What is Bhastrika Yoga?

Bhastrika yoga, also known as Breath of Fire, is a Pranayama technique which involves rapid and forceful breathing and exhaling. This special form of Yoga and Meditation derives its name from the word “bellows”. Therefore, Bhastrika Pranayama meaning refers to the forceful and strong nature of the breath.

Bhastrika Yoga is known for its energising and refreshing effects on the body and mind. It helps increase the system's vital energy (prana), activating and awakening the entire body. Rapid inhalations and exhalations increase oxygen intake and lung capacity, providing a boost of vitality and revival. The sympathetic nervous system is also stimulated.

One of the most popular and unique Bhastrika Pranayama benefits is that it generates heat, which aids in strengthening the body system. This Pranayama detoxifies our insides, helps purify our digestive system, is excellent for heart health, and impacts our emotional well-being.

Bhastrika Pranayama steps can allow people to release emotional and physical blockages, let go of physical tensions stored in the muscles, release happy hormones, and increase energy, vitality, and balance.

Bhastrika Yoga is known for its refreshing and energising effects. It helps increase oxygen supply, improving respiratory capacity and stimulating the cardiovascular system. In addition, the practice generates heat and enhances metabolism, promoting detoxification and purification of the body.

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How to perform Bhastrika Yoga?

Bhastrika Pranayama benefits are the most helpful to all who are consistent in their journey. Therefore, it is essential for people to practise Bhastrika Pranayama the right way so as to get maximum benefits and positive results. For example, if you're someone who has been struggling with respiratory issues, then Bhastrika Pranayama will help you.

To practise Bhastrika Pranayama steps, follow the following moves:

  • First, sit comfortably on a yoga mat or chair with your spine straight and shoulders relaxed.
  • Take a few deep breaths to centre yourself and prepare for the practice.
  • Begin by inhaling deeply through your nose and expanding your belly and chest.
  • Exhale through your nose, contracting your abdominal muscles and forcefully expelling the breath.
  • Inhale forcefully and deeply again, expanding your belly and chest.
  • Exhale forcefully, contracting your abdominal muscles to release the breath.
  • Repeat this rapid and forceful inhalation and exhalation pattern for a predetermined number of rounds or a specific duration.
  • Throughout the practice, maintain a steady rhythm and intensity, ensuring equal emphasis on inhalation and exhalation.

Although there aren't many Bhastrika Pranayama side effects, it is advisable to be still careful. Since this form of Yoga requires rapid breathing, people are more likely to feel dizzy and uneasy, and in some extreme cases, people may even notice a drop or hike in their blood pressure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bhastrika Pranayama steps are performed or practised to receive the benefits of a calmer mind, balanced energy, strong heart health, less anxiety, and even increased blood circulation.
Through regular practice of Bhastrika Pranayama, people can notice positive changes in their emotional, physical, and mental conditions. In addition, one may see a huge difference when it comes to their muscles, lungs, or heart. Besides this, you can know more about Yoga benefits through the InstaAstro website.
Bhastrika meaning in English relates to 'bellows' ,the act of blowing air on fire. This meaning also refers to the rapid filling and emptying of the respiratory system.
Pregnant or menstruating people, individuals with high blood pressure, a history of epilepsy, and other sensitive ailments should avoid this intense form of Yoga. Since Bhastrika Pranayama requires forceful breathing, it would be unwise for these individuals to put themselves under its strain.
Some Bhastrika Pranayama side effects are fainting, increased blood pressure, dizziness, confusion, headaches, and lethargy.
Per yogic science, you can do Bhastrika Pranayama any time, but a preferable time would be early in the morning before eating anything.
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