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Are you planning to get married this 2023? Do you also want to know the most auspicious timing to get married? Or are you also spending hours on the internet searching for the best wedding dates 2023 astrology? Well, worry not as InstaAstro is here to the rescue. Marriage happens to be a lifelong institution and relationship. It goes on until death of an individual. Moreover, marriage is also viewed as the commencement of new life. After all, it is a unique journey which starts with a person they are affectionate towards. Finding a suitable life partner is a massive task in itself but what's even more critical is the Marriage Muhurat. In order to ensure a successful marriage and a prosperous life, the muhurat is crucial since it foretells the lucky day and time of the wedding.

So if you are looking for marriage muhurat or lagan dates in 2023, then here we have the dates which are the most auspicious for a wedding to take place. Read below to know more. Moreover, if you are facing any problems or issues in your relationship or marriage then you can also check InstaAstro’s website or download the app. There you can talk to the best astrologers who will provide you with solutions and answers to all your problems and questions.

Muhurat - Meaning and Significance

Astrology defines Muhurat as an auspicious time in which the chances of any event going successfully are at their highest. In astrology, favourable and unfavourable times are referred to as muhurat. It is claimed that performing any work at a favourable muhurat increases the likelihood of its accomplishment. In other words, if you complete the work at the proper Muhurtha, it will yield the best results in accordance with your ultimate fate. Because of this, muhurat should be taken into account before beginning any activity.

An individual who is a muhurat believer would continually assess the muhurat of his activity before engaging in it. For various events, there are several lucky muhurats. Muhurats were formerly used to perform yajnas in the historical Vedic era. Still, their numerous benefits and good attributes have led to a growing demand for them in our daily lives.

Finding The Right Marriage Muhurat in 2023

Whenever anyone mentions a Shubh Muhurat for a wedding, our minds immediately conjure up an image of a reputed astrologer sifting through his extensive library of religious texts and charts to determine the most auspicious day and hour for the nuptials. A Shubh Muhurat is something that most Indian couples aim for while planning their wedding, Yet various individuals have varied definitions of what one is.

There are many ways to calculate the Shubh Muhurat for marriage. However, the calculation of marriage muhurtham dates based on nakshatra are termed to be the most accurate. Moreover, these calculations are termed to be the most auspicious time for a couple to get tied up together in the sacred bond of marriage.

But in these modern times, visiting astrologers can be difficult considering the time and effort involved. InstaAstro has developed its Marriage Muhurat Calculator and Finding Marriage Muhurat Online services as an excellent solution for this. Our expert astrologers have more than 10+years of experience in Kundli Milan, Janam Patri match and Vivah muhurat and marriage muhurat analysis based on 2023 muhurtham dates for marriage.

Shubh Muhurat for Marriage in 2023

We have also specially crafted this list of the most auspicious Marriage muhurat in 2023, or 2023 shadi muhurat so you can quickly find one that suits you. This list will turn out to be your greatest help if you are also planning to do lagan in 2023. Moreover, you can also, as a next step, reach out to our astrologers to confirm if the Muhurat conforms to your Lagna or Nakshatra. Let us now have a look at these panchang 2023 marriage dates listed in monthly order. These are as follows:

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Marriage Muhurat January 2023

Date and DayAuspicious TimingsNakshatraTithi
Sunday, 15 January, 202307:12 PM to 07:15 AM, Jan 16SwatiNavami
Wednesday, 18 January, 202307:15 AM to 05:23 PMAnuradhaEkadashi, Dwadashi
Wednesday, 25 January, 202308:05 PM to 07:12 AM, Jan 26Uttara BhadrapadaPanchami
Thursday, 26 January, 202307:12 AM to 07:12 AM, Jan 27Uttara Bhadrapada, RevatiPanchami, Shashthi
Friday, 27 January, 202307:12 AM to 12:42 PMRevatiShashthi, Saptami
Monday, 30 January, 202310:15 PM to 07:10 AM, Jan 31RohiniDashami

Marriage Muhurat February 2023

Date and DayAuspicious TimingsNakshatraTithi
Monday, 6 February, 202309:44 PM to 07:06 AM, Feb 07MaghaPratipada, Dwitiya
Tuesday, 7 February, 202307:06 AM to 04:03 PMMaghaDwitiya
Thursday, 9 February, 202307:05 AM to 07:04 AM, Feb 10Uttara Phalguni, HastaChaturthi
Friday, 10 February, 202307:04 AM to 04:45 PMHastaPanchami
Sunday, 12 February, 202309:50 PM to 02:27 AM, Feb 13SwatiSaptami
Monday, 13 February, 202302:36 AM to 07:01 AM, Feb 14AnuradhaAshtami
Tuesday, 14 February, 202307:01 AM to 12:26 PMAnuradhaAshtami, Navami
Thursday, 16 February, 202306:59 AM to 10:53 PMMulaEkadashi
Wednesday, 22 February, 202306:54 AM to 06:53 AM, Feb 23Uttara Bhadrapada, RevatiTritiya, Chaturthi
Thursday, 23 February, 202306:53 AM to 02:23 PMRevatiChaturthi
Monday, 27 February, 202304:12 PM to 06:48 AM, Feb 28RohiniAshtami, Navami
Tuesday, 28 February, 202306:48 AM to 06:47 AM, Mar 01MrigashirshaNavami, Dashami

Marriage Muhurat March 2023

Date and DayAuspicious TimingsNakshatraTithi
Monday, 6 March, 202306:41 AM to 04:17 PMMaghaChaturdashi
Thursday, 9 March, 202309:08 PM to 05:57 AM, Mar 10HastaTritiya
Saturday, 11 March, 202307:11 AM to 07:52 PMSwatiChaturthi
Monday, 13 March, 202308:21 AM to 09:27 PMAnuradhaShashthi

Marriage Muhurat May 2023

Date and DayAuspicious TimingsNakshatraTithi
Wednesday, 3 May, 202305:39 AM to 08:56 PMHastaTrayodashi
Saturday, 6 May, 202309:13 PM to 05:36 AM, May 07AnuradhaDwitiya
Monday, 8 May, 202312:49 AM to 05:35 AM, May 09MulaChaturthi
Tuesday, 9 May, 202305:35 AM to 05:45 PMMulaChaturthi, Panchami
Wednesday, 10 May, 202304:12 PM to 05:33 AM, May 11Uttara AshadhaShashthi
Thursday, 11 May, 202305:33 AM to 11:27 AMUttara AshadhaShashthi
Monday, 15 May, 202309:08 AM to 05:30 AM, May 16Uttara BhadrapadaEkadashi, Dwadashi
Tuesday, 16 May, 202305:30 AM to 01:48 AM, May 17Uttara Bhadrapada, RevatiDwadashi, Trayodashi
Saturday, 20 May, 202305:18 PM to 05:27 AM, May 21RohiniPratipada, Dwitiya
Sunday, 21 May, 202305:27 AM to 05:27 AM, May 22Rohini, MrigashirshaDwitiya, Tritiya
Monday, 22 May, 202305:27 AM to 10:37 AMMrigashirshaTritiya
Monday, 29 May, 202305:24 AM to 05:24 AM, May 30Uttara PhalguniNavami, Dashami
Tuesday, 30 May, 202305:24 AM to 08:55 PMHastaDashami, Ekadashi

Marriage Muhurat June 2023

Date and DayAuspicious TimingsNakshatraTithi
Thursday, 1 June, 202306:48 AM to 07:00 PMSwatiDwadashi, Trayodashi
Saturday, 3 June, 202306:16 AM to 11:16 AMAnuradhaChaturdashi
Monday, 5 June, 202308:53 AM to 01:23 AM, Jun 06MulaDwitiya
Tuesday, 6 June, 202312:50 AM to 05:23 AM, Jun 07Uttara AshadhaChaturthi
Wednesday, 7 June, 202305:23 AM to 09:02 PMUttara AshadhaChaturthi
Sunday, 11 June, 202302:32 PM to 05:23 AM, Jun 12Uttara BhadrapadaNavami
Monday, 12 June, 202305:23 AM to 09:58 PMUttara Bhadrapada, RevatiNavami, Dashami
Friday, 23 June, 202311:03 AM to 05:24 AM, Jun 24MaghaPanchami, Shashthi
Monday, 26 June, 202301:19 PM to 05:25 AM, Jun 27HastaAshtami, Navami

Marriage Muhurat November 2023

Date and DayAuspicious TimingsNakshatraTithi
Thursday, 23 November, 202309:01 PM to 06:51 AM, Nov 24RevatiDwadashi
Monday, 27 November, 202301:35 PM to 06:54 AM, Nov 28RohiniPurnima, Pratipada
Tuesday, 28 November, 202306:54 AM to 06:54 AM, Nov 29Rohini, MrigashirshaPratipada, Dwitiya
Wednesday, 29 November, 202306:54 AM to 01:59 PMMrigashirshaDwitiya

Marriage Muhurat December 2023

Date and DayAuspicious TimingsNakshatraTithi
Wednesday, 6 December, 202307:00 AM to 07:01 AM, Dec 07Uttara PhalguniNavami, Dashami
Thursday, 7 December, 202307:01 AM to 04:09 PMHastaDashami
Saturday, 9 December, 202310:43 AM to 11:37 PMSwatiDwadashi
Friday, 15 December, 202308:10 AM to 06:24 AM, Dec 16Uttara AshadhaTritiya, Chaturthi

Planets to look at while deciding Marriage Muhurat 2023

  • Various Astrological aspects and elements weigh on the Marriage Lagan. Planets like Jupiter, Venus, and the Harishayana period play a major role, and weddings are allowed until three days prior and three days post the Jupiter and Venus conjunction.
  • The similar process is followed during the Harishayana period. This period runs from the eleventh day of Ashada Shukla Paksha to the eleventh day of the Kartik Shukla Paksha.
  • Khar Maas is a phase which stops people from getting married when the Sun is in Pisces or Sagittarius. Contrastingly, Leo and Virgo weddings take place when the Sun is in Cancer.
  • If any positive or auspicious Yoga is unavailable, it would be best to avoid the period at all costs.
  • Fixed Karanas like Shakuni, Chatushpad, Nag, and Kintughna are problematic. Similarly, Bhadra and Vishti Karana are harmful too.
  • In addition, it is best to avoid unfavourable Tithis such as Kshaya, Vridhi, Lagna, and Gandanta Tithi.

Lagna Muhurat in 2023

  • The Lagna or Ascendant has a major role to play in marriage horoscopes. Several people undergo Lagna Shudhi measures to eliminate the negative aspects of their Lagna.
  • Marriage Muhurat 2023 Lagna has to be auspicious, strong, and flaw-free. The placements of planets determine the effects they will have on the marriage muhurat or on the couple.
  • The Sixth or Eighth House should not be the place of the Lagna lord of the wedding muhurat. It is best to position planets where they receive maximum Vishwa Bal.
  • The best days or tithis for shadi muhurat 2023 are Dwitiya, Panchami, Saptami, Ekadashi, and Triyodashi. However, rikta days such as Chaturthim Navami, and Chaturdashi should be avoided.
  • After deciding on the date of the wedding, one should set an auspicious or lucky Lagna or Ascendant arising around the timing of the wedding. For example, Aries, Virgo, or Libra.

Navamsa Chart Muhurat

The power of the Seventh House and its Navamsa benefit the bride, and the power of the marriage Lagna and its Navamsa are auspicious for the groom.

As per horoscopes, all types of Navamsa after the Vargottama Navamsa should be avoided, and turnable ascendant and Moon Navamsa should be skipped when the Moon is in Capricorn. In addition, any sign can benefit from the Navamsa of Gemini, Libra, Virgo, and Sagittarius.

Lagna and Navamsa signs must be rejected since they are somewhat similar at the Eighth and Twelfth position from the Natal moon. When the Lord of the Moon sign and the Natal Ascendant are in the Ninth House, it forms a powerful combination. So, Lagnas and Navamsas should be rejected for a wedding muhurat in the Eighth House or sign from the Birth Ascendant.

Godhuli Ascendant- For emergency

The Godhuli Ascendant is utilised in marriage muhurat in a crisis. For example, if the marital Muhurat has unfavourable conjunction of the ascendant, navamsha, lunar day, weekday, Nakshatra, etc., a Godhuli Ascendant is ideal.

The Godhuli Ascendant lasts 12 minutes, from just after sunset to just before it. As cattle always seemed to return home at dusk after grazing all day, the dust from their footsteps would cause the air to become smokey. Thus, the word Godhuli is created, and the period is referred to as the Godhuli Ascendant.

However, several Doshas are also active in the Godhuli ascendant, such as the Kulika Dosha, Kranti Samya, afflicted Nakshatra, and Shani Dosha. Therefore, Godhuli ascendant should only be picked for marriage when there is no suitable replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions

The ideal tithis for shadi muhurat 2023 or for wedding muhurat 2023 are Dwitiya, Panchami, Saptami, Ekadashi and Triyodashi. One should avoid rikta days like Chaturthi, Navami, and Chaturdashi. Any sign can benefit from the navamsas of Gemini, Virgo, Libra, and Sagittarius.
November is the best time to host a wedding ceremony in India, weather and time-wise. The best shadi muhurat in 2023 is in the month of November. This is based on the marriage dates in 2023 hindu panchang.
The ascendant or Lagna has a significant and distinctive position in the marriage horoscope. Lagna Shudhi removes several flaws that could have slipped despite several measures. Marriage Muhurat 2023 Lagna must be robust and devoid of bad energy. There are distinct placements for beneficial and malefic planets when it comes to planet positioning.Similarly, at the start of 2023, astrologers analysed couples' Lagna for marriage dates in 2022 Hindu panchang wise.
As cattle always seemed to return home at dusk after grazing all day, the dust from their footsteps would cause the air to become smokey. Thus, the word Godhuli is created, and the period is referred to as the Godhuli Ascendant. The Godhuli Ascendant lasts 12 minutes, from just after sunset to just before it.
According to the horoscope, all Navamsas after the Vargottama Navamsa should be skipped. Turnable Ascendant and Moon Navamsa should be rejected while the Moon is in Capricorn. The power of the 7th house and its Navamsa benefits the bride. In contrast, the power of the marriage Lagna and its Navamsa are regarded as fortunate for the husband.
Numerous astrological elements influence the choice of a good time for the wedding. The two most crucial variables are Jupiter, Venus, and the Harishayana period. Marriages are permitted until three days before and three days after Jupiter and Venus are in combustion. So, you should avoid these periods while considering your wedding muhurat in 2023.

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