Hey Taurus! Did you know that all people born in your month do not share the same qualities and the same planet influences? Did you know that although you all have some interests in common, specific traits differ based on the decan you are born in? Yes, you heard it right! Like every other month, your birth month is divided into 3 Taurus decans - Decan 1, Decan 2 and Decan 3. Each Taurus decan contains ten days under it. Based on your birth date, you fall into one of the three decans and share specific attributes related to it. Moreover, each decan has the reign and influence of a distinct planet. Therefore, Decans play a huge role in shaping your personality.

So, it is time for your relaxed mind to induce some curiosity regarding the decan you are made of. This will help you know about certain aspects of your personality you never noticed. Isn’t it so cool to know some extra facts about your general conduct in a new manner? Till now, we have been reading about the common attributes of a Taurean. Hence, it will be interesting to read them from a different perspective, i.e. with respect to each Decan.

Taurus Decan 1: Born Between April 20 and April 29

People in Decan 1 represent sensuousness or pleasure-seeking. The main contributor to this aspect of the Decan 1 Taurus is their ruling planet, Venus. Venus signifies beauty, romance and a path to satisfaction. Hence, Taurus people born here search for pleasure in every activity they take up, especially romantic activities. They are full of love and wish to shower all the love they have on their partner in every possible way. They do not want to be dissatisfied or make their partner feel deprived of love at any cost. Therefore, they want to feel special and would make arrangements that impress their lover.

In addition to this, Taurus Decan 1 is very focused on life. They are goal-oriented and wish to make it big in the world. They aspire to attain great success and earn loads of money in return. You also have your creative juices flowing in the work that you pursue. However, as your attention is more of one materialistic thing, you lose out on enjoying simple pleasures or acknowledging little things in life. For example, going for an evening walk with your partner is the simplest gesture and can offer great happiness. Next time, try spending quality time with them instead of gifting an exclusive diamond ring to your lover. This will also make them feel equally happy.

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Taurus Decan 2: Born Between April 30 and May 10

Decan 2 people find interest in the art field due to the influence of the ruling planet Mercury. Mercury brings great love and passion towards music, acting, painting, dancing and works that speak or communicate. They have high hopes and ambitions in life. They are fascinated by money making and hence determined to invest all their efforts to get so successful in life that they are never short of money. You love to finish all your tasks on time and wish to impress senior officials so that you get good increments in salary. People think that you are smart and have clarity in life, but in reality, you are fighting your internal thoughts to stick to a decision. Internally, you have simultaneous opinions running through your mind regarding a point that you have just shared. This, at times, causes delays in resolving a problem. But you somehow manage to fight it off before it becomes bigger.

As a person, you are frank and say exactly what you have in mind. Therefore, you would want to have a partner that you can trust and be honest and straightforward. Also, you are extremely loyal and protective of your partner and wish to get the same attention and care in return.

Taurus Decan 3: Born Between May 11 and May 20

Taurus people of Decan 3 are very rigid in their thoughts and actions. Their ruling planet is Saturn, and they possess great principles to follow. They do not agree to things easily. They wish to run the world by their own rules. That is why they appear stubborn and dominating to the people around them. You are not open to new approaches in life, and that is why you get so fixated on a single thing till you achieve it the way you want. This gives you success but a little slower than others who adapt to new ways. This is nothing but the Saturn effect. You are a workaholic and fulfil your duties with utmost priority. You have a powerful mind that enhances your will to complete tasks of a project perfectly.

It is important for you to shine everywhere you go. Therefore, you want to maintain a reputation in society. You love when people talk about you and appreciate your performance and behaviour. You also keep immense love for your family members and keep a daily check on their health statuses even when far. After all, you are earning well just so that you can offer the best facilities to your parents and siblings. Moreover, you try to retain energy and save it for useful purposes. However, the only thing that disturbs you is when someone hinders your work, and that is why you prefer to work rather than in a team.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Taurus Decan 1 personality looks out for dopamine. They work for pleasure. That is why they are highly passionate, especially in love. They are also sensuous towards the touch and attracted to gestures followed by hugs. They have a strong eye for future objectives and desires.
A Taurus 2 personality has a strong inclination towards the art profession, especially painting and music. Their minds are very creative, and they are very dynamic in giving ideas. However, if you are in close association with them, a Taurean might try to impose their decisions on you if they think their idea is better.
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A Decan 3 Taurus personality has very restricted thoughts in mind which they do not wish to change. They are not open to adopting new methods of solving a problem. Instead, they prefer old and traditional ways to find solutions. Once they are fixated on an idea, it is unlikely that they will change their mind.
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Taurus Decan personalities are fit and fine in their young age that lasts upto the late 20s. But once they start moving towards their mid-30s, they tend to encounter chronic illnesses like kidney disease, problems in the neck, laryngitis, cervical issues, uterus issues, stomach infection and obesity. Hence, after their 30s, they must keep a close check on their eating habits and have a fitness routine.
All Taurus decan are ambitious and want to work at top-level positions. They are also very loyal towards their lover and are very protective of their loved ones. Personal space is really important for them, and they get irritated if they are not able to take out time for themselves.
Decan 1 Taurus’s ruler is Venus. It makes them fond of aesthetics and romantic gestures. And Decan 2 Taurus’s ruler is Mercury which makes them good in vocals and pronunciation. And lastly, in Decan 3, Taurus’s ruler is Saturn which makes them disciplined to stick to their decisions.
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