Planet Sun

All you need to know about Planet Sun in astrology!

Sun - The Planet Of Dominance

In Hindu mythology, Sun is worshipped as a god known as AGNI DEVTA‘ because we regard it as a sign of positivity and light, it’s the luminous body that fills light in the life of people. Astrology plays a significant role which helps in defining our past, present, and future. There are some specific days assigned to worship and empower if the sun is weak. It tells whether the person will shine like a star or burn. It gives them courage and instils positivity.

We regard it as the biggest celestial body in the solar system which is stationary; the sun takes 12 months to complete one journey. It holds great importance in science and astrology too. The Sun is said to be a powerful planet and also it rules our ancestors. We have heard about ‘PITA DOSHA’ because of the sun’s authority this dosha appears and needs to be eradicated as soon as possible. This is the most important thing about the sun in Vedic astrology.

The meaning of the sun in astrology is authority and power because it is the only planet that governs the system. It is popular because of the strength it gives and the light it radiates, we may use it with a negative and positive connotation. It can derive a person’s life related to planets because of its powerful nature it can influence other planets and can also maintain balance. It can impact the heart, eyes, chest, lungs, head, and other diseases as well, it gives one the ability to fight diseases.


The sun aspects in astrology is a god and there is a story behind it. Surya dev is seen as a chariot riding a horse. He is seen as a god holding a lotus; he is represented as the symbol of bravery which empowers the readers too. Sun has three queens, Sharanya, Ragini and Prabha. His wife Shranaya couldn’t bear the extreme heat of the sun which led her to serve as chaya ,she also gave birth to twins named Sarai Manu and Shani and also two daughters namely Tapti and Vishti. Shani is known as the lord of kama and Yama is known as the lord of death.


A Strong Sun in astrology helps in finding ways in all the difficulties and provides us energy to face things. The strong sun helps to build courage and create a positive attitude. It can build a strong intellect level and can also bring good fortune. It brings one near to spirituality and strong can create an environment positively.

A weak Sun in astrology doesn’t benefit them in any situation and they go through a lot of difficulties. They suffer a lot as weak sun leads to instability and can lead to poor results in life, to maintain it one has to practice many poojas which can eradicate the doshas.

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  1. Strong sun can help one build confidence, it increases the success rate
  2. Strong can bless one with an abundance of wealth.
  3. It brings in a lot of opportunities and helps one excel in their business
  4. It brings peace to people’s life


People who have weak sun in their Kundli tend to attract a lot of problems that can be related to health and also they may not achieve success in their lives, there are methods that can help one in improving the sun -

  1. Worship Surya deva by waking up early in the morning
  2. Offer them water every day
  3. Donate medicine to needy people
  4. Avoid eating non-vegetarian items and alcohol
  5. Wear a Ruby ring on Sunday made with special metal which can help in attracting positive vibrations.
  6. Chant Mantras to induce positivity and get rid of negativity.


  2. It brings in a lot of positive vibrations and determination, their authoritative attitude brings them a lot of success in terms of their career, and the almighty blessed them with a lot of skills that help them flourish in their field. They take challenges as an opportunity to make themselves successful, and their growth in life inspires their fellow mates. There are some negative impacts. Their confidence can turn into overconfidence which can bring them down, their self-centeredness can make them face problems in terms of behaviour with their employees. If they don’t behave in such a manner, they may never have such difficulty and will have a good relationship with their fellow mates.

  2. People in this house have good analytical skills and are great in academics, people in this house will attract all worldly pleasures. They may not receive that much wealth, but they also have good chances of settling abroad. They are quite lucky in terms of career, their attitude towards their work inspires people a lot, and they don’t have a habit of flaunting their wealth. They also work for the welfare of society. The negative impact can be on their attitude and can become spoiled brats and may become a little arrogant. Conflict of views can happen who may not subscribe to their views which can lead to temperament issues.

  2. We know people of this house number for their best ‘ Communication skills’ and they are best suited for the field of media, journalism, and Anchoring. They have down-to-earth attitudes that may impress people and can build close relationships with people, they are quite motivated. They are endowed with love and focus in their life. They also help people a lot that can break them at last when people corner them. They may also ruin their reputation as well.

  2. People in this house are family oriented and they love to spend time with their family, they are good at domestic work and have qualities of unity and oneness. They have a calm mind and belief in spirituality. They have a protective nature towards their family and they often go out with their family for a vacation. They believe in gaining experience which can help them move forward in life. They might get disturbed after seeing that they cannot achieve their goals which can have a negative impact on them. Their habit of assuming the best may be created in front of people.

  2. People in this house have a habit of prioritising themselves which makes them different from others, they love spending Their own time and are self-driven, and their attitude towards their work helps them to scale new heights in the future. They have a respectful nature and an optimistic attitude towards life after facing all odds in life. There are some negative sides associated with them. They may turn into arrogant people and may show their egos which can ruin their goodness and quiet Fickle-mindedness. The most suited profession for them is as a teacher, dancing, singing, and acting.

  2. People in this house are quite conscious of their health and keep on motivating people to keep their health good, their level of calmness in mind helps people to have a meditative environment and have a good balance in their professional and personal life. They can achieve a certain level of position after hard work. They keep their worth above and have good relationships with their colleagues and employees. They are not all egoistic and play a great role in doing humanitarian work. Their Perfectionist attitude can impact them negatively as nothing can be as perfect as they wish to have which can disturb their relationship with people.

  2. People in this house share a good bond with their partner and can rise if they have a supportive partner. They have good skills which can help them rise in the future with a lot of hard work. There are chances of getting into a troubled marriage but they have good commitments. The spouse takes care of the wife and remains committed, improving romance and love life. These people have more than one marriage and also have good Leadership skills. They have a good career and have an abundance of wealth. They also have a good sexual relationship.

  2. We know people with house number 8 for their analytical skills and the most suited profession for them is Entrepreneur, investment banker, etc they are known for their ideas. They are quite curious about everything; they can gather any information easily and also have good skills. This house number is quite great. People of this number have good natures and are extroverts, there are some negative things like they may face some loss that can deteriorate their motivation level and can disturb the mind which can increase the chances of depression.

  2. We regard this number as the best number, people with this number have innate spirituality, and also they are quite philosophical, we know them for their way of consoling which brings calmness inside others. They are the best motivators and people can confide their feelings inside them; They have a perfect combination of spirituality and intellectuality. They are quite successful in their lives because of their Attitude of fighting against all odds in their lives; they are quite productive and can lose their own essence while interfering too much in others’ lives.

  2. Sun in this house helps to fulfil one’s desire to scale heights in their professional life, one can reach anywhere one wants to, they get lost in their professional life that they forget their family which can let them lose their connection with their family; they Have an authoritative attitude, but they keep passing on their legacy to their offspring and build that thing more professional, they have a far-sighted view because of which they don’t fall into the trap of anxiety easily. They work with full efficiency and live a very purposeful life, their determination skills also make their team members happy to have such a leader. In case the ego gets inflated, that can be a sign of danger.

  2. This number is said to be the most favourable number as it is the most auspicious number and can bring luck and a favourable position in any field that person may look forward to, this is an angel number, and angels guard their blessings which will be helpful for a person. The person lives a long life with good health; they are quite realistic and can feel the pain of others. They show compassion towards others. They are emotional mates and can’t see anyone suffering, they can establish a good bond with anyone because of their attitude.

  2. Sun in this house is quite good and they make one search for their hidden talents. They are believers in Karma; they feel bad while seeing people suffering mentally, and they gather a good amount of strength and confidence after seeing others. They are good performers, who can complete their tasks on time, they also become the voice of the people and are quite suitable for any field they work in but they suffer a lot initially and get to experience the true meaning of life. They are hardworking and have qualities that can be unfolded after the experience they gather.


There is nothing discovered which can tell which house is suitable, it’s just that every house has its own properties which we are born with are known to discover are qualities. The strong and weak sun can be treated with the advice of an Astrologer. In addition, you chat with an astrologer to seek help if your sun is weak, just by making a few additions to life things can change. It’s just that we confuse ourselves so much and dig deep down into the world of thoughts.


There are respective places of the sun according to which they rule, the Maha Dasha lasts for six years. If the sun is strong, it can lead to an increase in wealth and people will receive lots of fame in their lives. If the sun is weak, then the maha Dasha changes which can cause loss and also poor expression which can lead to failure in every field of life, there can be changes in the position of the sun as well as Rahu, Ketu, etc.

Antardasha is the phase one bears during Mahadasha, this can also result in attaining heights in their career line.


Sun is listed as an important part of astrology, it plays a role in defining characteristics of people, and they have a deep impact on the person's level of arrogance. Strong sun and weak sun should be checked because weka sun can lead to many problems as it is related to Pita dosha, any type of dosha can be treated through pooja advised by a pandit, and is necessary to treat it as it will lead to better outcomes in future in term of wealth and career. Sun is regarded as the most important deity, despite any dosha one should recite the mantra at least to feel the vibrations in the mantra to keep meditative mode on. When is your birthday? Is the question asked by every astrologer to know more about the sun.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our birthday plays an important role as it tells us about the position of the sun which can help us to know how strong or weak the sun is. Birthday details give us a deep insight into our future, past and present. My parents told me about my birthday.
Sun is the ultimate source of energy and it gives one strength to get rid of any type of problem. They also have a deep impact on a person's characteristics.
Yes, the sun sign is based on my date of birth and has a great influence on the characteristics of the person.In addition, you can use a birthday calculator from InstaAstro
The Sun is extremely strong in Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.
Surya is the lord of Simha
The weak sun doesn't remain permanent, it can be treated through many remedies by the advice of an astrologer, certain remedies may heal and change the positioning.