Rahu and Astrology

Planet Rahu is known to be the most feared planet in astrology. Hearing the name Rahu makes people think of unwelcome and negative effects. However, this is not completely true. Rahu in English is known as the Northern Node of the Moon as it is not really a planet. RahuKal, or the time under the influence of Rahu, is a very inauspicious period and results in negative events in an individual’s life.

Another evil act of Rahu that is often mentioned is that he swallows the Sun and Moon and thus causes solar eclipses to spread darkness. In Hindu mythology, Rahu is the moon's north node and the head dragon. However, as mentioned above, this planet also gives one beneficial result. If you want to know more about Rahu, continue reading below to find out all about its positive and negative effects, along with some remedies to appease this planet.

Mythologies Associated With Planet Rahu

Rahu was the head of the Asura Svarbhanu, and Ketu was his body. Therefore, it means that Rahu-Ketu was one entity before. Svarbhanu, born in Asura Yoni, worshipped lord Brahma to get placed with planets, but Brahmaji told him they would do it later. Then Samudra Manthan took place from where nectar came. There was a fight between Devas and Daanavas about who will drink the nectar. Lord Vishnu took the form of an exquisite and attractive Mohini to resolve the conflict.

Mohini played a trick here. When it was the turn of Devas, she would give nectar to Asuras, the Sura / Alcohol. Everyone was so amazed and mesmerised by the beauty of Mohini that no one noticed the trick except Svarbhanu. He took a chance, sat with the Devas, and drank the nectar. Sun-Moon saw that and informed Mohini, who later took the form of Lord Vishnu and cut the head of Svarbhanu with Sudarshan Chakra. He had drunk nectar, so he was immortal now.

That's why he got placed with planets as two different entities. Mohini did not amaze Rahu or excite them about Asura's possession of nectar. He kept calm and analysed the situation. He waited for the right time and lost his body for eternity.

Significance of Rahu in Astrology

Rahu is an illusion body, which can either be malefic or beneficial. It has a significant impact on the life of humans. Rahu means which planet? Well, although it isn’t a physical planet, it has a strong impact on Astrology. Many people consider it to be the Northern node of the Moon in astrology. Rahu is said to bring in a lot of adverse effects in astrology. Two other planets influence Rahu. These include the planet Venus and Jupiter. Planet Rahu is also considered to be one of the most feared planets in astrology.

Strong Rahu Effects in Astrology

Rahu is considered to be a malefic planet in astrology. However, this is not true. Let us have a look at the beneficial effects of Rahu. These positive Rahu dasha effects are as follows:

  • One can get anything and everything they wish for in their life.
  • Natives will achieve fame and success in their lives.
  • Natives will also be wealthy.
  • The natives will also be blessed with beautiful looks.

Weak Rahu Effects in Astrology

As we have read about the positive effects of Rahu, it is now time to look for the negative effects as well. These planet Rahu dosha effects are as follows:

  • There are chances that the natives may not share good relations with their partners and spouses.
  • The natives are also prone to suffer from financial losses.
  • Adding a cup of milk in water during bathing for 43 consecutive days.
  • Donate blue and black clothes to underprivileged people.

Remedies To Remove Rahu Dosha

Reading about all the negative effects of Rahu, one can’t help but wonder how to remove Rahu Dosha in Kundli. Rahu has some malefic effects that can create problems. Read below as it will give us an answer to 'how to make Rahu positive?".These Planet Rahu remedies are as follows:

  • Rahu remedies at home can be resolved by chanting mantras. They should donate four coconuts to the Amavasya.
  • If the person has difficulties sleeping, the Rahu remedy at home will be to keep the fennel under the pillow.
  • You can keep elephants made of silver and silver glasses to drink water. This is considered to be one of the highly effective Rahu mahadasha remedies.
  • One should chant the Rahu beej mantra 18,000 times in 40 days.
  • One should wear blue clothes and rudraksha, which will help in manifestations.
  • One should fast on Sunday and eat food after sunset. This is considered to be one of the most effective Rahu remedies for marriage.
  • Adding a cup of milk in water during bathing for 43 consecutive days.
  • Donate blue and black clothes to underprivileged people.
  • Wear sandalwood tied in blue thread to diminish negativity.
  • These Rahu dasha remedies are proven effective and yield good results. These are Rahu remedies for students as well.

Rahu pooja gives a lot of benefits to people who are suffering from mental health.

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Rahu In Different Houses

The effect of a planet in a certain house differs from others. Let us now have a look at the effects of Rahu when placed in different houses in an individual’s kundli. These are as follows:

Rahu in the first house

Rahu in 1st house is for personality, strength and weakness. People under this combination can generate good results. This place gives good luck and financial stability. The individuals with Rahu in 1st house might be short-tempered but can achieve success in their lives if they work hard. They are very conscious about their appearance and have charming personalities.

We consider this house a good place for Rahu. It helps shape a good character, and it awards a person good luck and a promising future. If the affliction towards the first house becomes high, the person becomes lazy and dishonest, damaging their respect in the market.

Rahu in the second house

People with Rahu in 2nd house will face many problems before that, but with a lot of support from family alongside Hard work, they can achieve success. These individuals can maintain good contact with people and are interested in learning new languages. They stay away from their family and can settle abroad for their work. They are also prone to significant threats and may suffer financially if they remain self-centred.

In addition, these individuals will be prone to throat disease and may move to foreign lands for their excellent work. They will remain wealthy in life. These people may get money from unauthorised sources, leading them to legal problems.

Rahu in the third house

People with Rahu in 3rd house can maintain friendly relations with families and are self-expressive and emotional. Their concerns last long; actors and politicians have Rahu in this house. The natives are very clear about their position and their solid earnings. They have excellent intuitive and psychic abilities, which is favourable for them and brings in a lot of luck.

We know this house is one of the most promising, and natives with Rahu in this house can give people good advice. They love to interact with people and resolve disputes between two parties. They are always on their toes when asked for help from people.

Rahu in the fourth house

The fourth house is of motherhood and nourishment. This is one of the best houses and pours in a lot of luck and fate during the pregnancy. People with Rahu in 4th house can gain land and a home, which will benefit them.

On the other hand, it also symbolises greed and laziness. However, they are good at managing things, but they should control their desire and can do anything for their family. This house is for relationships that you choose or are by blood.

Rahu in the fifth house

Rahu in 5th House is associated with creativity and intelligence. They may face problems in marriage, career, finance and relationships. However, they will tackle all difficulties in life easily.

This position of Rahu would be less favourable for children and fathers. It may also increase the chances of the adoption of a child. It links your inner artistic experience, and the person can explore their creative abilities by opening a business that will help them to fame in the future.

Rahu in the sixth house

This house is for the enemy and disease. People in the Sixth House are good at humanitarian services and prove fruitful for society. They are experts at handling hardship and problems in their careers, but they can only be successful if they work for others. Rahu will not harm them if they can get through all the issues and perform some remedies given by astrologers.

Moreover, an abundance of gains is also noticed in the birth chart. They should have an excellent work-life balance and also have good health. One needs to focus on their physical and mental health. They need to focus on time management as well.

Rahu in the Seventh House

Rahu in 7th House is about legal bindings, marriage and sexual relationships. It appears to be an inauspicious house for natives as they have a high chance of getting separated from their partners, and they may get surrounded by people who aren't trustworthy.

They might gain or lose in their career. They have a taboo-breaking nature and a challenging character and challenge people in the methods of partnership. They need to gravitate toward friendship in all areas of life. They help in securing good bonds with people.

Rahu in the Eighth House

This house represents marriage, corporate resources, and inherited property. In this house, Rahu deals with secrecy and has beneficial placements in the investigation, detective, etc. They deal with matters in which people feel afraid, and they also risk helping people.

As a result, they have unexpected gains in terms of money and knowledge. Therefore, this house is quite beneficial for people. They are ready to go off the past and start a new life; they have an intense romance throughout their lives.

Rahu in the Ninth House

This is the house of Spirituality, and we consider them auspicious for people who have a great inclination towards their religion. Rahu gets themselves obsessed with all the religious activities and empowers people to open up religious centres, motivating them to forge ahead. They are likely to travel foreign and pilgrimages themselves.

They have a piece of perfect knowledge that acts as a saviour for some people in their lives, and they are deep-rooted wanderlust and often move to a foreign location. They remain dedicated to their ambitions and are fond of contacting people with similar tastes.

Rahu in the Tenth House

This is the house of profession and career, and they have a workaholic nature. They are hardworking and intelligent. It depends upon their hard work and how diligently they perform everything.

They prove to be inspirational for people. They have a prominent personality and leave a great impact on the surrounding people. They complete their work with super efficiency.

Rahu in the Eleventh House

This house is the house of wealth and gains. Rahu in 11th house tends to bless natives with affluent life and economic progress. It emphasises connecting with people who have social groups; they have a social circle. However, they should be cautious with people who pretend to be their friends, as they can betray them.

Rahu in the Twelfth House

We know this house to detach and maintain secrecy and fears. The individuals with Rahu in 12th House are spiritually inclined. However, they face many problems and have more expenses than their income. These individuals are believed to experience a lack of money no matter how much they earn. It will always feel as if they do not have enough. They may also get more inclined towards religious activities. They will spend more money on social work. However, there may be times when these individuals cannot understand themselves and sacrifice a lot for others.


The Rahu planet in astrology has a lot of significance and can create many problems if placed in an unfavourable position in the birth chart. However, it is not technically a planet, so “What is Rahu in Astrology?” In astrology, Rahu is considered to be the northern node of the Moon.

Rahu is considered a malefic planet and can have negative effects. However, remedies can treat many problems, and you can know about the remedies by chatting with an astrologer from InstaAstro. If you want to know about how to get rid of Rahu dosha, then read the remedies mentioned above. How to make Rahu positive? Rahu can also be made positive by following the best treatments for Rahu. You can contact any of our astrologers through the InstaAstro app or website to get personalised Rahu ketu dosham remedies.

Frequently Asked Questions

One can control Rahu by doing pooja and chanting the Rahu Beej mantra, which can reduce the control of Rahu; it is an illusion body and has a lot of significance in the birth chart if we place it in an unfavourable position.
Wearing a silver chain, donating copper and silver to needy people, and regularly chanting' OM DURGAYE NAMAH' on Wednesday will help reduce Rahu's effects. These are the best remedies for Rahu. Rahu Ketu dosha is a dosha in which Rahu and Ketu have malefic effects on an individual’s life.
For Rahu, you can worship goddess Rahu and Lord Bhairav; apart from that, reciting Durga Chalisa can be considered an option to please Rahu and maintain its positivity in the surrounding.
One can make Rahu strong by reciting mantras and booking an appointment with an astrologer for pooja. Likewise, practising Rahu dasha remedies can make Rahu strong. In addition, to know more about your Rahu dasha, one can chat with an astrologer from InstaAstro.
One can please Rahu by going to the temple and wearing silver chains. However, the most beneficial thing is to pray for Durga Maa and Kaal Bhairav.
Rahu being an illusion body, one can only seek its blessings by doing positive things and inclining oneself towards spirituality, Chanting Rahu Beej Mantras 108 times.
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