Numerology Number 1: Career, Love, Finance

Numbers are everywhere, and we see them all the time. However, they aren't just mere digits and have a lot of significance. Numerology is the aspect of astrology that preserves the essence of numbers and breaks them down to obtain more critical and significant information.

You can find out which number is the luckiest for you by knowing numerology and its tricks in detail. For example, if somebody was born in 2008, then we will add all of the digits for their birth year. So, 2+0+0+8=10, now for 10 as well, we will add the numbers.

Doing this, 1+0=1, and thus this is how you can find your lucky number, which happens to be 1. Now that we're talking about the number 1, let's find out more about this number and the basics of numerology.

What is numerology?

Numerology is an age-old study that applies the laws of mathematics to our lives and draws and interprets meanings based on them. It uses different combinations, symbols, letters, and numbers and is a culmination of all these aspects.

Astrologically, if you're born under the influence of a particular number, that could reveal many things about your personality and help predict the future.

What is a Life-Path Number?

Often heard with numerology, the life path number is a vital numerological aspect. It confirms the presence of certain personality traits that are highly influential and follow you for a lifetime.

Numerology number 1 Meaning and Significance

Those born on the dates: 1st, 10th, 19th, and 20th of any month have the number 1, and their ruling planet is Leo. This is why they are warriors and have an undying spirit and courage. The number 1 is also associated with the Magician and The Sun tarot cards. Thus, this means that those with this number have a certain charm and magic in their numerology.

Moreover, the number one gives birth to all the other numbers and is the only number which is neither female nor male. However, some of its traits are believed to originate from masculine roots.

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What are the personality traits for number 1?

The numerology number 1 personality type is mostly strong, independent and individualistic. However, there are two sides to everything, number 1 has positive and negative traits. Let's have a look at them.


Individuals with this numerology are strong-willed and do whatever they put their minds to. They are competitive, independent, determined, creative and ever so optimistic. Their charismatic nature helps them outshine others, and whenever they enter a room, all heads turn towards them.

Moreover, they are born leaders and never shy away from taking an initiative. These individuals are extremely goal-oriented and self-indulgent. However, some people might see this as a con and consider this an obsessive trait, but it helps them become more mature and promotes self-growth.

Things to improve on:

Sometimes while striving for perfection, you can overdo it, leading to harsh self-criticism and deteriorating self-esteem. More often than not, you also believe that the point of view of others isn't important, and you become ignorant of it.

People with this numerology might be rude and arrogant because of their reticent and reserved demeanour. Thus, you should try being more considerate and understanding of other people around you. Also, try to realise that often in our hectic schedule, we forget to appreciate the trivial little things in life. Hence, treasure those things, and you will feel better.

Career and Job: Numerology Number 1

Born leaders, individuals with this numerology often venture into business and are more likely to have their own management than work for one. However, there might be a possibility to work under an employer at the beginning of your career, but in the long run, you might have people working under you. Moreover, natives born with this numerology have the most creative ideas in the room, with their ideas brimming with intuition and innovation.

So, the ideas and thoughts they bring to the table are never mundane or boring. Since they are highly active and agile, they can sometimes lack stability and stillness. Therefore, they can change professions from time to time.

Their will to become financially independent and secure is stronger than anything. And, if they fail in achieving so, they become relentless and often feel dejected.

This can impact every other aspect of their lives, leaving them with poor self-confidence and self-esteem. People who have number 1 as their Life path number must try their hand at law as that might be a successful field. Furthermore, marketing, brand management and entrepreneurship are other fields that might bring them success and joy.

Love and Relationships: Numerology Number 1

The natives born with numerology number 1 are leaders by birth and know how to handle things. Thus when it comes to their love life and other relationships, they like to take charge and make the first move. Moreover, this can make them highly authoritative and dominating in a relationship. And this nature can become a threat to your potential romantic relationships when your partner is also of the same attitude leading to ego clashes and conflicts.

In a marriage, people with this numerology tend to face challenges and have difficulties leading a happy married life. But, if natives of this numerology are matched to numerology numbers 5,3 or 6, then there can be ease, comfort and prosperity in your marriage. However, since these people have a relentless personality and always look forward to doing something great, they can become obsessive.

This trait follows them to bed, becoming highly obsessive and impatient with their partners. But, on the brighter side, those with this numerology have a sense of maturity and intellect. Therefore, this is crucial for a relationship.

Money and Finance: Numerology Number 1

The people born under this number will never worry about money and finances. They have an excellent potential to earn and save more. This is because of their imaginative, independent, determined and focused personality, which helps them thrive and prosper. Because of your hard-working streak, finances will never be a rooting issue, and things will work well for you.

You might often give easy loans to friends and acquaintances. However, this can be detrimental to your peace and finances. Thus, don't strain your health over money and try to maintain a healthy routine. Work-life balance is indispensable; do not let it suffer to obtain short-term goals.

Therefore, working towards your goals while spending time with friends and family will bring the most monetary growth for you.

Lucky Colour: Numerology Number 1

The lucky colours for natives with numerology number 1 are red, orange and yellow, which are Sun colours.

Gemstone: Numerology Number 1

Sun is the ruler of this number, and thus, the lucky gemstone for this is Ruby. The Ruby brings mental peace, provides strength, wards off all evil energies, increases marital harmony and improves your health conditions.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Numerology Number 1

Ruled by the Sun, the number 1 is the leading light and force in numerology. Moreover, they have a naturalistic instinct to lead and guide people whenever they can. However, with so much to their personality, the natives of this numerology have various strengths and a few weaknesses to their character. Let's find out.


  • Since they are leaders by birth and choice, they never shy away from taking the initiative. This leads to their success and growth on the professional front.
  • Natives of this numerology are solution-oriented and always focus on finding a solution rather than problems.
  • They are independent and never rely on others for anything.
  • Moreover, they feel protective towards their own and always commit to their relationships.
  • With creative and high-order thinking, they never run out of innovative and creative ideas.
  • Lastly, they despise disappointing people and always take their responsibilities seriously.


  • The natives of this numerology often come across as narcissistic and bossy.
  • They like to control everything and can be difficult to work with. This can lead to them being left alone with nobody around.
  • Moreover, they can work on their rude and arrogant behaviour.
  • The natives also need to work on their arrogance.
  • They also lack in paying attention to others and rarely listen to what others say.

Frequently Asked Questions

Life path numbers reveal the innate characteristics of individuals and confirm the presence of certain personality traits that are highly influential and follow you for a lifetime.
Leo is the ruling sign for numerology number 1 according to birth date.
Calculating your lucky number in numerology is now easy. For example, add all the digits together if you were born in 1990. You get 1+9+9+0=19 and adding this further, you get 10. Further adding this as well, you will get 1+0=1. Thus your lucky number is 1.
Since people born with this numerology are goal-oriented, they go on to achieve greater things in everyday life and always pay attention to themselves. Thus, this makes them different and more efficient than the rest.
Those with this numerology are leaders by birth and thrive in business and entrepreneurship. Moreover, they can also do a great job in law firms, marketing and brand management.

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