Hello, Cancer folks! Let us answer some questions before we start our journey of knowing facts about the Cancer zodiac sign. Are you emotionally unstable? Do you relate to the cancer Zodiac symbol, the crab? What does the Cancer moon sign and Cancer sun sign signify? You might be wondering why we are asking these questions. It’s a reminder to help you connect and see if you agree with these questions. Well, don’t worry if you don’t have any response to these. We will figure it out all as we keep reading. With the fourth zodiac in the zodiac wheel, we landed on the crab gang. Crabs can easily go back and forth from the sea to the shore. Likewise, Cancer-borns manage their career and family efficiently. Hence, the Crab is rightly selected as the zodiac symbol of Cancer meaning.

So, cancer birthdays fall between (June 21 - July 22) when the sun transits from Gemini to Cancer. Also, the Moon, the ruling planet, dominates all about Cancer zodiac sign completely. This is why they are compassionate, and their emotions are uncontrollable when it comes to matters concerning family, friends or loved ones. Just as the shape of the Moon keeps changing with the movement of the Earth and the Sun, there are shifts in the moods and behaviours that strongly affect Cancerians. This sets the tone of the Cancer Sun sign. All their behavioural aspects largely revolve around the influence of the Moon in the Cancer horoscope.

  • Sanskrit Name: Karka
  • Meaning of Name: The Crabs
  • Type: Water-Cardinal-Negative
  • Sign Date: June 21 - July 22
  • Symbol: The Crab
  • Ruling Planet: The Moon
  • Element: Water
  • Lucky Color: Yellow, Blue
  • Lucky Number: 5
  • Lucky Gemstone: Emerald
  • Lucky Day: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
  • Compatible Zodiac Sign: Libra, Aquarius, Gemini

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About Cancer Zodiac Sign

Cancer, the most sentimental zodiac, teaches us to love our family and spend quality time with our close ones. In this fast-paced world, where everybody is busy building their career, it’s a personality of a cancer male and female who tries to manage and value both personal and professional life. They have never wished to have a huge name in society but instead, choose to live a happy and simple life where they can always stay close to their loved ones. They usually dream of fulfilling the dream of their parents so that they can always make their parents feel secure and safe. They wish to pursue a decent job to be a good example of a great son or daughter because they think more about their future rather than just living and spending all their expenses in their present life. Every step they take is a decision made with heart and practicality. They always take proper time to think and make decisions so that they do not mess up things in future due to their impatient and thoughtless decision.

The Cancer Moon sign reveals they are extremely vulnerable and wish to have someone who can listen to what they can’t express. They may be teary-eyed at times, or you may see them cry. However, a Cancerian may not let you know what’s bothering them, but their facial expression reveals it all. They fear getting judged and misunderstood. Sometimes, they might suppress their feelings and emotions because they think people might interpret them as weak. They do not want to lose any of their connections at any cost. Their love for their important people is, above all, their inner suffering. And hence, they decide to fight them all alone. They mostly do not acknowledge their ill will, thinking it’s their habit to get emotionally moved now and then.

Furthermore, the Cancer Sun sign indicates they open with people they are extremely close to; thus, their mysterious self is only known to them. They keep their special people close to their hearts. For Cancer, those people are their true gems and would never afford to lose them. They know that these friends may be few in quantity but know them like nobody else. They do not go around telling people about their deep secrets. Just imagine! Cancer uncovering their true feelings to a few people is a huge deal.

Cancer Strengths And Weaknesses

Cancer element people have motherly instincts for all their close friends and siblings. They are very loving and concerned for them all the time. They care way too much, and it is almost impossible not to adore them for the nurturing element that they possess. It is a feminine energy that you just can’t resist but respect. They always attract love and respect from people due to their caring nature. They always treat people with love and affection. They sympathise with people’s pain and suffering and always try to lend a helping hand.

When nobody cares, a Cancer friend is present as a supporting pillar. So, if you have a Cancer friend, you must feel lucky enough because they are just a true gem. They may hardly share their worries with you, but they promise to be your bosom friend and never let you lose hope. Moreover, they have a list of good jokes that crack you up even in sad situations. They would say silly things to see their friends happy, cheered up, and always smiling. Hence, they have the ability to make someone laugh and distract them from their tension for a while. This is not an easy task because not everyone can do that. But Cancerians successfully manage to do so. They do not know what to say and what not to do when a person is going through a bad phase. That is why people always run to Cancer when facing a mental breakdown. Hence, they are mentally strong when it’s needed and can always lend their shoulder and wipe off tears for people they care about.

However, Cancer is extremely protective and possessive of people close to them. They may not express it, but they get jealous and angry when their attention is shared. Their gestures make it evident as they do not say when upset. They tend to get rude, unfriendly, irritable and ill-tempered, which is not their usual behaviour. Usually, they are soft-spoken, generous and polite. Also, they can’t handle betrayal. They blindly trust their loved ones and may find it hard to deal with heartbreak. They may forgive people, but this water sign remembers it deep inside. Hence, they return to their shells, protecting themselves from the outer world’s harshness.

Frequently Asked Questions

For Cancerians, it's always a good idea to avoid emotionally damaging behaviours such as excessive self-criticism, holding grudges, thinking about negative emotions, avoiding vulnerability, and suppressing emotions. Therefore, it's essential for Cancerians to prioritise self-care and healthy communication.
In astrology, Cancer is often described as a sensitive and emotional sign with a strong connection to their family and home. They are also known for their nurturing nature and empathy towards others. Cancers are often intuitive and imaginative, and they may have a tendency to be moody or easily affected by their surroundings.
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Cancer is often associated with careers that allow them to use their nurturing and caring nature, such as social work, counselling, teaching, or healthcare. Cancers may also excel in creative fields such as art, writing, or music, where they can express their imaginative and emotional side. Ultimately, a Cancer's ideal career will depend on their individual strengths, interests, and values.

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Cancer in love is said to be most compatible with other water signs (Pisces and Scorpio) and earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) due to their emotional depth, loyalty, and practicality. They may also share common interests and will have the comfort of having to talk to each other.
The Moon traditionally rules cancer. The moon is related to emotions and feelings, all traits commonly associated with Cancer. The Moon's influence is said to give Cancers their emotional depth, sensitivity, and strong connection to their family and home.
Signo cancer is said to dislike conflict, criticism, insincerity, and feeling ill-protected. They may also have a tendency to hold grudges and struggle with letting go of the past. As emotional beings, they may also dislike feeling ignored or unappreciated by those they care about. This can deeply hurt cancers because they are always emotionally attached to their close ones.
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