Do Aries keep a check on their health? Does being fit and fine concern an Aries? Health is an essential concept for everyone. After all, every activity is possible only when we have good health. We can concentrate on work each day only when we are in the best of our health. If we talk about Aries Health, they are energetic beings, as if energy drinks are made out of them. Their energy is unmatched when it comes to talking, doing physical activities and all sorts of day-to-day tasks.

Just imagine what happens when their health is affected! Being sick or in bad health is a displeasure to anyone. When someone who is out and expressive has to sit at a corner of their house taking rest and consuming medicines, one can just think a per cent of the pain they must be going through. With this comes another question in mind. How are Aries keeping up with their health? They are mostly on the healthier side, if not permanently.

Moreover, they love being physically active, so you would find most of them going for brisk walks in the early morning, doing Yoga, attending Zumba dance classes or hitting the gym. However, they have a habit of burning themselves out due to taking extra work and fulfilling responsibilities alone. This solo fighter has a heart of a stone and a brain of brilliance. An Aries native is a leader, but do they also lead their health? Let's read ahead to find out how Aries manages health concerns.

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Aries and Health

Aries have powerful stamina, and they mostly come under the fit and fine category. Their physicality is evidence of their health from the inside as well. They mostly have naturally fit bodies because of the strength and energy they carry everywhere they go. The never-ending enthusiasm that they are born with keeps them physically charged up all the time. At the same time, they do understand the significance of good health.

It is necessary for them to be healthy as they hardly take rest. They are always on the running side. So, they take some time out to participate in health-related activities and exercise. Furthermore, they also keep a check on what they are eating. And if they are not, there will be moments that hit them, and then they are back to keeping a health tracker.

As far as their physical appearance is concerned, they have broad heads and shoulders. They have wide eyes and ram-shaped eyebrows. Their body can be categorised into the healthy group. They are not too skinny and not too heavy. They mostly lie somewhere in the middle in terms of weight. They have strong spines, and they walk fast.

Aries Mental Health

Aries mental health has a direct connection with their body. They require physical energy even to utilise the brain. So, when Aries's health is affected, they are irritable and frustrated. They often tend to work even when sick. More often than not, they get ill due to overloading themselves with the excess workload as they wish to handle everything by themselves rather than divide the work or take the help.

Since Aries natives are out there, speaking their minds and interacting with people, they tend to attract unwanted attention and, sometimes, trust people who sound intelligent. And when they get betrayed, it affects their mental health severely. In such situations, they are unable to gather their emotions and lead themselves towards anxiety issues. At the same time, if they are unable to perform their best at work, Aries and depression are sure to meet each other, leading to health-risking habits like intoxication, over-eating, alcoholism, etc.

But thankfully, they recover fast. Aries may keep ignoring their health for a while. However, eventually, it hits them. And when they realise that their health is taken way too lightly, they develop a new motivation inside them to bring their health back on track. Once their motivation is boosted, they will eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly, and pursue a routine lifestyle.

Aries Food Habits

Talking about Aries's eating habits, they mostly tend to eat healthy home-cooked food. Still, they need to look over their diets as they like trying new cuisines every now and then. And if they don't have too many healthy options to eat, they switch to eating junk and processed food. You will always find an Aries enjoying street foods like momos, chola bhatura, tikki chaat, etc. and famous junkies like burgers, pizzas and pasta. But still, in the end, the joy they find in eating a simple dal chawal is unmatchable for them.

However, as they are prone to getting depression, they are tempted towards intake of sugar, caffeine and even intoxication of alcohol and smoking. Aries love eating chocolates, Indian sweets, cakes and pastries. They need to avoid such consumption and choose healthier and wiser lifestyles to fight mental illnesses. For this, they can adapt to Yoga, physical exercise and medical advice.

Moreover, they should include a lot of green leafy vegetables in their diet along with those raw vegetables with a lot of water content, like tomatoes, radishes and cucumbers. In addition, juices are a must for Aries to keep them hydrated and provide relief from anxiety. For starters, start drinking coconut water in the summer. It soothes your gut and stomach. At the same time, adding dairy products to their diet may help them maintain healthy teeth and bones as it would increase their calcium intake.

Potassium phosphate is one major nutrient that can help them get rid of most of their health issues, especially the ones related to the liver and kidney. Brown rice, onion, cauliflower, walnuts, broccoli, pumpkin, lettuce, olives, figs, bananas and lentils (dals) are some food items that can enhance potassium phosphate in your body. At the same time, as they are ruled by Mars, they must reduce the consumption of spicy food in the long run.

Potential Aries Health Concerns

Aries may face health issues related to the brain and stomach. They must take frequent health updates from a doctor so that they are not inclined to any chronic illness. Moreover, they often face high fevers and migraine issues. Stomach disorder is also one of the major health concerns as they frequently eat junk food. Also, they must get rid of alcohol and smoking to prevent themselves from chronic kidney diseases, high blood pressure, strokes and heart attacks in future, as these conditions have been observed in Aries before. Under the rule of Mars, intoxication of any kind may seem to add fuel to the fire, causing adverse health issues. Some of them are also seen with arthritis and severe knee pain.

However, the body parts that Aries should especially take care of are the brain and head region. If these areas are affected, it can be life-threatening and risky. Therefore, they must adapt some brain exercises and always protect their head from all possible head injuries. Moreover, they are also observed with a deficiency of potassium, which causes nausea and dizziness. As anxiety issues and depression are frequently observed in them, they should go for head massages and be involved in regular meditation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tomatoes, beans, brown rice, lentils, walnuts, olives, onions, lettuce, cauliflower, cucumber, spinach, broccoli, figs, bananas, dried uncooked apricots, and pumpkin are good food options for Aries.
Aries have a tendency to overburden themselves with work. They are mostly mentally stressed. They have also been observed facing anxiety issues and depression.
Aries have high temptations towards caffeine and sugar. Moreover, in order to deal with work stress, they often indulge in drinking and smoking. These habits must be immediately avoided to prevent chronic illnesses.
Aries are physically strong. They have high energy and are always busy doing one thing or the other. Thus, they mostly keep their body in use. Also, they are fitness conscious, and hence, you may find them jogging and doing different exercises.
Aries has the influence of Mars over it and may experience a heating sensation in the body due to the intake of certain food items. They are any form of spicy food and red meat. Hence, Aries must avoid these food items.
Aries governs the head, other parts of the face and the main components of our circulatory system - blood, arteries and veins. So, when Aries is fit, these body parts are the healthiest, and when Aries is sick, they are negatively impacted.
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