As human beings, we've always been curious to know more about ourselves and what our horoscope or birth chart reveals about our inner traits and emotions. Well, when you meet an astrologer or a palm reader, you tend to ask them a lot of questions regarding your future, characteristics and traits. Likewise, your zodiac signs reveal several traits and attributes about yourself. Thus, most of the time, even if some of our friends or anyone you meet is of the same zodiac, you'll still see differentiation in behaviour and traits. Well, this is where the role of Decan comes into play. So let’s find out what there is for Virgo Decans.

According to astrology, each month is divided into three subdivisions known as Decans. Each decan is segregated into ten days according to your birth date. Also, to make the full interpretation and divide it into smaller parts of all the twelve zodiac signs, Decans came into existence. However, Decans are also referred to as Decanates in Vedic astrology, and it has huge importance in Indian astrology. Okay, so not to make it too complicated for you to understand, we’ll mention all three decans of Virgo along with its date of birth and ruling planet. So keep reading below to know more about which decans you fall into and what could be some of the relatable traits and behaviour.

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Virgo Decan 1: Born between August 1 to September 1

Virgo natives born between the given dates fall under the category of Decan 1 and are thus ruled by the Planet Mercury. Talking about their traits, they are very well-disciplined and focused individuals. They are versatile in nature and do not hesitate to relocate to different places and thus are flexible and adaptable. They are always looking for a chance to explore more so that they can see the world from the eye of a different perspective. Also, Virgos in Decan 1 is always looking to crack their sarcastic and witty comments even when nobody would have asked for them.

Also, their sarcasm and humour can be both strengths and weaknesses for these individuals. They take every step of their life with great interest and seriousness so that they do not fall apart in their way. Additionally, these natives are extremely driven towards spirituality; as we know, spirituality is all about knowing the purpose of life. Thus, Virgos are the ones who would strive to find their life's meaning and objective as compared to Virgos in other Decans; natives in Decan 1 are social animals who would always find an opportunity to talk to people and be a part of social work. Furthermore, Virgos are emotional and sensitive, but they are well aware of where they should not take their professional decisions emotionally. Also, they have strong gut feelings and intuitions that entitle them to take the tough decisions in life without having to take anyone's approval.

Virgo Decan 2: Born September 2 to September 11

Virgo! Cheer up if you are in the category of Decan 2 because it'll open the way for a great married life and a fruitful career due to the presence of planet Saturn. Virgos in Decan 2 will thus be compatible with Capricorn and have a relationship full of harmony and peace. Moreover, your perseverance to succeed in life will be embedded, along with the feeling of love and romance. Also, Virgos in Decan 2 will have a great determination to get where they always wished to be and would do anything out of the ordinary to achieve great things in life.

Also, remember, they will not avoid their friends and family members due to work pressure and busy schedules because they are mindful of their responsibilities and priorities. Furthermore, it is a cherry on the cake for Virgo in Decan 2 because the combination of Mercury, which is the ruling planet of Virgos and Saturn being the ruling planet of Decan 2, makes a great combination to enhance the personality trait of Virgos in Decan 2. Furthermore, the influence of Planet Saturn can greatly impact your career as it gives individuals the determination and passion for working harder towards their goals and thus makes them more productive and creative. Also, loyalty runs in their blood. If you tell a secret to Virgo, they will not utter it to anyone, even if you are not in a good bond with Virgo.

Virgo Decan 3: Born September 12 to September 22

No excuses, no settling down and no giving up. This is the motto Virgos in Decan 3 heeds. Planet Venus rules Virgos in Decan 3. Thus, Virgos share energy similar to Taurus because Venus also rules over Taurus. Therefore, the energy of Venus makes Virgos in Decan 3 very stubborn and would only stop once they do what they have planned and thought of. They get arrogant if they do not meet their own expectations, just like a bull. Moreover, how they view their life differs from others, allowing them to have a clear vision of life. They are mindful of where they are and where they want to be in the next few years, which permits them to perform accordingly. A clear vision of life will keep you focused and focused.

Furthermore, Virgo Decans are not from the category of people who can work under pressure and restrictions. Instead, they work efficiently and with perfection when they are given the freedom to do whichever way they want. Also, they are capable of getting their feet off the most difficult situation by themselves. Besides all this, Virgo Decan 3 individuals keep their family and close friends nearest to their hearts and are overprotective towards them. In addition to that, it is not that these natives have any social anxiety disorders, but they would always prefer to be behind the scenes. They sometimes feel uncomfortable being in the spotlight. Thus, they work extremely hard when given the opportunity to be behind the scenes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Decan 1 indicates that Virgo men are more practical in life and set realistic goals. Also, they do not let anyone’s opinion change their decisions and stick to their intuitions. Moreover, these natives are not known for their outer appearance, but their self-confidence and courteous nature towards people are what define them the best.
Well, talking about a luck factor which is one of the secondary things that leads a person to be successful in life, but what makes a Virgo shine in their life is their mindset and actions. They do not have a fixed way to achieve success but explore opportunities and thus listen to their intuitions and trust their gut feeling. With that being said, if you are looking for top-notch astrologers to know your luck in your career, you can definitely visit our InstaAstro app to get a one-on-one conversation.
Virgos in Decan 3 makes a great match with someone who is sensible and practical in life. They are always mindful of all the pros and cons of being with someone. Thus, they do not rush into relationships blindly, which makes them have durable love affairs in life. Also, they believe that not each passing day can be magical in love; there will be challenges and obstacles which make them have life-long partners. All in all, InstaAstro astrologers will assist you in knowing about your love life and what are the pros and cons of being in a relationship.
The ruling planet of Virgo Decans is as follows:
Virgo Decan 1: Mercury
Virgo Decan 2: Saturn
Virgo Decan 3: Venus
Virgos make the best compatibility match with Taurus, Capricorn and Cancer because they have the ability to adapt to changes and lifestyles. Also, they share good companionship and attributes that allow them to be more comfortable with one another.
Signs that do not get along with Virgo are Sagittarius, Gemini and Aries. Thus, Virgos avoid these zodiac signs because they tend to restrict and poke their way of living; thus, they get annoyed and furious.
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