Capricorn Today's Horoscope (30 November 2022)



It is hard to remain centered right now. You are focused on the wonderful things that are happening around you. It was yesterday a dream, but now it is real. It's possible to be lost in confusion trying to understand it all. You will eventually have to face reality, but it's not necessary to. These things don't often happen.


Your sensitive nature wants the best for your family. You feel a sense of 'I would kill for you', especially when it comes to children and loved ones. You can channel this intense emotion into something more productive: care for your body like a beloved one. It can be very satisfying to take care of your body's needs. It is a way to nurture everyone! The health of your body is crucial to your life.


You're at the most climactic time of the month. You can make the move you were hesitant about a few days ago. You will be rewarded for your bravery. You will be left behind if you retreat into the background.


The astral alignment allows you to have that important conversation with your beloved one. You can have a long-lasting conversation with your loved one if you've been struggling to get through it. This will help you to clear your mind and give you many ideas for things that can be done together.


Today you are in the mood of spending time with your family. It can be your parents, siblings, or spouse. Take them outside to have some fun and improve the bonding. If you have children then you are likely to enjoy a lot of fun activities with them. Work pressure can make you feel like dropping this plan but by the end of the day, you will be grateful that you spent time with them. It will take all your worries away.

Lucky items for you


Red, Yellow


8, 6, 1


A, S

Tips for you

Vedic Tip

Do not let the judgements of people affect you. They judge because they have nothing else to do.

Tips for Singles

Loneliness has nothing to do with being single.

Tips for Couples

Learn to appreciate your partner for even the little sacrifices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Panchang is a calendar used in Vedic astrology that helps the astrologers determine auspicious dates and periods to do essential activities such as travelling, business meetings and puja etc.
Panchang means panch(five) angas and the five attributes of Panchang in Astrology are Vaar, Thithi, Nakshatra, Yoga and Karana.
A Tithi is the time duration and it varies as per planetary situation. It is approximately of 19 to 24 hours.