Before jumping straight into what we actually have to read, let's have answers to a few questions. Do you wish to be a leader or take a back seat? Do you mind if you have to be a follower? Does it make you restless when you don't have any work assigned? Are you on the winning side or the losing side? Well, if you are mostly on the leading side, it is likely that you are an Aries born.

Well, the first zodiac sign is Aries which was ever documented. In fact, this first zodiac sign lies in the first house. That is why their natives also try to be the winner of every race in life. Hence, it won't be wrong to call Aries - the master. As a matter of fact, humans were shortlisted for this category of the zodiac sign types for the first time ever. That's quite a revelation! Right?

Based on the birth chart and the positions of the planets, significant features of Aries zodiac sign are as follows:

  • Sanskrit Name: Mesh
  • Meaning of Name: Ram
  • Type: Fire-courageous-ambitious
  • Sign Date: 21 March to 19 April
  • Symbol: Ram
  • Ruling Planet: Mars
  • Element: Fire
  • Lucky Color: Red, White
  • Lucky Number: 1,9
  • Lucky Gemstone: Garnet
  • Lucky Day: Tuesday, Saturday, and Friday
  • Compatible Zodiac Sign: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

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About Aries Zodiac Sign

Aries are action-seeking individuals. Their brains and bodies need activities to think and execute every second. They are so habitual of constantly working that they almost feel uneasy if they have to sit idle. That is why you would always find them leading a team, rally, or discussion. In fact, they are called born leaders. Even as kids, they are usually the ones who are selected as class monitors or class representatives. Moreover, the majority of the Aries-borns have stories of them being the school head of their schools. These attributes can be extracted from the information provided by the Aries Sun sign.

Aries are also academically inclined and are naturally the most proficient student in their class. Needless to say, they are among the favourite kids of their class teachers. From the time they are born to the time they pursue their careers, they maintain their legacy of being at the top or at least putting out the best work performance in front of their office colleagues. Therefore, most of them are observed receiving the most promising employee of the Year award.

But wait! Just because they are studious and have technical and creative smarts does not mean that they are always serious or intense; they are free-spirited and do not like to be burdened. They are also very kind and polite and would be seen running campaigns for stranded animals and needy people. This is a prominent trait of Aries Moon sign.

However, they want to work on their own rules unless they are required to follow a colleague professionally. But once they learn a skill, they will rule the department in no time. Moreover, people do not just remember them for their skills and intellect but also for their humanitarian inclinations.

No wonder their zodiac symbol is the Ram, as it represents Aries's strength to take bold steps in life. When we talk about strength, not only are they mentally strong but also physically. If they do not have scholarly preferences, you can then locate them in sports and adventures. If they are athletes or involved in any other form of sports, it is very rare that you defeat an Aries.

At the same time, they do not fear facing problems and challenges and are brave enough to speak their minds when needed. No one can stop them from sharing their opinions. Also, they love taking challenges and find delight when they prove someone wrong. As Aries are strong personalities and never shy away from taking a stand, they are often misjudged as rude. But people who are aware of them know that they are as sweet as sugar but are strict only for work. When working together, they want all to function at the same pace.

And when it doesn't happen, they tend to get angry and sometimes go overboard with their emotions. This is something which is to be taken care of as their rivals may put them in a bad light even if they are loud on someone for the right reasons. Otherwise, Aries is adored for the smooth execution of tasks and their way of convincing people.

Moreover, you can find a great friend and a great lover in Aries because if you have made a place in their hearts, they will go off-limits to support you. Overall, if you are an Aries, be proud of yourself for being rightly ferocious, brave, responsible and friendly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aries must avoid more interaction with a Pisces and a Cancerian. Pisces and Cancerians are over-sensitive natives and would not be able to handle Aries's frank nature and may get upset with their straightforward statements. Also, for health reasons, they must avoid excess intake of liquor and completely stop smoking as they might fall into the trap of a chronic illness in future.
Aries are born with leadership instincts and are very strict with work matters. They often get impulsive and angry when it comes to delays. As ruled by Mars, their fiery nature can sometimes come out way too loud. But that just goes in seconds, and then, they are jolly and polite most of the time. However, if you want to know more about being an Aries, you can always consult knowledgeable astrologers at InstaAstro in just 1 /-.
Aries are passionate and strongly determined in terms of careers. They know how to talk and convince people; hence, being a salesperson and a diplomat comes naturally to them. Therefore, their dream job can be in the field of sales and administration. To know more about Aries's career possibilities and other things, reach out to InstaAstro, where you have experts in astrology to help you get a clear picture.
Aries will probably fall in love with a Libra, Sagittarius or Leo. A libra may be the total opposite of Aries, but there will be intense chemistry between them when they interact. And with Sagittarius and Leo, Aries would share similar energy being the fire signs.
Aries is ruled by the planet Mars. Mars is considered an intense planet, and therefore, you may find an Aries being forceful and domineering. Moreover, Mars has also contributed to their leadership aspect and highly charged-up zest or enthusiasm.
Aries are free birds. They do not like restrictions. Hence, they can't work under someone for long. Also, they face a hard time tolerating criticism. It's not their cup of tea. At the same time, they do not like people talking behind their backs. They also dislike someone dominating them for long periods of time.