Gemini Today's Horoscope (25 September 2022)



Gemini, focus on your creativity today. It is the best time of year to start seeds. Your children will be strong and healthy. Although you have the potential to succeed now, it will not come easy. You must be cool. Do not react to any little irritations. Your problems are not worth petty quarrels. Do not waste time with them.


Having more time is one of the most effective ways to improve your overall health. This is not about turning the clock back! Allow yourself to take the time to regroup and understand your next steps. We lose our purpose when we hurry from one place to the next and end up regretting how much time wasted. You will have a better choice in what you eat if you take the time to reflect on what is important.


Don't let yourself get lost in fantasy. It is easy to get caught up in someone's dreams, lose your balance, and have a negative perception of yourself and the direction you want. Do not make decisions. It is not your place to make such decisions.


The astral alignment allows you to show a feeling of warmth and caring without getting too involved. You can shine at your best when you're looking for romance. Others will find you attractive, funny, and unique. You will experience a sense of shared joy and warmth if you're already in a stable relationship.


As you already plan on doing something that would get you out of your comfort zone it is the perfect time for you to travel. Be careful if you are driving today as speeding is fun, but it is also a one-way ticket to death. While traveling, think less about the destination and focus more on the journey ahead. Use traveling as a stress relief for you and your loved ones.

Lucky items for you


White And Saffron


3, 6


E, I

Tips for you

Vedic Tip

Believe in yourself.

Tips for Singles

Be a good listener, listening to others could surprise you.

Tips for Couples

Communication is the key to a healthy relationship, Communicate more often.

Frequently Asked Questions

Panchang is a calendar used in Vedic astrology that helps the astrologers determine auspicious dates and periods to do essential activities such as travelling, business meetings and puja etc.
Panchang means panch(five) angas and the five attributes of Panchang in Astrology are Vaar, Thithi, Nakshatra, Yoga and Karana.
A Tithi is the time duration and it varies as per planetary situation. It is approximately of 19 to 24 hours.