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Frequently Asked Questions

Property Healing is the most appropriate solution for choosing the right place according to all the measures scientifically and astrologically. Moreover, it also helps with identifying the right kind of vibrations required for a place.
A legitimate Property Healing session can be of approximately 15 to 90 minutes.
You can expect an experience beyond words that removes all the stress and trouble from your life. By amplifying good energy through crystals and meditation, property healing makes you feel better about yourself and makes the search easier.
Soon after you place an order, you will be connected to an astrologer through the chat window. Here, you can take complimentary calls and ask your queries. Further, the astrologers will guide you on the mode of communication and means of healing.
All those troubled by acquiring or purchasing real estate can opt for Property Healing and experience comfort and ease in making vital decisions in their lives.
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