Hey Cancer! Are you in the best of health and spirits? Have you ever thought of Cancer health concerns? Do you follow a healthy routine? Being emotionally involved, do you consider meditation? How is usually a Cancer physical health? Well, Cancerians are naturally fit and are also involved in activities that require constant movement of the body. This allows them to feel light and relaxed physically. But while their physical health is under control, they mentally exhaust themselves. The dominance of the Moon has really gotten to them. Moon makes you touching and emotional, and it is uncontrollable in a water sign, especially Cancer.

Moreover, when you are mentally tired, you tend to skip meals and choose sleep. This, in turn, keeps you deprived of the calories that the body utilises while sleeping. The chest, breast, elbows, stomach and female reproductive organs are the areas that you govern, and you must keep a close check on them. If these body parts are in a healthy state, you are unstoppable Cancer!

Let us shed some light on other aspects of Cancer health, such as food choices, physical appearance and probable health concerns.

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Cancer and Health

More than physical health, there is a huge concern regarding Cancer’s mental health. It is not hidden from anyone that Cancerians are emotionally driven. This takes a toll on their mind fitness drastically. They try to keep themselves physically busy so that they may remain distracted from things that are bothering them at a particular moment in time. However, they fail miserably as they have a strong tendency to go back to their pain and recall them repeatedly till they sleep. That is why all they need is their bed and a blanket where they can hide from everybody. This is not a good approach towards life, Cancer! You have made great friends all this while; they may help you to free yourself from your inner turmoils. But that is only possible if you let them do it.

Peace and sanity of mind are two really important aspects of a healthy state of mind. Due to your involuntary involvement in nurturing your relationship more than required, you forget yourself in the process. This can lead to issues in the brain and various mental health conditions. Life is never perfect, Cancer! So you can’t keep everyone happy every day. You need to understand that it is okay if your people do not pay attention to you once in a while. You do not need to torture your head over it. Time heals all arguments and pain.

As far as physical appearance is concerned, they look ravishing and fit. They have brown eyes and broad foreheads. They usually have medium height and like to keep medium to short hair. Both males and females have broad shoulders, and they have clumsy walks. They tend to take short steps when they walk fast. They also have prominent cheekbones and beautifully visible jawlines. They may have uneven teeth and long hands and legs.

Talking about Cancer’s food habits, we can say that they are big food lovers. They do not do mindful eating. Moreover, they often use food as a weapon to deal with stress. It means that they tend to overeat under stress. They are fond of sweets and eat them mindlessly to the extent that they upset their stomach. Street food is yet another guilty pleasure for them. To avoid health issues, they must include water-rich greens, fruits, eggs and fish in their diet. This promises calcium, potassium, vitamins, iron, and minerals in the body. Yoghurt is yet another suitable item to consume for them. All these nutrients help deal with stress and also prevent veins, eyes, gums, and connective tissues from severe diseases.

Potential Cancer Health Concerns

Cancerians may witness frequent dehydration and obesity due to taking a lot of mental stress and excessive crying. They have also been observed with stomach infections, ulcers, gallbladder issues, gas and acidity. Low haemoglobin levels have resulted in anaemia in many of these people, especially women. Dropsy, piles, varicose veins and pleurisy are also observed. Many of the females have also suffered from tumours in the breast. Due to the deficiency of calcium, Cancer borns have a huge possibility of skin infections, and that is why you may find various derma creams in their mirror desk and closet. Weak vision and irritation in the eyes have caused them to wear spectacles for a lifetime. Careless eating has also yielded them to lack nutrients that take care of teeth and cavities.

Frequently Asked Questions

The common health problems of Cancerians are related to their stomach and gall bladder. They have complaints of indigestion, GERD, acidic reflux, gallstones, ulcers, stomach pain and pancreatitis. As they are excessively emotional, they are also prone to high blood pressure in their late 30s.
Cancer look after their fitness and healthiness. They have a regime to follow every day. And most of them either hit the gym every day or are involved in some sports training. However, they are not conscious of their health but are engaged in physical activities out of interest.
However, Cancer needs to change its lookout towards health. For that, you can get a personal astrological guide at InstaAstro.
Cancerians’ weak body part is the stomach and the brain. They tend to keep their anger to themselves and bottle it up inside, which causes mental health issues and affects everyday brain functioning. As a result of mental anxiety, they tend to do a lot of stress eating, which causes stomach pain and other related health issues.
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Cancer people try to be mentally strong when required, but as their emotional side is quite pronounced, they struggle a bit dealing with stress. Instead of sharing it with their close ones, they shut them off in rooms, preferably their favourite corner and cover them up with a blanket. In those moments, they hardly want to meet anyone until compelled effectively and with the right words. This directly affects the neurons in the brain, causing mental health issues.
Cancerians suffer anxiety out of the fear of losing a beloved. They are always preoccupied with the thoughts of their loved ones, their health and what they think about them. Their professional life is mostly sorted; thus, they get a whole lot of time to think about their family and friends, but that gets too far-fetched, causing Cancer mental health concerns.
Cancer tend to drain themselves emotionally, shedding tears more than usual. Hence, it is advised to take fruits and vegetables rich in water content and vitamin C, like oranges and grapes. Including fish can also enhance the health quotient to a huge margin for a typical Cancer. Watermelon, cucumber, and musk melon are the best options for them, especially in the summer.
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