Libra Yesterday's Horoscope

05 June 2023

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Libra, it's vital that you get out and experience the breeze blowing. Be in touch with the elements and reconnect to nature. Deepen your breathing and let this life force fill you. Picture yourself standing on top of a mountain looking out over the vast ocean below. You can expand your awareness to ensure that you are paying attention to everything. Be open to exploring new places and keep your eyes clear of all clutter.


The day's planet energy could be of great help to you. This aspect asks what you want to feel well and points out the important areas of your life. They are not lying. While they may sometimes make it seem like the whole world is a fairy tale, the planets can help you understand the details in simple terms. What about diet and exercise, for example? Is water an essential element of your life?


Take a creative approach to your job today. Instead of writing things in bullet points, make sure you write them in graphic and colorful ways. You can spice up a presentation with diagrams and charts.


The current planetary energies indicate that you might need to be serious about your love life. Your tendency is to have a lot more fun and see everything as one big adventure. You would be able to give your loved ones more security. You may not be able to prove that you mean what you are saying.


You believe that traveling can teach more lessons than schooling. But so far, you were unable to do it yourself due to financial limitations. Luckily, today you will get an opportunity to be out in the wild to learn new things. Also, it will help you to exercise your latent skills assertively.

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Indigo, Powder Blue


3, 0


Y, R

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Vedic Tip

This too shall pass.

Tips for Singles

Ego can destroy beautiful bonds.

Tips for Couples

Enjoy the time that you spend with others.