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The mystery is what only the mysterious knows! - This is an apt line for the Scorpions. Hello Scorpio Peeps! Are you ready to know all about scorpio zodiac sign? Does your intense nature keep you focussed? Is being reserved or shy your weapon of shielding yourself from the bad? Are you emotional in life? What kind of mental strength goes into keeping your inner thoughts to yourself? Do you knowingly tend to stay an uncommunicative personality? We shall look into it all as we keep reading. Well, the Scorpio Sun sign is at the eighth position (8th) in the astrology hierarchy of zodiacs. This associates them with the Eighth house, which highlights will, money, sex, death, taboo, occult and rebirth. The presence of Pluto and Mars in this house opens us to a lot of possibilities related to the nature of the people born as Scorpio between the 23rd of October and the 21st of November.

Moreover, the Scorpio meaning in astrology is symbolic of a Scorpion who has the tendency to hide in a dark shed for protection and take notice. But at the same time, they are ready to charge or take action through their poisonous stings on need. Hence, one must not mess with these people unnecessarily. This insight covers the points of the eighth house aspects mentioned earlier, i.e. death and transformation or rebirth. That is, taking revenge can be taken as a transformation or rebirth from being behind the bush to suddenly showing up. And furthermore, being timid to being the one causing harm or punishment for nuisance can be considered the death of the character. That sounds fascinating! Let us know more about these fierce individuals ahead.

  • Sanskrit Name: Vrishschika
  • Meaning of Name: The Scorpion
  • Type: Water-Fixed-Negative
  • Sign Date: 23 October to 21 November
  • Symbol: the Scorpion
  • Ruling Planet: Mars/Pluto
  • Element: Water
  • Lucky Color: Red, Brown
  • Lucky Number: 8
  • Lucky Gemstone: Opal or Dudhiya
  • Lucky Day: Sunday, Monday, Thursday
  • Compatible Zodiac Sign: Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer

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About Scorpio Zodiac Sign

Scorpio, the eighth house native, experiences everything that this world has to offer. Right from living a full family life to being successful at your profession, you take the taste of it all. You seem a personality who keeps most of the things to themselves, talks less and prefers quality over quantity when it comes to friends. As you prefer less interaction, people grow suspicious of you and think that you are always hiding something. But in reality, you are observing people and thinking about whom to make friends with. But at the same time, you do have a fair amount of secrets kept hidden in your heart. And people can see that clearly as you normally seem a shy or introverted person who is not fearful but is intense and can come across as harsh. Your skill of talking shows when you are able to know other people’s secrets. That’s quite smart of you, Scorpions! Their intense behaviour and great brains come from Mars’ reign, while their secretive nature can be credited to the rule of Pluto.

You seem to create a protective valve around you which can only be entered if someone has made you trust them deeply. Such people are your strongest friends and support pillars, as they know most of your secrets. They are usually few in number, and they know that you are emotional, sensitive, full of love and have a lot of knowledge to share. Moreover, the Scorpio moon sign also reveals that you are extremely defensive when it comes to family and loved ones. And you always worry about them. You can’t live a day without taking updates and making sure that all your loved ones are safe and sound. Moreover, you are extremely loyal not just to your lover, friends and family but in general. This means that if you love eating a particular dish from a specific restaurant, you will always prefer the same place for the dish as you have attached your loyalty to it.

Otherwise, you only talk to people when there is a need. Random people have a conception of you as someone who is a nerd, has a sharp mind and only shares their learnings and proficiency when asked so that no one else benefits. But that’s not true. They don’t know that you are just being careful so that your talents are not exploited in the wrong way. You kind of hide your soft side from the outer world. But no one craves intimacy and attention as much as a Scorpion, but you people are good actors who won’t ever let others know about it. This is because it is not in your system to lean on or believe anyone easily. You know that if you do, you may ruin yourself.

Scorpions are often self-destructive. You find it difficult to handle the pain of betrayal. No one likes getting stabbed in the back, but you seem to take revenge on people. You charge or attack as a surprise, and your enemy is defeated or handicapped. Thus, you tend to teach lessons to those who broke your heart, just like the Scorpio zodiac symbol, the Scorpion. However, a Scorpion also has a dangerous tail that can harm itself or, due to being tiny, can be crushed under a vehicle anytime. Likewise, you must know that a payback or an act of revenge has never provided joy to anyone. You know how to leave your past behind and emerge as a new, refined person who is much stronger or more powerful than your old version. And you must just focus on that.

Additionally, some of you are spiritually inclined and tend to turn to roads that are rarely taken. That is, you seem to search for answers beyond the natural capacities of humans. You tend to involve in occult activities. Anyway, you like digging out secrets from others, and this path, for you, seems to provide more hidden answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

The presence of Mars is indicative of Scorpios’ intense way of doing things. Their focus on achieving something or completing a task is fierce. However, their way of dealing with personal relationships is soft and tender. They have a high emotional quotient; hence, breaking their trust turns them revengeful. Scorpions are someone who can’t easily forgive and forget.
Scorpions fear losing the attention of the people they love. They are all out there and give a hundred per cent effort to all their relationships. Scorpions worry about getting all their efforts going to waste and not getting what they offer. They put great emotional investment in the bonds they form; hence, when they are ignored, betrayed or left alone, they have a hard time dealing with it.

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Scorpions are usually very shy people. They like to talk less and keep their life private. That is why they always seem mysterious and strange to other people. People often question whether something is wrong with the Scorpion individual they just met or have recently interacted with. Scorpions only allow a few people into their inner circle. And they are the ones who only know the real face of their Scorpio friend.

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Scorpions tend to keep themselves in hard coverings until they form trust in someone. That is why you would not see them interacting with people much. They only tend to talk when there is work. Hence, in case of stopping themselves from believing someone easily, they can be called mentally strong. But not in the case of handling relationships.
Scorpio witnesses the reign or rule of Mars and Pluto. A lot of credit behind Scorpions’ successful life can be dedicated to the presence of Mars as it is attributed to intense activity, determination, willpower and a learning spirit. At the same time, Pluto is considered accountable for the Scorpions’ willingness to change and adapt to new ways of experiencing life.
Scorpions have good quantitative abilities and are quick at calculations. Due to strong mathematical skills, they are skilled in subjects of engineering and finance. In addition, they would likely enjoy solving brain teasers in their free time and hence, have an excellent aptitude for technical domains.