Introduction to Numerology Number 1

We all believe in the magic of stars and planets, but have you ever thought these numbers also have some magic behind them? If you have recently discovered the magical world of numbers, let us help you gather more information about the same. In numerology, there are a total of nine numbers ranging from number 1 to number 9. These numbers tend to hold great significance in numerology. These numbers tend to signify a lot about an individual and give information on almost all aspects of the life of an individual.

Numerology is basically a study of numbers that tends to tell us about the behavioural characteristics and personality traits of an individual, along with giving us a peek into the future of the individual. The numerology numbers are calculated based on the date of birth of an individual. For example, if you were born on 20 March 2000, then your numerology number will be calculated based on the addition of these dates. This will be calculated as 20 + 03 + 2003. This will add up to give you the number 1. Thus, your number comes around to be Numerology number 1.

If you happen to have the number 1 of numerology as your number or want to know about some of the qualities that the natives have, then this article is for you. In this article, we will have a deeper look about number 1 of numerology characteristics. Now let us begin!

Numerology Number 1: Strengths and Weakness

Let us have a look at some positive and negative qualities of this number of natives. Mentioned below are the strengths and weaknesses of life path number 1. These are as follows:

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Numerology Number 1: Strengths

Some positive qualities of number 1 natives are mentioned below. These qualities are often referred to as the strengths of the native. These are as follows:

  • The native with number 1 comes around to be a highly independent individual. The natives do not believe in the concept of favours and wish to do everything by themselves. Moreover, the individuals also want to build on themselves and do not want anyone’s support in doing so.
  • Being goal-oriented is another quality of the individuals who have number 1. The natives are seen to get the things that they want. Moreover, if the individual has set a goal for them, then they will not rest until they achieve it.
  • Another quality of number 1 natives includes them possessing an innovative mind. The individuals like experimenting, and this tends to help them innovate things, sometimes even by accident.
  • The natives also come around to be very creative. Their creativity might also help the individual in their career and help them achieve success in their life.
  • Number 1 individuals are also known to be highly responsible. With them being around, you would not need to worry about anything, as the natives will take care of everything.
  • Individuals with number 1 are also seen to possess leadership qualities. This helps them in becoming the leader that everyone likes. Moreover, the individual will also acquire leadership positions in their career.
  • Lastly, the individuals are known to be very trustworthy individuals. They are the ones you can trust blindly.

Numerology Number 1: Weaknesses

Just like everyone, number 1 natives have some good as well as negative qualities. These qualities might come around to be bad for others and also, in some cases, may come around to cause negative effects for the individual itself. Let us look at these weaknesses of number 1 individuals. These are as follows:

  • Numerology number 1 individuals come around to be very risky individuals. They like to take risks in their life in order to make it more interesting and fun. However, sometimes these risks end up hurting the individual or others around them.
  • The natives of number 1 are also very doubtful about themselves. These individuals are seen to have a tendency that makes them doubt themselves. Thus, they need constant reassurance, which in turn makes them feel better.
  • Numerology number 1 natives are also very forceful in nature. This means that individuals will put a lot of physical or mental force on themselves and others to gather the things they want and desire.
  • Another interesting fact no 1 is that the natives are also egoistic in nature. The individuals are often perceived like this and thus are not able to make a good first impression on others.
  • Natives of number 1 also come around to possess a little arrogance which again is something that is not much liked about the individuals.
  • The natives of number 1 are also seen to come around as bossy. As the native enjoys power and authority, they also like to demonstrate it in front of others. This makes them somewhat disliked by their peers.
  • The natives also need to learn the art of respecting other people's opinions and perspectives.

Numerology Number 1: Ruling Planet

In numerology, the number 1 is ruled by the planet Sun. Thus, the natives of this number tend to reflect some qualities of the Sun. These include the following:

  • The natives often come around to be a little self-centred in nature.
  • Moreover, number 1 in numerology meaning tends to represent individuals with good leadership qualities and also individuals who make good leaders.
  • The numerology 1 personality makes the natives have a lot of confidence. Anyone can get smitten by the native's confidence.
  • Along this, the natives also come around to be a little egoistic in nature.
  • Moreover, the natives also come around to be the peacemaker in any fight.

Having the Sun as the ruling planet tends to make the natives involve these qualities in their characteristics. Along with this, another thing to keep in mind is that the natives will have a strong Sun, which will, in turn, help them in attaining beneficial outcomes.

Numerology Number 1: Personality Traits and Physical Features

The natives of numerology number one tend to come around as individuals who possess leadership qualities. The individuals also come around as independent and confident individuals. These qualities tend to make the individual attract a lot of attention towards them. Along this, the natives are also seen to be very patient and mature. These qualities help individuals make good decisions in their life. Moreover, the natives might sometimes come around to be a little selfish and self-centred as well. The natives are also control freaks as they want everything to be under their control. The natives may sometimes also become a little arrogant, which might make them unreasonable as well.

Some other qualities that the natives possess include them having an extremely competitive nature. The natives are determined individuals who will stop at nothing in order to get whatever they want. The natives are also seen to get a little harsh on themselves when they do not achieve something they set their eye for. Also, let us not forget to mention the dominating behaviour of the native, which makes them want to have control over anything and everything.

Numerology Number 1: Love and Marriage

As we have already looked at the physical and personality characteristics of the numerology number 1 native, let us now have a look at the love life of the natives. The qualities that the natives possess tend to affect their love life as well. The dominating nature of the native is also seen in their relationship. Thus, the natives are seen as the one who dominates the relationship. This sometimes tends to make their partner feel unseen and not-cared-for which in turn tends to make the relationship a little difficult and creates problems between both the partners. However, on the other hand, sometimes the mature and patient approach of the native tends to smooth things down a little bit. The numerology number 1 love life indicates that the natives become very protective of their partner when they are in a relationship. The native even tends to become a little jealous and also possessive of their partner.

The native's work-oriented lifestyle often tends to make the native's partner feel a little less bothered about them. Along with this, the work-oriented quality of the native tends to disturb and hamper their love life as they do not pay much attention to it. Thus, it is advised that the native must keep in consideration their partner's feelings. Moreover, numerology number 1 marriage comes around to be a little tense as the native might also have to suffer from problems in their married life because of their dominating attitude.

Numerology Number 1: Career

The numerology number 1 individuals come around to be very work-oriented individuals. They are known to get what they want, not just in love but also in their career. The natives are also known to be a little money minded. This does not always mean that they are penny-pinching but are quite reasonable with their money. As they enjoy the luxuries life has to offer, the individuals will also never leave without a good deal. The natives, as we have already established, possess leadership skills which will come around to be beneficial for them. Their creative yet determined minds will help them in achieving their goals.

Number 1 in numerology career turns out to be stable and successful as well. The natives will achieve their goals and will stop at nothing in order to do so. Along with this, the numerology number 1 female will also have a bright career. She will have the urge to be independent. Some of the most suited career options for the individuals are as follows:

  • Entrepreneur
  • Law
  • Politics
  • Military
  • Administrative services
  • Preacher
  • Astrology

Numerology Number 1: Lucky And Unlucky Items

Who doesn't believe in a little bit of luck? Well mentioned below is a list of lucky and unlucky items for the natives of number 1. These are as follows:

  • Numerology Number 1: Lucky Items

Some of the lucky items for the natives of this number are as follows:

  • Colours: as Sun is the ruling planet of this number, the lucky colour for number 1 comes around to be red, yellow, and orange.
  • Gemstones: Lucky gemstone for the natives of this number is Ruby. Moreover, it is advised that the individual wears it on the Ring finger of their Right hand.
  • Number: Numbers that are termed to come around as lucky and most compatible with number 1 natives include numbers 3 and 5.
  • Date: the natives of the number will have 1, 10, 19, and 28 as their lucky dates.

  • Numerology Number 1: Unlucky Items

Some of the unlucky items for the natives of number 1 in numerology are as follows:

  • Colours: Colours that are considered to be unlucky for the natives of this number include the colours black and brown. Individuals must try to refrain from these colours.
  • Gemstones: One of the gemstones that individuals of this number must not wear alongside wearing a ruby is Vaidurya. It is not considered auspicious to pair these two gemstones together.
  • Numbers: Some numbers that come around to be unlucky for the natives include the number 8.
  • Dates: 8, 17, and 26 are the dates that are considered to be unlucky for the natives of number 1 in numerology.


The natives of Numerology number 1 are known to be very powerful and energetic in nature. Moreover, the individuals who have 1 as their number are termed to be very assertive and determined. The individuals see themselves as fit for everything and also possess leadership qualities. Additionally, individuals with 1 as their number love comfort and also want the comforts of life. Thus, these individuals are known never to shy away from spending their money in order to get these comforts. To know more bout numerology check InstaAstro’s site or download the app and extinguish your curiosity!

Frequently Asked Questions

Numerology number 1 tends to represent individuals who possess leadership qualities. The natives also come around to have a dominating nature.
The ruling planet of number 1 in numerology tends to be the Sun. The natives tend to reflect the qualities that the Sun represents.
Because of the individual's dominating attitude, the love life of this number of natives might come around to be a little Rocky. However, they will enjoy marital bliss with their partner.
If you wish to calculate your numerology number, you can do so by using InstaAstro's life path number calculator. The calculator is known to present you with accurate and reliable results.
In a basic sense, numerology tends to represent a science that determines an individual's characteristics and traits based on a special number ascribed to them.
The lucky gemstone for the number 1 individual comes around to be Ruby. It is advised that the native must wear it on the Ring finger of their right hand to get the most benefits of the stone.

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