Love Language Quiz: Speak the Language of Love

What makes your heart skip a beat? Does it beat a bit faster when your partner says sweet things or cooks your favourite meal? All of this makes you curious to find out what your love language is. Whether through sweet words, gifts, touch, time or actions, our Love Language quiz will help you discover the unique way to express and receive love.

Love Language Quiz

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How Does The Love Language Quiz Work?

Our love language quiz, carefully designed by our astrologers, helps you understand how you express and receive love. Whether it is through words, actions, gifts, time or touch, this simple quiz will reveal what exactly your heart wants. So, without wasting any moment further, let us discover the language of your heart!

  • To begin with the love language test, you need to take the ‘Love Language Quiz’.
  • Click the “Start Quiz” to start the assessment.
  • After this, you will see a series of ten questions presented before you one at a time.
  • Now, based on your preferences and behaviours in your love relationship personality, answer the questions honestly.
  • Once you answer all the questions, you will receive a personalised result that reveals what kind of love language do you have.

How Does The Love Language Quiz Help?

Ever wondered why you and your partner show love in different ways? It’s all because of your different love languages. But worry not! Our Love Language Quiz for couples is here to help you uncover the mysteries of love language! So, let us explore how this quiz can make a world of difference in your relationships.

  • A Chance to Improve Communication: When you figure out your partner’s love language, you learn how both of you want to receive and show love. This helps you talk to each other better and share your love exactly as your partner wants it. What’s more exciting than speaking your partner’s love language?
  • Bring You and Your Partner Close: Nothing else is better than showing your partner that you actually care for them. And if you know their love language already, then nothing can beat you to deepen the bond you share. Doing things they love will increase trust, happiness and closeness in your relationship.
  • Solves Conflicts: Interestingly, our love language quiz for couples gives you a chance to solve conflicts and work together on overcoming challenges in your relationship. How? If you already know what kind of gesture would soothe and calm your partner during an agreement, it would be easy for you to work on arguments. This practice would add a flavour of more harmony and peace to your relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions

The love language quiz is a tool designed to help people understand their love language. Whether it is through words, gifts, soft touches, or extra efforts, the 5 Love Language quiz reveals what kind of gestures make them happy the most.
American author Gary Chapman revealed 5 types of love languages in his book, ‘ The Five Love Languages’. These are ‘words of affirmation’, ‘receiving gifts’, ‘act of service’, ‘physical touch’, and ‘quality time’.
According to the online love language test, the most popular love language is the ‘words of affirmation’. One of the 5 types of love language, the words of affirmation, talks about expressing love through verbal expressions.
Taking the 5 Love Language Quiz online will improve communication and resolve conflicts in your relationship. This love language quiz will strengthen your connection and bond with your partner.
To understand your love language, you can take a simple love language test. By answering simple questions based on your preferences or behaviours, you can determine what kind of gesture from your partner makes your heart happy.
Mostly, men express their love to their partners by showing or expressing how much they care about their partner. The way they act around their partner tells a lot about their love language. Some prefer to extra mile for their partner, some try to express their love through words.
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