Libra Today's Horoscope (25 September 2022)



Libra, don't wait to be invited. Nobody will ever ask you what your thoughts are. Let your voice be heard. Other people have plenty of opportunities to speak up. Now it's time for you to voice your opinions. Be active and not passive. Use your words and thoughts to shape conversations and events.


With so much self-esteem about our bodies, it's the wise person who cares for his or her health. How you view health is a reflection of your overall self-esteem. The little things are the most important. Do you have a water bottle you can carry with you while you travel by car? Are you careful to floss your teeth twice daily in order to maintain healthy gums? Tomorrow, you can answer yes to these questions!


You're in the best position career-wise to move. However, you must be flexible to do this. It may not go as planned, but it is possible. But you will come out on top.


This day could bring mixed emotions, but also a lot of promise. It is possible that while some areas may seem a bit confusing, others are about to become more clear. You may form a bond by discussing new ideas or sharing something you hold dear. Surprise!


Winning a deal comes with a lot of responsibilities as well. You need to work harder than you probably ever have, but this does not create a problem for you. It is the boredom that you want to escape and moving to a beautiful destination could be the best solution. Working from the lap of nature will no longer feel like work. So, pack your bags and your laptop and get set to go!

Lucky items for you


Pink, Orange


5, 9


A, S

Tips for you

Vedic Tip

You must begin planning your future.

Tips for Singles

You have won what you have always aspired to. So, hold on to it.

Tips for Couples

Sharing your joy with your beloved will multiply it tenfold.

Frequently Asked Questions

Panchang is a calendar used in Vedic astrology that helps the astrologers determine auspicious dates and periods to do essential activities such as travelling, business meetings and puja etc.
Panchang means panch(five) angas and the five attributes of Panchang in Astrology are Vaar, Thithi, Nakshatra, Yoga and Karana.
A Tithi is the time duration and it varies as per planetary situation. It is approximately of 19 to 24 hours.