Do you dislike living your life alone? Always want people to be around you? You are cheerful and charming. Are you fascinated by materialistic things in life? Do books and novels inspire you? Do you always prioritise your loved ones? While reading these lines, did you feel somewhere in your heart - “Are they talking about me?”? Then, undoubtedly you are a Libra sun sign. The above-mentioned are some of the traits that define the Libra natives. The seventh sign of the zodiac cycle is the Libra natives. They are someone who not only thinks about themselves but also takes a close look into the people in their life. Also, this air sign represents the Scale, which balances life very efficiently. Moreover, it's the only sign in the zodiac cycle that is represented by an inanimate object. Moreover, the Libra meaning and symbol signifies The Scale, which obviously well defines these natives as they desire symmetry and justice in life to take any action and decision. Moreover, Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of music, arts and beauty. Thus, they incorporate charming and pleasure-seeking personalities.

Nevertheless, let’s discover and see what’s more interesting to know all about Libra zodiac sign. Also, let’s find out what are some of the traits and facts about Libra and what it represents in Indian Vedic astrology.

  • Sanskrit Name: Tula
  • Meaning of Name: The Scales
  • Type:Air - Cardinal - Positive
  • Sign Date: September 23 - October 23
  • Symbol: The Scale
  • Ruling Planet: Venus
  • Element: Air
  • Lucky Color: Pink, white, Blue shades, green
  • Lucky Number: 6, 15, 24, 34, 42, 51, 60
  • Lucky Gemstone: White Topaz and White Sapphire
  • Lucky Day: Friday
  • Compatible Zodiac Sign: Aquarius, Leo, Gemini and Sagittarius
  • Life's Motto: Counterbalance and reconcile

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About Libra Zodiac Sign

Having a Libra in your life is more like a blessing. Their kindness and compassion toward people work like a magnet and can easily attract anyone. However, if you ever happen to ask these natives about their priorities in life, they would definitely not include themselves in their priority list. Also, they are someone who would always want to keep their relationship with friends, families and lovers very secure and safe. Even if they happen to get into a quarrel and misunderstanding, they would not mind walking up to them and patching up. Furthermore, discussing more Libra being a cardinal sign, they always have the willingness to make things easier and more peaceful. Also, Libra natives do not always like to be excessively active; if they do not feel like working, they will shut down their laptops. They would just sit down and relax. Libra natives believe that it's not important to be productive every day. Moreover, as we know, Planet Venus rules over Libra; thus, they are extremely fascinated by aesthetic things that allow them to be more driven towards creativity. The ascendants of Libra are filled with the feeling of pleasure, which no doubt differs from physical pleasures. They do not crave physical intimacy but would rather ask for quality time which is a love language for Libras.

However, suppose you look closely at their choices and preferences. In that case, they have breathtaking artwork pasted in their bedroom, walls painted with pastel colours, their wardrobe looks more stunning, and their taste in music is incredible; you notice that they have very different tastes. Additionally, they make a great effort to bond people together, always making peace between the two people. Therefore, these qualities allow them to be great leaders and excellent at professionalism. They are humble in nature and always show kindness. Not to end here, if we have to tell you about Libras nature and attitude at the workspace, it would definitely be their faithfulness and commitment. These natives would stand still on their toes to get things done. They are excellent professional employees who are always ready to take accountability and reliability. Also, being diplomatic people, they are always involved in facts and statistics, which makes them great at solving complicated problems and conflicts. Also, when they ever ask for space and want to spend their time alone, it could be because they are feeling sad or they may be pressured due to work. If you ever try to mess with them or disrupt their space, they can be furious and rebellious.

Besides that, if we have to talk about Libra moon signs, they try to keep their emotional state of mind at peace. Also, the libra zodiac symbol shows a scale, which means to have a proper balance in life. They try to balance all their emotions effectively. Even if they must go beyond their self-control to maintain a relationship, they will do that without hesitation.

Furthermore, being in love with Libra natives is not so difficult because they have the capability to keep their relationship secure for a longer period of time. They would give their partner all their love, care, and assurance and always fight for them to keep them in their life. Moreover, being ruled by Venus, there's no way that they can't be romantic. These natives come up with romantic ideas to make their partners feel special. They would always plan a dinner date or a cosy environment so that they could spend most of their time together, embracing their beautiful moments. They would love to involve their partners in their hobbies and would always try out new adventures together.

Frequently Asked Questions

Libra natives are ruled by the Planet Venus, which is the planet of love, romance and beauty. Therefore, they have a great sense of fashion, lifestyle and creativity.
Some of the facts about Libra are:
  • They have a very caring and warm nature
  • They find it difficult to let go past events and situations
  • They have the tendency to read the emotional aspects of people.
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Libra Sun sign tends to be always motivated to help people bond together. Also, they do not take sides but play diplomacy when it comes to maintaining professional relationships.
However, if you want to find out more about Libra natives, you can visit our InstaAstro website to learn more about these natives.
Some of the strengths and weaknesses of Libra are:
  • Being friendly with everyone
  • Quick at putting an end to conflicts
  • They are extremely empathetic
  • Finds it difficult to confront
  • Overthinking
  • They can't be vocal about their problems and issues.
Libras have a great interest in being aesthetic which makes them great at art and painting. Also, they are good at interior designing, developing their talent to make mundane things seem out of the ordinary.
Some of the mantras that keep Libra motivated and dedicated are:
  • I want to be the change and bring the change.
  • I want to live a life full of peace and harmony
  • Be consistent and mindful
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