Rohini Nakshatra - Embracing its Beauty

Rohini Constellation is the 4th Nakshatra out of the 27 Nakshatra mentioned in Hindu Mythology and Astronomy. Rohini star rasi is Taurus. The term Rohini meaning in english is ‘The Red One. In Tamil, Rohini Nakshatra is known as Rohini Natchathiram. Thus, the literal translation of Rohini Nakshatra in English is ‘The Red Lunar Mansion’.

Furthermore, the natives are known to be egoistic in nature. Still, they have unconditional love for animals and the underprivileged. Let us look at other aspects of the natives, such as luck, career, marriage, and love, of this Nakshatra.

Important Rohini Nakshatra Dates 2024

Important dates in Rohini Nakshatra are given below:-

DateStart TimeEnd Time
Sunday, 21 January 202403:12 AM, Jan 2103:49 AM, Jan 22
Saturday, 17 February 202408:50 AM, Feb 1709:21 AM, Feb 18
Friday, 15 March 202404:12 PM, Mar 1504:01 PM, Mar 16
Friday, 12 April 202401:38 AM, Apr 1212:50 AM, Apr 13
Thursday, 9 May 202411:59 AM, May 0910:42 AM, May 10
Wednesday, 5 June 202409:17 PM, Jun 0508:12 PM, Jun 06
Wednesday, 3 July 202404:46 AM, Jul 0304:04 AM, Jul 04
Tuesday, 30 July 202410:25 AM, Jul 3010:10 AM, Jul 31
Monday, 26 August 202403:57 PM, Aug 2603:35 PM, Aug 27
Sunday, 22 September 202401:06 PM, Sep 2210:04 PM, Sep 23
Sunday, 20 October 202408:34 AM, Oct 2006:52 AM, Oct 21
Saturday, 16 November 202407:31 PM, Nov 1605:20 PM, Nov 17
Saturday, 14 December 202405:51 AM, Dec 1403:51 AM, Dec 15

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Important Features Of Rohini Nakshatra

Let us look at some aspects of Rohini Nakshatram.

Rohini Nakshatra AspectFeatures
Rohini nakshatra DeityPrajapati
Rohini nakshatra GanaManusha
Rohini nakshatra GunaRajas/ Tamas
Rohini Nakshatra RashiVrishabha
Rohini nakshatra SymbolChariot and Ox-Cart
Rohini nakshatra AnimalCobra/ Male Serpent
Rohini Zodiac SignTaurus
Rohini Nakshatra Lord PlanetMoon
Rohini Nakshatra Lucky number2

Rohini Nakshatra Zodiac Sign

Rohini Natchathiram Rasi is the Taurus zodiac, or, with the Moon's placement from 10 to 23:20 degrees, was born in this Nakshatra. With the Moon as the ruling planet, natives born in Vrishabha Rashi Rohini Nakshatra tend to be attention seekers and can be very appealing.

Rohini Nakshatra Characteristics: Male Native

Here is a detailed overview of the characteristics, overall behaviour, and nature of males born under Rohini Nakshatra.

  • Physical Appearance

It seems as though God has made them to perfection. The Rohini Nakshatra male is tall, attractive, and skinny. Moreover, the male natives have a deep voice and are hairy. However, the most appealing part of their face is their eyes: big, bright, and beautiful.

  • Career

In terms of Rohini Nakshatra career the native will experience success with delay. Trust is something that the natives lack. With a life full of challenges, the native tends to keep things to himself. In his life, the native will have to face a lot of difficulties in almost every aspect.

But this will soon improve once the native reaches the age of 32. Success and money will flow towards natives. So, as some may say, it is just a matter of time before the tables turn in their favour.

  • Personality And Behaviour

The Rohini Nakshatra male characteristics make them a mix of all traits. They become very caring, sensitive and loving with their family and loved ones. However, in the office or workplace, they come around to being goal-oriented and focused; making money is their end goal.

In a general perspective, the natives tend to be short-tempered and also find it difficult to trust others. One of the qualities that set the natives apart from others is their logical thinking.

  • Family, Marriage And Love

As the ruling planet of this Nakshatra is the Moon, the natives will have a lovable relationship with their mother but will also experience relationship strains with their father. The natives might even leave the house at an early age, or there are chances of the natives being the cause of their father’s death.

The Rohini nakshatra male marriage life with their spouses is not great. Small arguments, fights, and anger issues are present in the household, which is also why the native experiences stress in his everyday life.

  • Health

The native will not be lucky in terms of health. He will face issues related to blood, like blood cancer, anaemia, etc. Thus, the native must be cautious about his health and take charge of a balanced and fruitful diet. They are also prone to urinary issues. These individuals have problems related to throat, neck, and voice.

Rohini Nakshatra Characteristics: Female Native

Here is a detailed overview of the characteristics and overall nature and behaviour of females born under Rohini Nakshatra.

  • Physical Appearance

As in the case of the male native, Rohini Nakshatra's female characteristics include being fair-skinned, medium in height, and blessed with bright and beautiful eyes. They are absolutely good-looking individuals and are really attractive. Their beautiful eyes make them stand out.

  • Career

With a high sense of creativity, the natives tend to be successful in complementary fields. With a quest for knowledge, the native gets success in any field they go into. In terms of education, the native will be an average student but still find the potential and motivation to continue. Unfortunately, the natives do not seem to have a higher education.

  • Personality And Behaviour

Just like the male native, the female characteristics include being short-tempered. Moreover, the natives tend to be very sensitive. They always present themselves in the best possible way; thus, they like dressing up. They also have spiritual influence and are well-behaved.

Moreover, respecting elders is their utmost priority. They have a loving nature, and when it comes to family, they can and will do anything and everything to protect them.

  • Family, Marriage And Love

The female natives of this nakshatra are highly blessed in aspects of family and marital life. The Rohini Nakshatra female's marriage life will be with a supportive and loving husband, with whom she will be able to conquer the world. The family will be highly supportive, and love will follow. The native will experience love and nourishment from her family.

There are no significant experiences of trauma and disappointment for her in this aspect. However, she possesses traits of jealousy, which must be controlled in order to live a life of peace, love and joy. The Rohini Nakshatra female marriage age is generally after 27 years of age.

  • Health

The native is blessed with good health. Even if she does not care much about her diet and health, there will be no consequences. Excellent health allows the native to enjoy a life filled with joy and great experiences.

However, as they get old, the native might be troubled by a few minor health issues, but there will be no severe ailments. Thus, the native will have a long life.

Rohini Nakshatra Padas

Each nakshatra is divided into 4 padas. The birth of a child in a specific pada can reveal a person's characteristics. Let us look at what the different padas of this nakshatra signify about their natives.

Rohini Nakshatra Pada 1

Aries Navamsa, the natives of this Pada, are known for their creativity, confidence, and wisdom. No matter how rude they may appear to others, the natives are animal-loving and also help in nature. This Pada is governed by Mars; thus, the natives constantly need materialistic desires. Being an Aries also influences a person’s zodiac as they are Courageous and Competitive.

Rohini Nakshatra Pada 2

Taurus Navamsa, the natives of this navamsa, are known for being successful in life. They may appear rude and cruel to the ones they dislike. As Venus is the governing planet, thus the natives tend to retain wealth. By being Taurus, stubbornness, sensuality, and beauty come to them naturally.

Rohini Nakshatra Pada 3

Gemini Navamsa, the natives of this navamsa, have a logical perspective on life. They are keen on knowledge, mainly from science. As Mercury is the ruling planet for this pada, the natives lack patience. Moreover, they are lazy and try to postpone things. Greediness is also a trait of the natives. Being Gemini, intelligent, and getting really confused when making decisions are prominent factors in the native's life.

Rohini Nakshatra Pada 4

Cancer Navamsa, the natives tend to be inclined towards business rather than the Service sector. The natives are also spiritually inclined. As the Moon is the ruling planet for this Pada, the native tends to be charismatic, argumentative and egoistic. By being Cancer, the native will experience sensitivity and jealousy towards their known.

Different Planets In Rohini Nakshatra

Different planets and their effects on Rohini Nakshatra:

  • Venus in Rohini Nakshatra makes an individual quite creative. Moreover, natives tend to become learned individuals.
  • Jupiter in Rohini Nakshatra tends to make an individual knowledgeable. The natives are also known to be strict.
  • Rahu in Rohini Nakshatra tends to make an individual a learned person. Moreover, individuals also tend to enjoy writing and have a keen interest in this field.
  • Mars in Rohini Nakshatra makes individuals romantic. The natives are also known to be very passionate lovers.
  • Sun in Rohini Nakshatra tends to make an individual who is creative and social.
  • Moon in Rohini Nakshatra tends to make an individual caring in nature. Moreover, the natives also tend to possess a stable and calm mind.
  • Mercury in Rohini Nakshatra makes an individual a social being. Moreover, natives are also called quite intelligent.
  • Saturn in Rohini Nakshatra tends to make individuals work-oriented. The natives are also known to be hardworking beings.
  • Ketu in Rohini Nakshatra tends to make an individual quite spiritual. They are also enlightened people.

Mythologies Associated with Rohini Nakshatra

As the age-old stories still continue to prevail, we know the two most prominent stories ascribed to this nakshatra.

  1. Daksha, Chandra and Rohini

Daksha got his 27 daughters married to Chandra (Moon God in Hindu Mythology). He took a promise from Chandra, asking him to treat all his daughters equally and never discriminate between them. According to Hindu mythology, these 27 daughters of Daksha, now Chandra's wives, come to form the 27 Nakshatras.

However, soon after the marriage, due to Rohini's charm, Chandra starts showing bias toward her. He spends more time with Rohini than any other of the 26 sisters. Jealous of the attention Rohini was getting, the other 26 sisters went to their father, Daksha. Daksha, angered by Chandra's acts breaking his promise, curses Chandra to suffer from a deadly disease.

The curse made Chandra extremely weak, and this, in turn, affected the lives of animals and humans on Earth. Looking at the instability caused on Earth due to Chandra's curse, he approached Mahadev Shiva to get the curse reversed. However, Shiva was incapable of reversing a curse put by another.

So he went on and placed Chandra on his forehead. This was an act of great significance. Chandra soon began to regain his health and to pay his respect to Shiva. He also started the festival of Shivratri, which is celebrated toward the end of the waning moon every month. Maha-Shivratri is celebrated every year with the onset of summer.

  1. Moon, Tara and Brihaspati

Brihaspati is known to be the Guru of Devas. Tara was his wife. Tara mostly felt ignored by Brihaspati as he was always busy with Devas' matters. Once, when Chandra came to visit Brihaspati, he was amazed by the beauty of his wife Tara, and in hopes of getting a hold of her, he used hypnosis.

He then proceeds to elope with Tara. When Brihaspati knew about this, he went to Chandra and asked him to return his wife, Tara, to him. Chandra refused Brihaspati’s request on the basis that Tara came with her will. But Chandra didn’t stop there and went on disrespecting Brihaspati. This angered Brihaspati so much that he and Chandra were not ready to change their mind about getting into war. Brihaspati was supported by Devas.

On the other hand, Chandra was supported by Asurs and Brihaspati's nemesis, Shukra. The matter became so complicated that Lord Brahma had to intervene to solve it. He persuaded Chandra to let Tara go with Brihaspati.

Tara was already pregnant at this time and gave birth to Budh. Brihaspati asked Tara who the father was, to which Tara replied it was Chandra. Later, due to Budh’s extreme genius and skills, Brihaspati adopted it.

The two stories help to determine the characteristics of a person born in this nakshatra, as according to the first tale of Chandra, Rohini, and Daksha, the native tends to have the attributes of Rohini.

Thus, they come around to be good-looking and intentionally or unintentionally make others jealous of them. In the second tale of Chandra, Tara, and Brihaspati, the natives experience difficulties in their relationship with their father and develop a self-centred and irritated personality. However, it also makes them justice-loving.

Famous Personalities with Rohini Nakshatra

Famous personalities born under Rohini Nakshatra are as follows:-

  • Aishwarya Rai
  • Barack Obama
  • Shah Rukh Khan
  • Indira Gandhi
  • K.R. Narayan

Frequently Asked Questions

The Rohini Nakshatra marriage compatibility is best with someone from Anuradha Nakshatra.
This Nakshatra is governed by Prajapati; the natives of this Nakshatra symbolises fertility and compassion.
Kapha is the Dosha for this Nakshatra.
This Nakshatra is considered good as the natives born under it are blessed with looks, success, family support, and great health.
Lord Krishna was the god who was born in Rohini Nakshatra.
Rohini Star, as the name suggests, is female in gender.
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