When we talk about the Decans, we are mainly concerned with the Sun sign. So, in Indian astrology, Decans are divisions of a month into a bracket of 10 days. This gives three brackets of 10 days each. Each of these brackets is called a Decan. Thus your Sun sign belongs to one of the three Decans - Decan 1, Decan 2 and Decan 3 and describes how your life is influenced. Moreover, each Decan is governed by a specific ruling planet.

Therefore, each of these planets brings their impacts on the native in their specific Decan. Next time you observe your birthday month, notice how your experience and attitude are related to the characteristics of the Decan you fall into. Aries! You have always been curious and tried grasping knowledge on whatever is interesting.

Just imagine if you get to discover certain traits about yourself based on your birth date in the corresponding Decan! Wouldn’t it be an interesting observation? I bet it would! The influence of each planet in the different Decan contributes to your personality. Aries! You mostly have strong intuitions and a headstrong attitude. This behavioural aspect belongs to a specific Decan. Let us read ahead and know what your Decan is and the associated facts.

Aries Decan 1: Born Between March 21 and March 30

Astrology Decans personality for Decan 1 suggests their hyper-independent, robust and energetic aura. People who are born in this Decan are natives of Mars. Aries rule by Mars brings enthusiasm into an individual’s life. Mars’s ferocious energy in the natives lay roads to heating arguments and fights.

They do not know how to mince words and pretend to be someone else. All they know is the language of brutal truth. For once, they can step back from speaking something. It can help them maintain healthier terms with others. Aries! You have a dominant personality that helps you create an impact and charm others with your amazing self-confidence.

People born in this part of Aries are social birds and know how to build relationships and network and use it for their own benefit. And whoever tries to dominate you unnecessarily faces a loud reaction from your side. So, although you may have a lot of connections, you are often misunderstood for your anger and irritable attitude.

At the same time, when your temper is out of control, you create impulsive consequences for yourself, which do not always fall in your favour. However, their never-giving-up attitude and winning spirit always land them success and recognition in the workplace. It is predicted that you can expect a high point in your career in your late 20s. However, keep a close check on your health in your 40s and 50s as you are prone to major illnesses already.

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Aries Decan 2: Born Between March 31 and April 9

Decans astrology for Aries Decan 2 highlights the influence of the Sun on the natives born in this bracket. Sun rules here, and therefore, the persona of the natives shines and establishes impact. Not only that, you get a strong intellect and strong creative brain to devise solutions to any problem that is presented to you. Therefore, you are obviously going to be disciplined and determined to achieve everything you have been filling up on your wishlist.

What is more interesting is that the greater the list of wishes is, the more ticks must have already been present. This means that you just don’t dream but also fulfil them. You are also a hard worker who wants the best result at the end of a project. Another interesting aspect of the Aries people born in Decan 2 is their wit and humour.

You anyway like to get attention, and you grab it best when others experience a series of laughs at your cracked jokes. The reign of the Sun also makes you a great leader and kind towards others. You are a good-hearted person Aries! And you wish to contribute highly to the welfare of the animals and the needy. You also care about the well-being of your loved ones.

Aries Decan 3: Born Between April 10 And April 19

Decanate in astrology for Aries born on Decan 3 indicates that the person is creative, intellectual and has an imaginative background. It is also believed that it has all the good qualities of fire signs. It is also believed that they share common interests with the Sagittarius zodiac sign. Jupiter rules the natives, and hence it brings great determination and focus to them. They are very grounded in nature and love sharing deep discussions with others. They are also very daring and highly adventurous. Under the influence of Jupiter, you will find them attempting some very daring activities.

What attracts everybody to this section of people is their selflessness and innate nature to help others. Also, they do not easily fight and try to handle situations with a calm mind. People won’t know, but you keenly notice what is happening around you and are aware of it. They are very empathetic and can’t see people in pain. They are also very curious and therefore read books to derive new information and skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aries decan people have a highly competitive spirit. The winning quality is very prominent in them, and that is what makes them unique. People belonging to all three decans share a great creative mindset with hard work inbuilt in them. Them taking the lead is also very common in all the decans.
To be in Aries decan means that they are either born in Decan 1, Decan 2 or Decan 3 of Aries. Decan 1 is for people born between March 21 and March 30, Decan 2 is for the people between March 31 and April 9, whereas Decan 3 is for people born between April 10 to April 19.
If you belong to one of the decans and wish to get a deeper understanding, consult InstaAstro astrologers on a personal chat with a single click.
Aries Decan 1 have quick mood shifts. They have mysterious minds, and you won’t know when their opinion about particular subject changes. Although they are highly opinionated, they may take some unpredictable decisions. But they have a knack for performing their duties well.
To know more about Aries Decan 1, people born in this bracket can reach out to our experts in astrology at InstaAstro.
A Second Decan Aries is ruled by the Sun and hence displays the attributes of being disciplined and optimistic. As the Sun leads the solar system, you would mostly see Aries lead teams in real life in the most righteous manner ever. However, they tend to show over-dominating and assertive nature toward the employees at times.
The 3rd Decan Aries are ruled by the planet Jupiter. Jupiter brings creativity and high concentration to the native. The Decan meaning in an Aries 3 suggests that they are lovable and very caring towards others. Also, they are always excited to learn new things, and you will find a lot of information on varied topics from them.
All Aries Decan people must keep a close check on their health, especially in their late 40s. They are prone to ailments like heart strokes, lung infections, migraine, breathlessness and asthma.
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