Importance of Sunrise and Sunset in Astrology

Use InstaAstro's Sunrise & Sunset calculator for free to find your city's accurate Sunrise and sunset times. Take control of your day by knowing the lucky times beginning with Sunrise. Enter the desired location's coordinates and the time zone that applies there. Based on latitude and longitude, this sunrise-sunset calculator determines the timings for Sunrise, Sunset, transit (zenith), dawn, and dusk.

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Vedic Significance of Sunrise

Astronomical Sunrise is earlier than Hindu sunrise because the first beam on the horizon is considered. Still, in Hindu morning, the time needed for the Sun to rise half its diameter is more important. The Sun rules over all the planets as the source of life and energy. Considering it from an astrological perspective, it is a male planet. Sunlight has a connection to a person's innate spirit. As a result, the Sun is portrayed as the universe's soul, standing in for the Earth's vital force. The Sun has been said to be the Soul (Atma) of all beings in Vedic astrology. Sun is a person's true self. The measure of time in Sanatana Dharma is determined by Vedic astronomy.

According to this, the previous day ends when the Sun's center point reaches the horizon, and the new day officially begins at that instant. Along the precise longitude, you will see that dawn times are sooner in northern latitudes than in southern latitudes. Hindus believe that the day begins at dawn and only ends with the rising of the following Sun.Thus, it becomes important to know the sunrise time today for an individual as it can help the individual with gaining favourable outcomes.

Vedic Significance of Sunset

When the Sun's light begins to fade or disappear in the evening, this is known as the Sunset. It results from the Earth's daily rotation. The term 'Sundown' also applies to this Sunset hour. The observer's position is the primary factor in determining the time of Sunset, which varies regularly throughout the year. The Sun seems to be down in the west because of the Earth's axial tilt and revolution on its axis. The Sun is reported to set in the west as a result. People often do aarti at Sunrise and Sunset in their homes. While we honor our deities at Sunrise, it is said that we destroy evil spirits at Sunset. Hiranyakashipu was killed or destroyed by Lord Vishnu's Narasimha Avatar at Sunset.If you want to know about the sunrise or sunset today in my location, then use InstaAstro’s sunrise or sunset calculator. Th calculator will help you know accurate timings for sunrise and Sunset according g to the methods of astrology.

Difference between Astrological and Astronomical Sunrise

Astronomical Sunrise is the moment the Sun's upper limb first appears. The instant the top limb vanishes is at Sunset. Therefore, all daily newspapers provide dawn times when the disk's top limb, or edge, is visible above the eastern horizon.

It is not possible to utilize this dawn for astrological calculations. The moment when the center of the Sun's disc rises above the eastern horizon is utilized for religious and astrological purposes. Every festival's timing is determined by 'Madhyalimb Darshan,' which occurs when the disk's center becomes visible at the eastern horizon.

Hindu Sunrise and Sunset also disregard refraction. Refraction makes the Sun visible even when it is below the horizon in the east. Hindu Sunrise is planetary, meaning the Sun and Earth's center should line up with the horizon on the east. Hindu Sunrise is equal to an Astronomical Sunrise plus the time it takes the Sun to rise halfway through its diameter. If you want to know about Sunset or sunrise time today at my location” then check InstaAstro’s calculator for the same. The calculator will tell you the accurate timings for sunrise and sunset according to the methods of astrology.

Vastu Significance of Sunrise

In the Northern Hemisphere, our home receives the most sunlight in the East during the early hours. Throughout the day, the energy that is absorbed by sunshine remains there. Therefore, having an open zone in this location is essential. Possess windows, a balcony, a garden, or anything else that lets the Sun in. If you have plants in this area, watch out that they don't get too big and start to obstruct the positive energy.

The Sun goes from the East to the South East zone, reaching its zenith in the late afternoon. Let sunshine enter via these zones during the frigid winter months. Winter and night are yins (negative energy), whereas summer and sunshine are yangs (good energy). Yang represents life, whereas yin represents death. Both must be in harmony. Keeping yin and yang balanced is crucial to maintain the quantity of sunshine in the home, just as night and day are equally necessary.

Keeping the Sun out is usually a good idea in the summer because its energy is already too intense. Similarly, if a room has excessive sunshine and you always feel restless, you need to lower the energy. Use drapes and curtains as a fix. A specific room in the House would get moist and stagnant if it receives insufficient or no sunlight. To develop fake yang energy, turn on bright lights and play music for at least a couple of hours each day. Pets are an excellent way to boost your vitality. To preserve balance in the home, you may ensure that there is more yang than yin energy.

Directions according to Sunrise

All of the windows in a house facing north will likely not receive any direct sunshine, which might lead to feelings of despair, gloom, or slowness. Living in such a home might provide a variety of challenges. Therefore, it is essential to develop parallel light sources. See if one may install a skylight in the East, North East, or South East. Check whether one can install a real fireplace in the South zone if a skylight is not an option. It will also assist if you add candles and other types of artificial illumination.

You'll likely have most windows or openings on the side of your House facing East or west. Sunrise will invigorate your existence by assisting you in making fresh starts and acquiring new endeavors. Houses facing east are, therefore, always better. You'll become more relaxed and romantic as dusk falls. Therefore, a leisure area with windows facing west can be wise.

Vastu Significance of Sunset

Everyone wants their home to be a happy and peaceful place, yet some actions taken after dusk might undermine these goals. In many households, dishes are left in the sink overnight to be cleaned the following morning by the maid. Never leave dishes in the sink overnight; doing so lowers the House's prosperity. Utensils have also been regarded as Venus and Saturn's signs in astrology. Maybe this is why some traditions are made to remain popular. It would be best if you didn't keep a broom in your bedroom or put your slippers beneath your bed at night. There won't be any pointless anxieties if the broom is kept in the bedroom at night. According to Vastu Shastra, giving someone sour foods like curd and pickles after Sunset is not advisable. People should refrain from doing something because of this. The prosperity of the House may suffer as a result. Additionally, it is not seen as lucky to give salt to someone in the evening.

About Sunset And Sunrise Calculator

The Sunrise and Sunset calculator will present you with the sunrise and sunset today timings along with tomorrow and dayafter. All you need are two important details. These include the place you want to check sunrise for and the day. The calculator will present you with sunrise time at my location along with sunset today at my location. The calculator tends to use scientific methods to determine the accurate time of sunrise and sunset for you. As the calculator takes the actual location and date under consideration, it tends to give you the result in real time. Moreover, the sunrise sunset times presented by the sunrise time calculator are also highly accurate based on the Sunrise and Sunset times according to astrology.

Effects of the Sun on different houses

First House

Sun in the first House of the horoscope bestows leadership, a remarkable personality, and passion to the bearer. He will obey his father and be a respected member of society. Fury, violence, and lethargy, on the other hand, can win. These locals occasionally exhibit self-centered behavior. Due to overconfidence, people occasionally make poor financial decisions. Although persons with the Sun in the first House may appear ambitious and self-centered, Sun is a kind planet. Those who have the Sun in the first House might also be straightforward and outgoing. In various periods of life, such views could not be beneficial.

Second House

Family duties are undesirable with the Sun in the Second House at a certain point in life. A person with the Sun in the second House may be melodic, adept at obtaining worldly pleasures, and forthright. However, it may also cause someone to be too cynical or to take things lightly. Sun in the second House may occasionally bring prosperity without a person putting forth effort.

Third House

Individuals with the Sun in the third House may be skilled in communicating, publishing, and editing work. A person with the Sun in the third House may be charismatic and fortunate. They like exploring new places and exchanging ideas with people. However, occasionally it causes someone to stray and become too talkative. These folks occasionally can soothe their subordinates even more. Additionally, it may prevent a person from receiving assistance from coworkers, making them vulnerable to exploitation, gossip, and blackmail.

Fourth House

The person is blessed with assets and properties while the Sun is in the fourth House, the House of Family. They never forget their home. These folks look out for the welfare and social standing of the family. They are more reclusive people that succeed in their latter years. A person with the Sun in the fourth House can support social service, education, and the care of the poor, but they may also boast about their accomplishments. A person with the Sun in the fourth House can inherit money from their mother and own real estate.

Fifth House

People with the Sun in their fifth House have imaginative minds and are intelligent and energetic. They are outspoken and odd. These folks are better at maintaining connections because they are more relationally sensitive. A person with the Sun in the fifth House enjoys taking chances and being adventurous, yet these traits might occasionally lead them to engage in gambling and betting. People who are in this Sun position tend to be a little self-centered. They have a close relationship with their father. These individuals are more hospitable, helpful to their friends and family, and giving to their children. They will do all their power to raise their kids, but sometimes it feels like they impose their will on them.

Sixth House

A person can defeat adversaries if the Sun is in the sixth House. Because war and conflicts are an aspect of politics, it also reflects politics. Regarding accepting work from others, people with the Sun in the 6th House are perfectionists in their own right and quite demanding. They are proud of their abilities, yet others occasionally envy them. He will be able to solve issues analytically. Although he will have many opponents, he will be skilled at winning them over. They may dominate others at work and are incredibly proud of their job, which makes others envious of them.

Seventh House

Marriage, partnerships, and other relationships are dealt with in the seventh House. The life partner will be demanding and overbearing, which might occasionally result in separation. For a partnership business, it might not be ideal. In this situation, the person will attempt to outrank others, which may cause tension. There will be a lot of 'others' opposing the individual, which might hurt their ego. People who work in public relations and as government spokespersons will benefit from this job. Additionally, this role will benefit corporate or social work partnerships with government organizations.

Eighth House

Occult knowledge, covert items, sensitive information, and ups and downs are all represented by the 8th House. In-laws can provide money and assets to people with Sun in the eighth House. The Sun will thrive in this location. They have an interest in the occult and mystery. There can be issues with the father, or the father might have certain illnesses. But he will receive his father's inheritance.

Ninth House

It is the House of Morality. The individual with the Sun in the ninth House desires to live morally and anticipates others will do the same. He will adhere to a particular set of views with great enthusiasm. He is constantly seeking to increase his understanding and knowledge. The individual's father will have the most effect, yet there could also be significant disparities. Due to the 9th House's connection to travel, the person may visit locations associated with spirituality or religion. Alternatively, he could develop into a religious Guru who imparts culture and religion. Both as instructors and researchers, they will succeed. They could be in charge of various educational or religious organizations.

Tenth House

The Sun is in a good position in this scenario. The tenth House governs Karma and career. It deals with the Karma we create in this life more generally. They will serve as an example for others and have a natural aptitude for leadership. He dislikes being controlled by others. These folks excel in politics. The 10th house deals with public life since it is the highest point in the visible portion of the zodiac. The Sun makes locals spend all of their time outside here. He prefers to be surrounded by people, especially politicians and kings, and dislikes being alone. His ego will be hindered if he is left out or neglected.

Eleventh House

The House of Wealth is the 11th House. Although the Sun is not in a particularly favorable position, this location fosters the qualities of a successful leader. The presence of the Sun in this House bestows prosperity and long life upon the person. He aims to establish a network of more prestigious individuals. He could not enjoy interacting with others who were lower in rank. The native's primary goal is not to make a living or to obtain money.

Twelfth House

The secret adversary, hidden riches, and religiosity reside in the 12th House. Recognizing hidden skills and opponents is improved by the Sun in this House. It imparts a decent grasp of the art. This House supports the development of economic ventures abroad or relationships with other nations on a global scale.


You can control your day by being aware of your city's dawn and sunset times based on your Kundli. Use InstaAstro's Sunrise and Sunset Calculator to determine each day's precise beginning and ending hours. Feel the vitality of the morning with the sunlight, and at the end of the day, sleep comfortably.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Sunrise decides the energy of your home. If your home faces the east, it will have a lot of energy in it and you must be prudent in its use.
The Sunset is significant for leisure, according to Vastu. This is also in accordance with the traditional belief that the day is meant for hard work while the night is for sleep.
The Sun represents the soul and authority. It holds a very important place in Vedic Astrology and has a different effect in each house.
According to Vastu Shastra, giving someone sour foods like curd and pickles after Sunset is not advisable. This is because these acts adversely affect the planet Saturn if done at the wrong time.
Hindu Sunrise is equal to an Astronomical Sunrise plus the time it takes the Sun to rise halfway through its diameter. The Astrological Sunrise also does not take into account refraction of light.
We can put a skylight in the East, North East, or South East. This is because it helps tap into the positive energy of dawn and keeps away the negative energy of dusk.
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