Cancer Today's Horoscope (30 November 2022)



Do your houseplants or garden seem a bit droopy lately? Do not worry about whether they will all die. You can revive them. Sometimes you might think that certain things are too difficult. Allow yourself to feel gloomy and then get up. Give yourself something.


You have the potential to be inspired and achieve great things in today's celestial environment. This is the fuel you need to reach higher heights if you had been running low on energy recently. This transit can be a time when anger and frustration are common. To avoid this, drink lots of water, do some exercise, and choose foods that suit your body. You don't need junk food or excessive sugar right now.


Don't pull the wool over the eyes of someone today to gain favor with your boss. You will soon discover the truth about your actions and be worse off than you were before. Keep your approach honest, sincere, and open.


A chapter can end in a relationship, but it also opens up the possibility of a fresh start. It doesn't matter if the relationship ends or you choose to split up or if you are ready to start a new chapter in your life, this is the time to make a change. You will be on a better and more productive path if you do this.


You may see yourself already on a vacation or on a day-long getaway trip to rebuild some personal relationship. This would turn out to be a fun and relaxing time for you but make sure that you are finding adequate time to mend all necessary ties as well.

Lucky items for you


Grey, Ultramarine Blue


2, 7


K, R

Tips for you

Vedic Tip

Be the mediator that everyone requires you to be today.

Tips for Singles

Sharing feelings or writing them down in your journal is also a good way to vent.

Tips for Couples

Pay heed to your partner’s wants and make them feel heard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Panchang is a calendar used in Vedic astrology that helps the astrologers determine auspicious dates and periods to do essential activities such as travelling, business meetings and puja etc.
Panchang means panch(five) angas and the five attributes of Panchang in Astrology are Vaar, Thithi, Nakshatra, Yoga and Karana.
A Tithi is the time duration and it varies as per planetary situation. It is approximately of 19 to 24 hours.