Annaprashan Muhurat - Celebrating The First Meal Of A Child

The birth of a child is one of the most beautiful, cherished, and important aspects of a couple's life. The first moments, be it their first laughter, first step, or first word, is always special. Similarly, Annaprashan or Annaprasanam is one of those first special events which hold immense value in a child's life.

What is the Annaprasana ceremony?

Annaprashan ceremony is celebrated to commemorate the child's first meal after weaning off of their mother's milk. According to Hindu culture, tradition, and rituals, the Annaprasana function consists of giving all sorts of food items to the baby, following which the elders and the parents bless the child.

The literal meaning of Annaprasana is 'eating of cooked rice' and is usually celebrated when the child turns six months old. While it is mainly performed within the boundaries of the home, many people celebrate it in the temples too.

What are some other names of Annaprasanam?

Although many people refer to this ceremony as the baby's rice ceremony, many different names are given to this particular function.

Across India, this particular ceremony is known by various names and is a significant aspect of a child's life.

Here are the various names of the Annaprashan ceremony:

Choroonu ceremony in Kerala

Mukhe Bhaat in Bengal

Muh Juthi ceremony in North India

Bhath Khulai in the Garhwal hills

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What is the Annaprashan Vidhi?

The Annaprashan ceremony starts with the baby seated on the maternal uncle's lap. Then, the maternal uncle is supposed to feed the baby with their first solid bite.

Then, a Yagya or Havan is organised with the help of a Pandit. After the Havan, Prasad is offered to the deities and the child.

Following this, a fun ritual is followed where items such as jewellery, pens, books, clay, and food items are placed in front of the child.

Let us learn what the symbolism behind these items is:

  • If the baby chooses gold jewellery, it means they will attract wealth.
  • If the child places their hand over the pen, they will be wise.
  • If the baby chooses the book, it means they will be knowledgeable.
  • If the baby decides on the clay, they will be blessed with the property.
  • Finally, they will be charitable and philanthropic if the kid chooses food.

What are the types of food offered to a baby?

During this unique function, you can offer customary food items such as rice, Kheer or Payasam, fish, meat, dal or sambar.

It is vital to note that you should keep in mind food items that are healthy and cooked while maintaining hygiene, or else your child can fall sick.

What is the importance of Payasam or Kheer?

Kheer or Payasam is a sweet rice dish that is made during all auspicious occasions. Hence, Kheer stands for purity and divinity. Usually, the Payasam is prepared by the mother or grandmother of the child and served on a silver platter.

When to perform Annaprashan?

Annaprashan Muhurat is usually observed when the baby is five to twelve months of age. While the Annaprasana for baby girls is usually done in the odd months when the baby is in her Fifth, Seventh, Ninth, or Eleventh month, the Annaprasana for baby boys is done in the even months when the child is in his Sixth, Eighth, Tenth, or Twelfth month.

What are the Annaprashan dates in 2023?

If you are looking for a list of Annaprashan Muhurat for 2023, then you're at the right place! InstaAstro's Annaprashan Muhurat 2023 list can be referred to when you're planning to celebrate the auspicious Annaprasana ceremony.

InstaAstro would like to wish you a Subho Annaprashan and here are the Annaprashan Sanskar dates for 2023:


DateMuhurat Time
January 4, 202308.00 -10:00, 12.00 - 16:00
January 12, 202316:15-18:00
January 23, 202308.00 -08:40, 10.30 -17:00
January 26, 202308.00-11:30
January 27, 202310:20-11:30, 13:30-21:50


DateMuhurat Time
February 3, 202307:50-09:40, 11:30-16:30
February 10, 202309:30-14:00, 17.00 -23:00
February 22, 202307:30-09:40, 11:30-17:30
February 24, 202307:30-11:00, 13:30-20:00


DateMuhurat Time
March 9, 202307:30-12:20, 15.10 -21:00
March 10, 202307:35-10:15
March 23, 20237.00 -07:40, 09:50 -17.50
March 24, 202307.00 -09:15, 12.00 -15.00
March 27, 202318:25-20:10
March 31, 202309:15-15:20, 18.00 -22:00


DateMuhurat Time
April 6, 202307:15-10:30
April 7, 202315:15-21:40
April 10, 202310:25-14:40
April 24, 202311:50-20:40
April 26, 202313:50-20:43
April 27, 202307:45-13:40


DateMuhurat Time
May 3, 202307.00 -08:40, 11:15 -17:50
May 12, 202306:25-08:10
May 17, 202306:15-14:30, 17:10-22:50
May 22, 202307:45-09:25
May 24, 202307:30-11.40, 14:30-21:00
May 29, 202314.00 -16:10, 18:50-22:40


DateMuhurat Time
June 1, 202316:15-18:20, 21.00 -22:30
June 8, 202308:50-15:30 ,8.00-20:00
June 19, 202321:40-23:10
June 21, 202306.00 -10:00, 12:30-17:00
June 28, 202309:50-16:30 ,9.00 -22:30


DateMuhurat Time
July 5, 202307.00 -13:40, 16:15-22:00
July 7, 202309:15-15.40, 18:30-22:00
July 14, 202320.00 -21:30


DateMuhurat Time
August 21, 202306:30-10:40, 13:15-20:15
August 23, 202306:30-10:30
August 28, 202320:15-23:00


DateMuhurat Time
September 1, 202316:50-21:00
September 4, 202309:55-12:00
September 6, 202312:25-16:00
September 18, 202306:45-11:00
September 21, 202315:30-17:00
September 25, 202307.00-08:00
September 27, 202308.00 -10:00, 13.00 -18:00


DateMuhurat Time
October 16, 202307:15-09:00, 12.00 -16:30
October 23, 202319:40-21:10
October 26, 202313:25-17:00, 19:30-23:10


DateMuhurat Time
November 10, 202315:30-20:00
November 22, 202319:30-23:20
November 24, 202321:45-23:30
November 27, 202314:25-15:25
November 29, 202309.00-14:00


DateMuhurat Time
December 1, 202317.00 -23:00
December 7, 202308.00 -12:00, 14.00 -18:00
December 15, 202311:55-17:40, 20:30-22:20
December 18, 202315:55-19:50
December 21, 202311:15-14:00, 15:50-22:00
December 22, 202308.00 -09:15
December 28, 202308.00 -12:00, 13:45-21:35
December 29, 202309.00 -13:20, 15:15-21:20

Frequently Asked Questions

While it is entirely your choice, it is advisable not to provide very spicy food to the baby during their Annaprashan. Instead, you should offer mildly spicy food to them.
Annaprashan is about celebrating the baby's consumption of the first morsel of solid food. This occasion is considered a milestone event in the parents' and baby's life.
In Kerala, Annaprashan is celebrated in the Guruvayur temple.
Initially, Annaprashan was celebrated at home. Nowadays, people prefer to celebrate it in temples, but you can celebrate Annaprashan at home.
You can connect with InstaAstro's astrologers for personalised Annaprasana Muhurat dates.
You can make your baby wear traditional clothes during his Annaprasana ceremony.

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