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About Theta Healing

The principle behind Theta healing is that the human unconscious and subconscious mind influence everything going on in the conscious part of the brain. These primarily include the emotions one experiences, which are seen to impact significantly physical health. Theta healing focuses on eliminating your negative and limiting thoughts deep inside you and on developing positivity in your life. These healing techniques include relaxing your mind through meditation so that your brain produces theta waves, the same as when you are at rest but not sleeping. If you want to be your best self and be free from chronic pain, then Theta healing is your answer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Theta healing helps you tackle your fears and other negative feelings which disturb you physically and mentally. These sessions are designed to make you feel heard by your Theta healer. They will help you tap into your subconscious mind and feed positive energy. All these things help you become healthier, more positive and more confident. Theta healing is of great help for those already suffering from pre-existing health issues or pains.
Each session lasts around 60- 90 minutes, depending on your comfort levels and the severity of your problems.
ou will be assigned a healer at the Theta Healing session, which will be one-on-one. First, they will help you reach a meditative state, after which they will try and identify the source of your problems. Afterwards, they will assist you in transforming your thoughts to a more positive note.
No not. Theta healing has, time and again, proved to be one of the safest, non-invasive healing techniques being practised.
It is an effortless procedure. First, you have to select the icon for booking a session. Soon after, you would be connected to a healer, who will chat with you and ask you some basic questions. After that, you can set a session as per your timings conveniently.
It is best done at a time when you are free. You will take some time to get into the meditative state of mind, so it is better to schedule a free time block in your routine. Also, it is better done during the morning, as your mind will be more relaxed before starting your day.
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