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Leo & Cancer

Cancer-Leo Nature and Key Details

PlanetsElementModalitiesBest AspectWorst Aspect
Cancer - MoonCancer - WaterCancer - CardinalCancer - CaringCancer - Moodiness
Leo - SunLeo - FireLeo - FixedLeo - ConfidenceLeo - Arrogance

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Cancer and Leo have an instant and strong connection. Cancer may be drawn to Leo's charm, while Leo might be attracted to Cancer's nurturing nature. Their meeting is a true encounter of sensitivity (Cancer) and boldness (Leo). Moreover, the placements of their ruling planets, i.e. Sun (Leo) and Moon (Cancer), also have a significant impact on compatibility with Cancer and Leo.

If they bond, they’d probably bond over similar interests and emotional experiences, slowing and gradually evolving into a relationship. So will this pair pass all compatibilities of life? How is Leo man and Cancer woman or vice versa going to be? Let us know the answer through Leo and cancer compatibility, along with the Cancer and Leo compatibility percentage.

Cancer-Leo Love Compatibility Percentage ⇨ 84%


Having a score of 84 per cent, we can say that the Cancer and Leo love compatibility percentage is very good. They share a strong bond with one another. When in love, they tend to have a relationship filled with love, laughter and joy. They form a warm and loving environment for one another. However, there are chances for constant fights between the two because of some differences in their nature.

In this relationship, Cancer's nurturing nature and ability to understand and support Leo's ambitions create a strong foundation for their love. Leo's confidence and charm, in turn, provide Cancer with a sense of security and joy. They share a mutual appreciation for loyalty and commitment, which helps them weather any challenges that come their way. Both Cancer and Leo value family and home life, making them dedicated partners.

Cancer-Leo Marriage Compatibility Percentage ⇨ 86%


Having a score of 86 per cent, we can say that the Leo and Cancer Marriage compatibility is quite good. The major reason for this is the strong bond they have with one another. Their love and respect for each other's qualities make their bond strong and enduring. Cancer's nurturing and caring nature provides Leo with the emotional support they need.

While Leo's confidence and passion bring excitement and adventure to the Cancer and Leo marriage, they share a deep emotional connection and enjoy spending quality time together. However, there are chances of clashes between the two. The major reason for this is the differences in their nature. Leo’s desire for control might be a little overwhelming for Cancer’s sensitive nature. This can make them indulge in arguments. Hence, Cancerian and Leo compatibility in marriage is promising.

Cancer-Leo Sex Compatibility Percentage ⇨ 32%


Having a score of 32 per cent, we can say that the compatibility of Leo and Cancer sexually is not that good. They have an average score in this aspect. Though they share a strong bond with one another, there are some differences they have in their sexual life. They both need and desire different things from their partner. However, they are unable to communicate and understand these ways of their partner. This can be the reason for conflicts and low compatibility between the two.

In the bedroom, Cancer and Leo can work towards finding a balance between emotional intimacy and fiery passion. Cancer's nurturing nature can create a sense of security for Leo, allowing them to open up emotionally. On the other hand, Leo can ignite Cancer's desires with confidence and boldness. By exploring each other's preferences and being attentive to their partner's needs, they can enhance their sexual compatibility and create a fulfilling and satisfying intimate relationship.

Cancer-Leo Friendship Compatibility Percentage ⇨ 66%


Are cancers and leos compatible? Well, having a score of 66 per cent, we can say that the Leo and Cancer friendship compatibility is a little above average. They enjoy spending time together. They engage themselves in long and deep conversations relating to topics of similar interests. Cancer provides emotional support to Leos. This makes their friendship different from others. However, there is a chance of them both indulging in conflicts due to their different personalities. The sensitive nature of cancer might be a little too much for Leo to handle.

In their friendship, Leo's outgoing nature may sometimes overwhelm Cancer, who prefers a quieter and more intimate setting. Likewise, Cancer's emotional depth might confuse Leo, who tends to express themselves more confidently. To maintain a strong Leo Cancer compatibility, they should appreciate each other's strengths and work through any disagreements with understanding and patience. By supporting one another's growth and celebrating their unique qualities, they can build a lasting and rewarding friendship.

Cancer-Leo Communication Compatibility Percentage ⇨ 18%


Having a score of 18 per cent, we can say that the Cancer and Leo friendship compatibility is very low. They like indulging themselves in long and deep conversations on topics of similar interest. However, when it comes to communicating their feelings and emotions, they do not have much interaction about that. Hence, compatibility for Leo and Cancer in communication is greatly affected. It's important for them to listen carefully to one another and be patient with each other. This can help Leo and cancer couples strengthen their relationship.

Cancer can express their feelings and concerns openly, and Leo can be mindful of their tone and avoid dominating conversations. Both should make an effort to find common ground and compromise in their discussions. For example, Cancer can share their emotions through writing or other creative means, while Leo can take the time to listen and respond thoughtfully.

Cancer-Leo Work Compatibility Percentage ⇨ 20%


Having a score of 20 per cent, we can say that the Cancer and Leo work compatibility is not good. They do not share a good bond when put together in the work environment. They often indulge in clashes relating to power and authority. Along with this, they have a lot of differences in their nature. This makes it difficult for them to find common ground with one another.

To improve Cancer compatibility Leo in work, Cancer and Leo can assign specific roles to each other that play to their individual strengths. For example, Cancer's attention to detail and organisational skills can complement Leo's leadership abilities. They should openly discuss their expectations and find common ground for decision-making. Cancer can provide valuable insights and thoughtful suggestions, while Leo can inspire and motivate the team.

Cancer-Leo Trust Compatibility Percentage ⇨ 50%


Having a score of 50 per cent, we can say that the Cancer and Leo trust compatibility is quite average. The reason for this is the differences they share in their nature. They have a strong bond. However, sometimes they do not understand the things their partner needs or wants. This tends to make it difficult for them to trust one another.

Cancer and Leo can share their vulnerabilities and fears with each other to strengthen trust. By being transparent about their feelings and insecurities, they can develop a deeper understanding of each other's emotional needs. Leo can reassure Cancer of their love and loyalty, while Cancer can offer unwavering support and empathy to Leo. They should also avoid keeping secrets or withholding information, as honesty is vital for building trust.

Cancer-Leo Emotional Compatibility Percentage ⇨ 45%


Having a score of 45 per cent, we can say that the Cancer and Leo emotional compatibility is a little below average. The major reason for this is their poor communication. They like indulging in long and deep conversations with one another. However, they do not talk about their feelings, emotions, needs and wants with their partners. This makes it difficult for their partners to understand them. Thus making their emotional compatibility score low.

Cancer and Leo can work on effective communication to improve emotional compatibility. Cancer can openly express their need for emotional security, while Leo can make an effort to provide the reassurance and affection Cancer seeks. Leo can also show appreciation for Cancer's nurturing nature and express gratitude for the care they receive. Finding common activities that bring joy and comfort to both partners can also strengthen their emotional connection.

Cancer-Leo Relationship: Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Strengths: The strengths of Cancer and Leo relationship lie in the love they have. When together, they form a bond filled with love, laughter and joy. Along with this, they have shared passion and desire for one another. They also tend to give each other personal space in order to let them learn and grow.
  • Weaknesses: The weakness of Cancer Leo compatibility is seen in the differences they share. They do not have conversations about their emotions and feelings. Because of their differing personalities, they often struggle to cope with each other. They also face a lot of trust issues in their relationship.

Cancer-Leo Compatibility Tips

The bond that Leo and Cancer share is quite strong. However, they do have their issues, too. Here are some tips that can help them in making their bond stronger. The first is to have open communication with one another. This can help them understand each other's emotions and feelings. Along with this, they should also try to be open to adjustments. Lastly, putting in consistent effort to build the trust they have in one another can help them make the Leo woman and Cancer man or Leo man and Cancer woman compatibility stronger and better.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Leo and Cancer can make a good match. They have complementary qualities that can create a balanced and cooperative relationship as long as they understand and respect each other's needs.
Leo man and Cancer woman have the potential to be soulmates. Their deep emotional connection and passionate nature can create a strong bond, but it requires effort and understanding from both partners.
Cancer and Leo can make a good couple as they complement each other with their emotional depth and fiery passion, but their compatibility depends on their willingness to understand and support each other.
A Cancer can impress a Leo by showing loyalty and appreciation and showering them with love and attention. Being genuine, caring, and supportive towards Leo's ambitions and desires can also make a positive impression.
Yes, a Cancer man can marry a Leo woman. The compatibility of Cancer man and Leo woman and success in marriage depends on their ability to understand and appreciate each other's unique qualities and communicate effectively.
Leos and Cancers can work well together if they are willing to understand and appreciate each other's strengths and differences. Their success in working together depends on effective communication, collaboration, and mutual support in achieving shared goals.
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