot of thoughts to themselves. Moreover, they think that it’s better to avoid a conversation which can heat things up. But hiding your worries and disappointment from your lover is only going to affect your headspace. They must understand that conversation is the key to any relationship and hence, even love. Most of the time, they themselves are responsible for making things complex. Their faces would indicate that something is bothering them, but they continuously refuse when asked by their lover. And when they are ready to express themselves, their partner already loses patience.

Moreover, it has also been observed that Cancerians get attracted towards people who are entirely different from them in nature. Cancerians are reserved and introverted to people who are not close to them. But they may get impressed with people who have the confidence and the charm to connect with anybody. Their lover only knows that they are talkative when they finally start dating each other. In fact, their lover finds it special that a Cancerian is different in their company. They are more open and funny with their love partner than they usually display in public.

The best part of being in a romantic relationship with Cancer people is that nobody cares for you the way they do. If their love is ever upset, they just know the way to cheer them up. They have the talent of cracking the smartest joke even when someone is hurting. And the joke certainly works, as it even brings laughter to a sad person. This is one of the special traits of the Cancer zodiac, which their love partner finds unique and fascinating. Moreover, Cancerians make sure that their lovers do not skip a meal and eat properly. Even when distant, they would be on a call taking their lovers’ updates of the day and their health in general. Thanks to their naturally gifted motherly intuitions.

However, a free-spirited person who also needs a me-time would find it difficult to date a Cancerian. It is great that they are loyal in love, but they often happen to become extra possessive and obsessive. Therefore, Cancerians must not date a person who does not want the constant attention of their partner. Those people may find them needy, dependent and clingy. So, such people, even with good intellect, would not be the best love option for the Cancerians.

A Cancer man and a Cancer woman regard and love their family a lot. Therefore, they are careful that they date someone when they are actually serious about them. They are not flirtatious, and they never look out for casual relationships or affairs. This quality of a Cancerian promises them a happy love life and, eventually, marriage. Also, they are never in a hurry to get married. Instead, they tend to take their love life on a slow ride and cook on a low flame. They understand that major ups and downs are unavoidable; all they can do is nurture their love relationship and not give up.

However, they tend to cry and get sad even in the slightest fight or debate. A small negative remark can break their heart into pieces. They are that sensitive. This can be a topic of concern and annoyance for their partners. Hence, they must avoid getting emotional so quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cancer is incredibly romantic and has a deep emotional connection with their lover. They do not get comfortable easily. So, their lover must have made them feel secure and shown great intellect. It is not a cakewalk to make a cancer fall in love. That is why, when they are in love, they love deeply.
Cancer is considered unlucky in love as they get way too emotional that they almost forget that they are intruding on their partners’ personal space. This leads to unnecessary tensions between them. In fear of separation, Cancerians get even more clingy to their partners, leading to further deterioration of their relationship.

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Not everyone can understand a Cancer’s emotional concerns except those who experience similar sensitive situations in their life, i.e. fellow water signs - Pisces and Scorpio. They will not need words to understand certain sensitivities that Cancer face and instead get an idea of Cancer’s mind on their own. This is perhaps because they share similar energies being from the same category.

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Astrological studies reveal that Cancer fall in love with other water signs, i.e. Scorpio and Pisces. This is because they all can best understand each other in times of dealing with inner turmoils and the reasons for behaving in a certain way. Apart from water signs, there are Earth signs that can build good compatibility with the Cancerians. They are - Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn.
Yes, Cancer fall in love quickly. It mainly depends on their gut feeling. Things are never grey for them; it’s either white or black. Either they may fall in love really quickly or would not fall in love at all. Someone can sweep their hearts away in a few moments if all points in their love list are ticked off. Hence, subsequently, they do not take time to commit.
Cancer in love are dedicated and whole-heartedly devoted to their partners. Cancer think that they can rarely meet someone who can tick off all the points of the most desirable qualities of a potential partner. Therefore, they do everything that is possible to protect their love relationship. Thus, they are also careful, protective, possessive and self-conscious in love.
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