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Ek Mukhi Rudraksha (Nepal Origin)

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About Ek Mukhi Rudraksha (Nepal Origin)

According to the Legends, Rudraksha beads are said to have originated from Lord Shiva's tears, which he shed during a moment of benevolence. Since then, ek mukhi rudraksha have been considered the most valuable of all rudrakshas because this is believed to be the original factor of power from Shiva's third eye. It is also believed that the Ek Mukhi Rudraksha is known to be a derivative taken from the third eye of Lord Shiva and is considered the most powerful one among all rudrakshas.

Frequently Asked Questions

his rudraksha has only one cleft, which depicts one face or mukh. It is a representation of Lord Shiva himself. It is extremely rare. A person who has this is extremely fortunate and blessed. People who worship one Mukhi Rudraksha every day are said to have all their wishes granted.
Ek mukhi rudraksha satisfies all of the wearer's desires and is the most important bead for meditation and dhyana. It helps in the regulation of the human body's energies and makes the wearer feel more confident than before. After wearing it, a person will become more kind and soft-hearted and it also shields the individual from evil and negative energies.It provides financial growth, career advancement, promotion, and a responsible position in life. Wealth, luxury, and fortune will be bestowed upon the wearer.
To get the best benefits of ek Mukhi Rudraksh you should always wash it with clean fresh water and soak it in cow's milk for one day before usage and worship it daily. Always have faith in it and avoid eating anything non- vegetarian. Do not consume alcohol after wearing it and Take it off before attending the funeral service. Don't show it off to anyone, avoid using chemical soap. Wearing a broken bead is not acceptable. Remove it before going to bed and place it somewhere you can worship God.
Ek Mukhi Rudraksha from InstaAstro is 100% real and authentic. Our goal is to create an amazing user experience and serve happy customers.
Rudraksha are energised before packing. After placing an order, we get the gemstone energised and deliver within 10-15 days at your address.
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