How well do you know about Aries? And if you are an Aries yourself, what personal traits are you aware of? You can check your awareness ahead as we state some well-known Aries facts as an individual. Before diving directly into Aries's most general facts, let's go through a background check, so you have a fair overview to guess them right.

Aries has shown varied personality traits as a fire zodiac sign. They have been as soft as a tender coconut and as fiery as a newly made red hot glass. Moreover, its ruling planet, Mars, has contributed to many of its characteristics. Of course, its movements in different houses with Earth's rotation further tell how Aries behave in different departments of life such as education, work, family and society.

Aries people leave behind nothing to be explored in them. They have mostly behaved as open books. Okay! So now it's time to look over Aries Facts Male and Aries Facts Female. Let us now know more about these Aries zodiac sign facts.

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Aries Fascinating Facts

Aries is one zodiac sign with many special qualities to display. So, various shades of an Aries personality have been broken down into pointers below. Let us go through each one of these Aries true facts.

Aries Attributes

  • Independent souls
  • Extremely Vocal
  • Leadership quality
  • Fearless
  • Bold
  • Courageous
  • Focused
  • High on energy
  • Romantic
  • Intelligent
  • Speak the truth
  • Sincere
  • Punctual and run ahead of time
  • Kind and Polite
  • Throws ironic statements
  • Loud and aggressive when required
  • Creative
  • Unpredictable

Aries Flaws

  • Rightfully symbolised as the community of Ram, Aries lose their temper easily.
  • Takes impulsive decisions and lands into trouble
  • Highly Opinionated and does not agree to things easily
  • Bad listeners as their mind is occupied with a million things
  • Turn extremely selfish at times

Aries can dare to

  • Make changes if they don't like something
  • Never be hesitant to put their point across
  • Never shy away from taking a stand for the right
  • Take risks

Aries love to

  • Do adventurous stuff
  • Dominate and be authoritative
  • Act bossy and be followed
  • Get attention
  • Try new things

Aries actually wants

  • Loyalty
  • Truthfulness
  • Honesty
  • Respect

Aries gets annoyed by

  • Delays
  • People who show off
  • Dishonesty and lies
  • Criticism

Aries hate to

  • Follow someone's lead or work under someone
  • Repeat things again
  • Go by the old rules
  • Get dominated
  • Pretend
  • Wait

Aries on getting ignored

  • Speak louder
  • Get angry
  • Cry and get teary-eyed
  • Turn aggressive

It is hard for Aries to

  • Sit back and pretend as if nothing happened
  • Not take a stand
  • Not fight for the right reasons
  • Listen to others speak for a long
  • Share attention

The music taste of an Aries

  • Very instinctive music choices and mood-dependent
  • Romantic and soft music, mostly
  • Songs based on Anger when upset
  • Sad songs when hurt
  • Party songs when happy

Aries's adventure partner and soulmate - Leo

Suitable gifts for an Aries

  • Aries would like any gift that requires effort
  • Sporty items
  • Oxidised ornaments, mostly rings, earrings and neckpieces
  • Work-related accessories
  • Clothes

Aries's approach towards life - Optimistic

The deal breaker for Aries - when someone breaks their trust

Frequently Asked Questions

The special quality about Aries is that they are highly passionate and try to do their best in their career in less time. They take everything seriously if it comes to resolving any problem. They are also responsible for their behaviour. So, High ambition, fearlessness and boldness can also be special facts about Aries.
Aries females have mysterious personalities at times. You can't guess and predict what their next move will be. It is mostly what you actually thought of. They may share a thought with you about their next step but may change their mind at the last minute. They are independent and energetic. They love to form networks and be surrounded by people of high intellect.
When things are not going as per Aries's plan, they lose patience and act impulsively. This often leads to troublesome situations in their life. They make some highly selfish decisions and later regret them but then cover the regrets with their ego.
Aries fall for honesty and like-minded people. They get impressed when they share common topics of interest with someone, and there is constant feedback. They also get attracted by wit and humour. But more specifically, people who have a pure soul and a child-like innocence may catch their attention first.
Aries males are proud of their intellect and knowledge of varied subjects. Moreover, they love to boast about it in front of others. They also take pride in leading a team and getting things done on time. They like it when others have to work according to them. And sometimes become stubborn when it comes to the seriousness of work.
Aries main goal is to work at the top-most level when they are moving towards a final settlement. They wish to make a difference and have a name and recognition in the society. On personal levels, all they want is to form loyalty and trust.
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