Gemini Weekly Horoscope

28 May 2023 to 03 Jun 2023

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You can expect to encounter some challenging situations this week. It might prove to be a difficult period for you, making you feel vulnerable as your weaknesses become more visible to others. To succeed and turn things in your favor, you will need to put in a lot of hard work. Keep a close eye on your daily activities and manage your time more productively by engaging in various tasks. Be extra cautious with your finances as there is a possibility of overspending.


You will take good care of your health this week. You won't face any major health problems during this time. However, it is important not to take things for granted. It is advised to engage in some form of physical activity to maintain an active lifestyle. By participating in physical activities, you can boost your metabolism and enhance your fitness. This week, you can also consider incorporating a vigorous routine to promote an active lifestyle.


It is going to be a favorable week for those engaged in business. Sales are likely to experience a significant rise. Your efficiency at work will be noticed and your dedication will be greatly appreciated. However, this may not directly lead to further opportunities. It is important to develop self-control and manage your anger during this week to restore your faith in others. You may encounter obstacles when attending foreign meetings.


A week full of passionate energy awaits you. It is an excellent time for individuals who are in a relationship, and even for singles, you might receive a proposal from a colleague or friend. This could be the right time to express your emotions towards your partner. If you have been planning to take your relationship to the next level, go for it. Such opportunities are rare, and you should make the most of them.


Don't try to make any decisions hastily as you might regret them. You will be challenged by both your colleagues and seniors. These desperate times may tempt you to make hurried decisions. Be cautious, as taking a break out of frustration could have negative consequences for your future. It is better to postpone any travel plans. It won't be a successful week for traveling abroad, and even business trips are unlikely to be successful.

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Lucky items for you


Dark blue, Lemon yellow


8, 4, 5


R, O, S

Tips for you

Vedic Tip

Patience will be the key to success, Handle things in a diplomatic manner.

Tips for Singles

Be prepared to receive a sudden proposal.

Tips for Couples

Express your feelings and love towards partner.