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In life, everything is linked with each other. Our past is linked to our present, and our present is linked to our future. Moreover, even our past has an influence on our present. Various people believe that most things in life are related to each other in one way or another. To determine the relationship or connection between any two events, situations, or circumstances, it is also vital to consider our past lives. Various professionals in astrology and spirituality believe that our present lives are linked to our past lives. For example, it is widely accepted in astrology that your past life actions have an implication on your current life. Suppose you were unkind in your past life; you may get bad karma in your present life.

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As you continue to explore your past life connections, you may find that this particular incarnation is causing a great deal of drama in your present experience. However, it is important to recognize that this drama can be a double-edged sword - it can either distract you from your true purpose and highest potential, or it can serve as a powerful catalyst for personal growth and transformation. One aspect of this past life that may be particularly relevant to your current situation is the awakening of your inner playwright. You may find yourself drawn to creative expression, and feel a deep desire to transform your own life into a dramatic narrative, with you as the central character. This can be a powerful tool for self-discovery and personal growth, as you explore your own motivations, struggles, and triumphs through the lens of a dramatic narrative. However, it is important to remember that there is a distinction between fictionalized and real life. While using creative expression to explore and process your emotions can be incredibly therapeutic, it is important to maintain a clear sense of reality and to avoid getting caught up in a fantasy world that is detached from the realities of your present experience. By cultivating a balance between creativity and groundedness, you can use your inner playwright to help you reach the highest expectations of yourself, without getting lost in the drama of the past. With self-awareness and a clear sense of purpose, you can harness the power of this past life connection to transform your own life and make a positive impact on the world around you.

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In addition, if you suddenly feel a strong connection to particular hobbies or likings, it may be because of your past life profession. Furthermore, the Deja vu is also related to past life connections. Sometimes when you feel that you've been to a specific place before, even if you have not, or when you meet people you've never met before and feel an old emotion, it's due to deja vu.

Deja vu has deep roots in our past, and one may think they've lived their life a certain way even when they have not. If you've been wondering about the influence of our past lives on our present, then know that it is a substantial impact.

Tarot readings have a profound impact on all aspects of our lives. An essential part of divinity and spirituality, tarot cards reading has the power to help people determine whether they have what it takes to overcome their life's problems, find solutions, and gain insight. As we all know, tarot card readings are based on energies, frequencies, and vibrations. Therefore, tarot card reading will give you insight, guidance, and knowledge regarding all aspects of your life. Every tarot card is different from the other, and its messages are different too. So, whichever card appears in your reading will have a different meaning and implication on your life. It is up to you to relate these messages to your life, take in the maximum messages sent to you, and change your life accordingly.

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What is One-card Tarot Reading?

One-card tarot reading or pick a tarot card reading is a part of tarot reading where a single card is chosen on the basis of intuition, pull, and connection of energies. You can quickly address various aspects through a single card, and you will know which factors play what kind of role in your life. In this, a single card tells you all you have to know regarding your questions. You may feel that a single card may be unable to tell you all you need to know, but that's not the case. Sometimes, multiple cards can be more confusing and complicated.

It is best to refer to one-card tarot reading sessions for simple, straightforward, and concise questions, as you will get crisp, short, and sweet answers. These readings will not only give you clear-cut, brief answers but also highlight the points you need to focus on. Most tarot readers believe that one-card tarot reading is the best type for beginners who want to start their journey of tarot reading. Due to its simple steps of performance, short answers, and straightforward messages, the single card tarot reading is popular amongst new tarot readers.

Although multiple-card tarot readings seem very exciting and informative, the one-card tarot reading is no less!

You will receive specific answers, solutions, and insight into your problem through one-card tarot reading. When a particular card appears in your pick-a-tarot card session, its messages, symbolisms, and representations will highlight the following aspects:

Anxieties: Our fears and anxieties are a significant part of our lives. Most of us stress about the most insignificant things, worry too much and even fall sick due to this unnecessary stress. Through a personalised one-card tarot reading, you will discover why you are overstressing over certain factors, what you can do to let go of these fears, and avoid similar issues in the future.

Desires: Do you desperately desire something? Do you want a big house, a fancy car, or maybe wealth? Then determine which desire is healthy and which isn't through a single card tarot reading. Through pick a tarot card reading sessions, you will discover which wants and needs will be fulfilled, what you can do to achieve these dreams, and how to discard harmful desires. You will achieve the best things in life by getting control of your wants.

Things Good for You: The things that are good for you and positively affect your life will be highlighted through your one-card reading. Your single card will tell you how to welcome positivity, maintain good times, and let go of any negative factors which might affect you adversely. While a single card gives brief answers, your reader will help you analyse the meanings that relate to your life's good aspects.

Things Bad for You: Most of us have some negative aspect that drains our energy and makes us feel upset and stressed. These negative factors have the ability to make our life miserable, and we need to throw out these negativities. If you wish to know what these harmful elements are and how to discard these adverse effects, then a one-card tarot reading session can benefit you.

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What is Past Lives Connection Reading?

In a tarot reading, various tarot cards represent the past, and past life tarot card spreads highlight the past life meaning, which helps us to connect the dots between our past life and our present life. Your personalised past life prediction will tell you the relationship between your current existence and your past life. For example, suppose you feel a strong pull toward a particular thing or feel a powerful connection to a particular situation. In that case, it may be because of the influence of your past life.

This free past life reading will analyse your past life or past karma through a single card past life spread. The result of this analysis will be answers, which will help you to know your past life better, determine how you were as a person in your past life, and even understand signs of past life relationship, career path, and much more. Furthermore, this free past life reading based on date of birth, intuitive feeling, and energy will help you determine why you feel a certain way and the influence of your past life on this emotion or your present situation.

A past life tarot card reading free session is based on various factors, including your present and the factors of the past. Suppose you often feel that you've lived a particular way before, even when you haven't. In addition, you may feel a certain emotion which may seem familiar, even when it's completely new. These elements may rise due to the influence and impact of your past actions or life on your today. For example, a past life relationship spread will tell you about your past life relationship, your past life relationship meaning, signs of past life lovers, and what your past life relationship mean. Through this single card tarot reading session, you will be able to determine the similarities between your present and past, and even the similarities between the present you and the past you. Your past life has some deep roots in your present life too.

What is the Importance of Past Lives Connection Reading?

As we all know, souls are immortal. However, most cultures and traditions believe that souls travel through life, and there is some deep connection between our past and present. If you want to know more about your past life through tarot cards and reveal some hidden secrets of your soul and existence, then the past life tarot reading session will help you to discover the buried aspects of your past and present life. The following elements are some of the factors that you can determine through your Past Lives Connection Reading:

Fears: Are you scared of something? Has something been bothering you? Do you feel anxious and stressed? These feelings and emotions may be due to your past life experiences. For example, your fear and anxiety regarding certain factors or situations and not knowing why you're feeling this particular way may be because of a lack of connection between you and your past. Through a past life experience reading, you can know why you're fearful about certain things and how you can let go of these feelings.

Results: Are you someone who has been working tirelessly every day and have done their best to receive favourable outcomes? However, have you been getting the same outcome over and over again? Then this might be related to your past life. If you're someone who has changed their ways time and again to receive beneficial results, then through past life, tarot card reading will tell you if your problems of the present are related to your past life or not.

Loops: Have you been feeling that some aspects of your life are stuck in a loop? Do you feel like you live repetitive days? And do you need to learn how to break apart from this loop? Then your Past Lives Connection Reading will highlight the solutions you need to build the life of your dreams, let go of negative thoughts and aspects, and break negative loops. In addition, this reading will help you to know how to change your routine, stray away from adverse effects, and welcome joy in your life by enforcing new patterns and practices.

Curiosity: If you've always been curious about your past life, then this reading will help you know how you were as a person in your past life, what the factors that had a significant impact on your life, and which aspects shaped your existence. Through your Past Lives Connection Reading, you will get answers to your curiosities. In addition, you will be able to discover the type of person you were, your likes and dislikes, the way you lived your life, and which factors made you the person you were.

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A past life lover reading will help you know how your past life lover was and whether they exist in your present.
Through the InstaAstro website, you can book 1:1 appointments with expert tarot readers and get personalised, detailed Past Lives Connection Readings.
Tarot readings are based on energies and are more subjective. So, whatever reading you receive will be accurate as per your energy.
To know how you may have passed in your past life, book a special consultation with an InstaAstro astrologer, share your queries with them, and let them give you results based on your details, energies, frequencies, and vibrations.
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