Introduction to Ex-Flame Tarot Reading

For a long time, tarot card reading sessions have been considered a beneficial way of understanding how life is for us and what we can do to change it to benefit us.


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The tarot reading originated in the mediaeval era and has roots in all religions and cultures. While most people believe it is a significant part of Paganism, it has origins in religions such as Buddhism. Expert tarot readers say that tarot reading requires an open mind and welcoming energy. However, many people need clarification about energies, frequencies and vibrations.

Let's first understand what these aspects are:

  • Every single person has a certain aura or energy. Including the Universe, everything consists of energy which determines its position in the world. People and things with positive energies have a positive outcome in life. Similarly, negative energies will welcome adverse effects. So, it is essential for us to work on positivity and let go of negativity.
  • Frequencies are essential in shaping several aspects of an individual's life. For example, if you and your partner's frequencies match, your relationship will succeed tremendously. Likewise, if your frequency is in harmony with your surroundings, you will find it easier to conquer the challenges of your life. Finally, frequencies determine if the person will live a good life or not.
  • Vibrations, on the other hand, are related to environments. If a person works on keeping their mood in a higher vibration, then their surroundings will shape them according to this vibration. Suppose you keep yourself happy, think of better thoughts, and plan to improve your life. Then your vibrations will be on a higher level. So, this higher vibration will enable you to work further. Vibrations and creations are in a continuous loop with each other. If your vibration is positive, your result will be positive too.

Tarot readings of different types will give you different outcomes. For example, if you are engaging yourself in a Love Compatibility session, you will receive the percentage of love and compatibility between you and your partner. In the same way, if you are engaging in an Erotic Love Reading, then you will get to know if there is sexual and sensual compatibility and bond between you and your partner. Similarly, you will get relevant results for any tarot card reading. No two types of tarot reading are similar, and each reading is subjective. Subjective tarot cards readings mean that each tarot reading varies from person to person and amongst each other. If you and your friend or partner take individual readings, both of your results will vary. So, it is safe to say that you shouldn't worry about the results or outcomes of others' readings.

If you are a beginner looking for ways to launch yourself into the field of tarot reading, InstaAstro tarot readers can help you start your journey. To learn more about tarot reading and its types, or to know how to do tarot readings for yourself and others, go to the InstaAstro website. On our website, you will get a list of experienced tarot readers. On the basis of their ratings, choose and book a consultation with them. Following this, our team will get in touch with you and help you receive good service.

What is One-card Tarot Reading?

One-card tarot reading sessions are the first type of tarot reading. In this spread, a single card is chosen, which is then analysed to determine the factors you need clarity on. While a single card may need to be more elaborate, you can still receive much precious information or guidance. A single card is simple and not difficult to read. While there are various other tarot spreads for more detailed readings and analysis, the one-card tarot spread is significant in understanding some more straightforward factors.

A single tarot card or one-card tarot spread can prove to be fruitful in terms of setting the tone of the day, realising what's in store for you in simpler terms, the things you should do or avoid, your feelings and emotions, your fears, your desires and wants, and the things good or bad for you.

Your fears and inhibitions: A one-card tarot reading can help you determine the details of the things you're afraid of and what are the things which make you feel anxious. Inhibitions mean the things you worry about, feel stressed about, or feel scared of. Through a one-card tarot reading session, you can understand the aspects which make you feel cornered in life.

Your desires and needs: A one-card tarot reading session has the power to highlight your needs and wants. For example, if there are things you desire, but have no idea about, then this "pull a card" reading session can highlight them for you. Moreover, you'll also realise what you should do or avoid to achieve your wants and desires.

Good and bad aspects of your life: Through a one-card tarot reading, you can realise the things which are positive, helpful, and good for you. Similarly, you can also know which items are not suitable for you and have a strong negative effect on your life.

A one-card tarot reading affair looks over various types of tarot reading, including Daily Tarot Reading, In-depth Love Reading, Erotic Love Reading, Flirt Love Reading, and Made for Each Other or Not Love Reading. These readings are amongst others, so while this list is compact, you can find other one-card tarot readings on our website.

What is Ex-flame Reading?

Ex-flame tarot reading is a part of tarot card reading which overlooks your past relationship, compatibility, and bond with your ex. Through an Ex-flame love tarot reading, you can discover various things about your past relationship. This particular type of tarot reading analyses your past relationship and tells you whether you and your partner were meant to be or not. This type of reading is essential in revealing what your future holds for you in terms of your past. Tarot cards have answers to all things, including everything you worry about. Your cards will give you some much-needed clarity. This clarity will enable you to work better on your life and know if your ex is right for you, if they're coming back to you, and whether it will be good.

An Ex-flame tarot reading relates to your ex-partner, and you learn many things about them and yourself through this unique type of tarot reading. While there are various relationship or love tarot reading sessions which relate to your past life or past relationships, the Ex-flame relationship tarot card reading session is mainly for your past relationship, fling, and partner. In this reading, a single card will give you messages relatable to your past relationship and compatibility, and you can understand what went wrong in the past. Furthermore, after knowing what went wrong, you can work on improving things and avoiding further mistakes or shortcomings.

What is the importance of Ex-flame Tarot Card Reading?

An Ex-flame tarot reading session is significant in determining and discovering the factors that were a part of your past relationship. Moreover, you can also know what you should do if your ex is coming back to you or avoiding engaging in a successful relationship. By working according to the cards, you can also build stronger compatibility, cultivate happier times with your partner, and do things according to what's best for you and your partner.

Besides this, if you are worried about your ex's future, you will get some essential guidance and advice through a single card. This card will establish a strong message and implication, which will make it clear to you if you should move on from your ex or pursue them further.

Here are the aspects that an Ex-flame tarot reading session will cover for you:

"Will we be together?": This tarot reading session will tell you if you and your ex will end up together or not. Moreover, if you want to get your ex back but need help with how to, then an Ex-flame reading is meant for you. This reading will reveal some essential information that will help you determine if it is possible to end up with your ex.

"Do they love me?": As we know, the Ex-flame reading is meant for your ex. So you can get to know if your ex still has feelings for you or not. In addition, you will also get to see what you can do after knowing if your ex still loves you.

"Is this forever?": If your ex has returned to your life, you can know if this is forever or for a short while. Tarot cards have the ability to discover many things, and through the particular type of Ex-flame Tarot Card Reading, you can find if your ex coming back to you is a good sign or not.

"Is this good or bad?": Much like everything else, you can know if the return of your ex is positive or negative. This return might have a complex impact on your life, and this particular relationship tarot card reading session can enable you to know what's the future of your love life.

How to do an Ex-flame Tarot Reading?

Individuals widely use detailed study and practice tarot card reading sessions to gain insight, knowledge, and guidance. Through a tarot reading, people can understand whether certain aspects of their life have a positive or negative impact on them. As we already know, tarot reading requires specific rules and conditions which are entirely unavoidable. These rules and conditions act as protective blankets for your tarot card reading to achieve maximum benefits from your tarot card reading sessions. If you follow these regulations without fail, you will receive the right outcome, and your efforts will be well-spent.

Here are the rules that one must follow while performing an Ex-flame Tarot Reading session:

  • Before starting any tarot card reading session, look within yourself and understand what you're feeling during a particular moment. For example, if you are feeling low, depressed, and hopeless, it would be best not to engage in a tarot reading session as you may attract negative energies. However, if you wish to change your mood through tarot reading, you should try to cleanse your energy. Now, to cleanse your mind and energy, you should sit in a quiet place and think of good thoughts. Meditation is one of the best ways to calm your mind and regulate energy. In addition, you can also pray to your angel guides for their support.
  • Then, speak your intention to the Universe and ask its vibrations to help you throughout your tarot card reading session.
  • After this, cleanse the energy around you. For this, you can light incense sticks, pray to your spirit guides, or use crystals to cleanse and purify the energies of the environment. However, as a beginner, you should use something other than crystals. Crystals possess some intricate and complex energies, so your energy and the energy of the crystals can clash with each other. So, before engaging with crystals, you should consult a professional, such as InstaAstro tarot readers, to know which crystal is appropriate for you and your reading.
  • Following this step, you should focus on your question and finalise what you want to know.
  • Then, choose a card based on intuition, emotion, and pull. This card will be unique since you will feel an intense pull or an instant connection with this card.
  • After this, analyse your card in terms of your question and relate the meanings to your life and inquiry.
  • To get accurate readings, you should relate every message of the card to your life and open your mind to new changes and opportunities for growth.
  • Lastly, thank your angel guides for their support and guidance.

If you need to learn the exact meaning behind the tarot card and want to learn more about it, you can get in touch with InstaAstro tarot readers through our website. Keeping in mind the comfort of our audience, we have made it easy for you to get in touch with tarot readers. You must visit our website, choose a tarot reader, and let our team do the rest. It's as easy as it gets!

What are some questions to ask in an Ex-flame tarot reading session?

Every tarot reading session requires a question or intention. So if you have been wishing to take an Ex-flame tarot reading but need to know what to ask, then we're here to help you!

Here are some questions you can ask while engaging in an Ex-flame tarot card reading affair:

  • Does my ex still love me?
  • Will I be happy with my ex?
  • Can I get back with my ex?
  • Will my ex and I break up again?
  • How can I improve my compatibility with my ex?
  • Will I be able to build a stronger relationship with my ex?
  • Will my ex and I get back together?
  • Is my ex in love with me?
  • Was my breakup correct?
  • How can I bring back my ex?
  • Will he contact me again?

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You can refer to a tarot reading session to know whether your partner will return to you.
You can get your free relationship tarot spread and its analysis through InstaAstro tarot readers.
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You can determine if your ex still has feelings for you through the 'does my ex miss me?' tarot spread.
If you wish to know everything about your past relationship and ex, the Ex-flame Tarot Card Reading can be beneficial.
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