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An elaborate and critical branch of spirituality, the tarot reading has room for various possibilities and is known to have roots in all cultures. While most believe that religions are beyond spiritualism, that's not the case. Every religion has traces of spirituality and magic. Tarot Cards Reading has been in practice for ages for uniting people to their higher selves, opening doors for them, and answering their questions. Most people resort to this branch of predictions to gain some direction, insight, and help. Moreover, since tarot readings are based on energies, you must cultivate positive thoughts and feelings if you wish to receive a positive reading. Therefore, the best thing to do while engaging in a tarot reading session is to maintain positivity and manifest better outcomes.

Egyptian Tarot Reading is a part of tarot reading. It is a special genre that deals with tarot predictions from the perspective of Egyptian messages, characters, and meanings. While a traditional tarot deck and an Egyptian tarot deck are similar, the names of the latter are different, and the implications or messages can vary too. If you're a beginner in tarot reading, it is natural for you not to know of Egyptian Predictions. The Egyptian tarot composition is intricate in a manner where the Egyptian culture is highlighted through spiritual symbolism and purposes. The symbols on the cards and their representations depict ancient Egypt. The cards are divided to represent the lives of the early Egyptians, which is a unique and special quality compared to the other tarot decks.

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What is One-card Tarot Reading?

One-card Tarot Reading is a type of reading which requires the person to choose a card and relate the messages of the card to their life. While one can say that this type of tarot card reading needs to be more elaborate, it has its unique qualities! In a one-card tarot reading, people can easily understand the various aspects of their card. The messages on the card are simple and understandable. In this unique type of tarot reading, a single card holds power to determine various aspects of your life. For example, suppose you wish to know some essential factors of your day. You may want to determine how your day will be, and here's where the one-card tarot reading session comes to the rescue! Through this type of reading, you can set the tone of the day and understand what things are waiting for you.

Single-pull tarot cards reading sessions throw light on most things of your personality and how you may be feeling during your reading. For example, if you are someone who worries about the future, questions the present, and is fearful of the future. One-card readings can provide solutions which will enable you to overcome these inhibitions. This type of tarot card reading covers many areas of your life, such as the erotic or sensual compatibility between you and your partner. It also covers your relationship with your friend and whether you and your partner are meant for each other.

In addition, one-card tarot readings can tell you if you have what it takes to change your life. Also, through this type of reading, you can understand your desires and wants and what you need to do to achieve these desires successfully. Moreover, this single card will also tell you the good and bad things for you. While you should maintain the positive aspects by working on them continuously and putting in constant effort, you should try to alleviate the unfavourable outcomes. Sometimes it can seem overwhelming and tiring to change your life constantly, but you should keep thinking of the positive factors and not let the negative ones affect your mental health.

What are Egyptian Predictions?

Egyptian Predictions are a way to predict what's in store for you through the ancient spiritual practices of Egypt. The origins of these cards go back to ancient Egypt, where they were derived from the Book of Tot. The Egyptian Deity or God of Wisdom and Knowledge, Tot or Thoth, was known for his immense intellect. One of his finest acts done by him was the written texts of the secrets and wisdom of humanity, which he wrote on pure gold papyrus. This manuscript was placed in a crate and then dropped in the River Nile so it would not get stolen.

Sometime around 2600 BC, people discovered these gold sheets in the pyramid of Giza. Further, Hermes came to be worshipped as the manifestation of Tot, and it is widely believed that the Major Arcana of the Egyptian tarot deck was his creation. The Book of Tot is considered the ultimate book of knowledge and understanding of humankind. Its messages were all about the ideal life of people, and the tarot decks directly represent this extraordinary book.

Even before the establishment of modern Egyptian civilization, the Egyptian Tarot Cards deck was popular and widely used by commoners. People believed they were a foolproof way to understand all the things of the Universe. Therefore, most people read the cards in relation to their lives and aim to use them to gain guidance and knowledge and teach the messages of Thoth.

What is the significance behind Egyptian Tarot Readings?

While Egyptian Tarot Readings have been in practice for ages, we must understand them in the modern context. Therefore, understanding why you should refer to this type of tarot card readings are essential.

Here are the factors you can determine through Egyptian Predictions:

Your Twin Flame: Through Egyptian Tarot Reading list, you can determine which person is meant for you and when you will find them. In addition, your reading may also tell you if your twin flame or soulmate has reincarnated or not. While this reading can be elaborate, even a single card can tell you many things regarding your love life. While engaging in Egyptian Tarot Reading, you can know if your twin flame is destined to enter your life or not.

Present Problems: Similar to Astrology, Tarot Card Reading also looks into your present and past connections. Your current challenges may hold some deep roots in your past, and through an Egyptian Tarot Cards Reading session, you can know if your struggles are new or repetitive. By analysing your chosen card, you can know if your current issues are related to your past life and what you can do to eradicate or remove them altogether.

Your Ancestors: If you are curious about your ancestors or forefathers, this tarot card reading can present you with the necessary information. For example, if your family didn't keep a good record of your past lineage, then this type of tarot cards reading from Egypt can tell you all about your past.

Healing your Past: Have you been suffering from past situations which have entirely ruined your present? Then tarot card reading can present you with the necessary ways to throw away the harmful aspects and build better ones. This special type of tarot card reading can heal the traumatised parts of your life, and you can invite peace and happiness into your life. If you are able to recover your past, get over your pain, and build yourself stronger, then your present will flourish tremendously.

What are the Egyptian Tarot Cards?

Egyptian Tarot decks are quite different from traditional tarot decks. While the traditional tarot decks have timeless images, the Egyptian Tarot deck has ancient images and messages. Even the names and meanings differ between the two decks. The Egyptian Tarot Cards list comprises seventy-eight cards. The Egyptian Tarot composition is divided into the Major and Minor Arcana, where the Major Arcana has twenty-two cards with different designations, and the Minor Arcana has fifty-six cards which relate to personal experiences and subjective messages.

Here are the names and meanings of the Egyptian Tarot cards from the Major Arcana deck:

  • The Fool: This is the card of Transmutation or connection.
  • The Magician: This card is of The Man
  • The High Priestess: This card is of the Wizardess or Wizard Woman.
  • The Empress: This card represents the Divine Mother.
  • The Emperor's Letter
  • The Hierarch: This card stands for the force of law and order.
  • Indecision:This is the card of the lovers.
  • El Triunfo: This card symbolises the War Chariot.
  • Justice:This card represents the Arcanum of Job.
  • The Hermit: This card stands for Inaction.
  • The Retribution: This is the Wheel of Fortune card.
  • Persuasion:This card represents a tame lion.
  • The Sacrifice card: This is the card of The Bet.
  • Immortality:This card symbolises Death and Resurrection.
  • Temperance:This card stands for Marriage Ceremonies.
  • Typhoon Baphomet: This card is the symbol of Passion.

How to do Egyptian Tarot Reading?

As we all know, tarot card readings comprise rules and regulations. Every tarot cards reading needs certain conditions which are necessary for a successful reading.

Here are the ways to determine how to use the Egyptian Tarot Cards for your benefit:

  • The first step to understanding how to use Egyptian Tarot Cards is to know what you should do while engaging in a tarot cards reading session. To achieve successful and positive outcomes, place yourself in a quiet place and regulate your energy. By regulating power, we mean you should tune your vibration and not get disturbed. Calm yourself by meditating and thinking positive thoughts. The cleansing of energy is a crucial step in any tarot reading.
  • Then, speak of your intention and purpose of this Egyptian Tarot Reading to the Universe. The Universe will guide you toward your true purpose, and you will receive maximum benefits through your reading.
  • Secondly, cleanse and purify your cards by praying to your angel guides and requesting your spirit guides to give you positive results. Moreover, ask them to guide you through the negative factors too. Finally, if you wish to cleanse your cards in another way, crystals act as a great way to change the energies of your tarot cards.
  • However, if you are a beginner, avoid using crystals without proper guidance from expert professionals. Since different crystals can have different effects, it would be best to always talk to a professional before using them. So, get in touch with experienced tarot readers through the InstaAstro website to determine which crystal would be the best for you.
  • Then, shuffle your tarot deck and spread the cards in a fan-like position. Following this step, close your eyes and think of your purpose for engaging in your reading.
  • The next step would be to choose a card intuitively. This card will have all the answers to your questions, and you will feel an immediate pull to this card.
  • In addition, it is essential to be confident in your choice, as that can derail the authenticity of your tarot reading session.
  • Lastly, analyse the cards in terms of your situation and understand the ancient meanings in the present context. Then, the messages of the cards will guide you toward the right path.
  • In the end, thank your angel guides for supporting you throughout the process. Thanking your spirit guides and guardian angels is a significant part of tarot reading, as they're the real heroes in your life!

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