Dear Cancer people! Have you ever observed that two people of the same zodiac have different personalities? Do you wonder why? Do you know that your month is divided into three decans? Are Decans a significant factor in your personality formation? Do planets have some role to play here? We will get the answer to all these questions as we read further.

Like every other zodiac, Cancer Decans have been divided into three intervals of 10 days each. The difference of ten days in the birth of two individuals makes all the contrasts that you see in two personalities born in the same month. This is an important aspect of astrology and offers us so many new possibilities and insights.

However, one thing is common in all the three decans - deep emotions. As the ruling planet of each Cancer Decan joins forces with the Moon, the flow of emotions is going to remain intact. People who have already advanced their zodiac journey and wish to explore it in more depth must look out for the insights that each decan reflects. Keep some patience, Cancer pals, as you start this journey of digging into Cancer personalities in a new manner.

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Cancer Decans 1: Born Between June 21 and July 21

Decan 1 Cancer people are very giving in nature. It is a shocker that such people do exist who can happily take other pains and punishments under them. They are those people who sacrifice their life for the welfare of their loved ones. Their heart is selfless and is always ready to lend a hand. You would never find them nod in refusal when someone needs them. Instead, you would always receive a “yes” in response to seeking help. But where are these qualities originating from? Thanks to the ruling planet, the Moon!

Moon is famously known to bring excess emotions to the natives. But where there are emotions involved, empathy and tenderness automatically follow. Thus Moon has contributed to their kindness and compassionate nature. Moreover, the natives have also been gifted with strong intuitions. They may often accurately judge a person’s true intentions or at least sense if the energy is positive or negative. However, sometimes, their close ones only tend to take extra advantage of their selflessness. Cancer-borns must know that being readily available for everyone is a good thing, but not to the extent of getting over-exploited. Furthermore, you are a responsible employee who finishes all their work on time.

Cancer Decans 2: Born Between July 2 and July 12

Cancer Decan 2 are mentally strong and are very private people. It is also believed to share the energy of Scorpio due to the presence of the ruling planet, Pluto. Although they feel a lot, no one gets to know them as they successfully hide their sentiments from others. Moreover, Pluto makes them powerful enough to overcome negative emotions and work towards betterment. The planet also brings perseverance and discipline in them to stick to their goals without losing hope. These people have a great desire for success, and they work hard to earn it. However, they may not expect a lavish life out of themselves and be satisfied in a job with a decent supply of money. They do not realise it, but eventually, their job works wonders for them as they keep progressing.

They may not dream of a big career, but they do fantasise about trying different food cuisines and may spend a lot on expensive cafes with good food. A unique point for the people born in this decan is that they have a tendency to collect information on uncommon and strange things. It may seem that they are simple people who complete tasks at the workplace, goes back home and sleeps. But in reality, they may often be involved in deep discussions on unusual and mysterious activities. Another point of their personality is that they shut themselves off when upset or hurt, but they bounce back really quickly and get self-motivated.

Cancer Decans 3: Born Between July 13 and July 22,

Cancer Decan 3 are inclined towards humanitarian acts and charity. They have a lot of empathy in their hearts, and they can’t see anyone in pain and distress. Therefore, they are kind people and very considerate. Also, they are great motivators and listeners. They have the ability to encourage a disheartened and disappointed person and uplift them with fresh, positive energy. Also, they often surprise people through their behaviour. They are very different when they talk to random friends and colleagues and when they talk to close friends. So, often, people assume that they are pretentious. But in fact, it’s about comfort zone and trust. They are all friendly and graceful in general, but only their close ones know that they can also be carefree and crazy at times.

Moreover, they keep playing with their outer appearance and change their sense of fashion every now and then. Hence, they are not only creative in work but also in themselves. They can easily interact with people for work purposes and create a friendly environment at the office. Being shy is part of their mood, which comes out at different times. For example, they believe in romance but would always be hesitant and introverted to approach their love interest.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Decan in Cancer is a division of the thirty days of Cancer into three periods of 10 days each. Cancer Decans are reflexive and instinctive. They do certain things involuntarily without informing and asking. This often makes them a victim of trouble. However, they are soft-hearted, polite, kind and good at heart, which often saves them from difficult situations.
People born in Cancer second decan (July 2 - July 12) are genuine and very straightforward. They would never shy away from a topic that they are confident to talk about, especially when it’s necessary to be addressed. They are also goal-oriented and dedicated towards their career dreams. In fact, perseverance and innovation are prominent in this decan. To know more personalised aspects of your star sign, seek help from experienced astrologers at InstaAstro.
Cancer first decan are great lovers. All they know is the language of love and compassion. They get emotionally weak when it comes to family. Intimacy and fondness are great deals for them. So, once they get these in people, they wish to save them as treasures forever. They are even ready to bear the pain of their loved ones but want them to shine at any cost.
You can get much deeper insights on Cancer decans on personal levels. For this, reach out to InstaAstro today.
Cancer-rising decans are gorgeous-looking and have beautiful features. They have a well-shaped body and nicely curved eyes with a fair distance between eyebrows. Their skin quality is also soft and tender as they tend to take good care of it. They mostly have a medium height with arms and legs slightly longer with respect to other parts of their body.
Leos are considered Cancer decans mortal enemies. Leo seems to disagree with Cancer opinions all the time. Due to this, they share fierce energy between them. It has also been observed Leo find opportunities to defeat Cancerians in debates and arguments. Opposing a Cancer is a fun activity for them.
The 3rd Decan Cancer people are loving and caring. Nothing stands important in front of family for them. They may even compromise their profession for their family if the situation demands it. Money is not important to them. They only exist for their loved ones. However, they often have mood swings.
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