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Magha Nakshatra - Discovering its Force

In case you were wondering about Magha Nakshatra, or you are a native of this Nakshatra, then you are in luck today. We have made this piece specifically for people like you who are interested in gaining more knowledge about Magha Nakshatra. So please read this article from top to bottom as InstaAstro has brought highly researched material for your curiosity.

What is Magha Nakshatra?

Nakshatras are one of the most critical aspects of Indian Astrology. The name Nakshatra comes from two ancient Indian words; the first one is Naksha which essentially means a map, and the other one is Tara which means stars. Magha nakshatra is one of the most important among the nakshatras. Magha nakshatra lord planet is Ketu planet, and it keeps in touch with the star Regulus. Magha Nakshatra lucky number is 7.

The Magha Nakshatra, which is also known as the 'royal constellation' is considered a symbol of great reputation, power, dominance and eminent respect. It is often believed that the people born in Magha Nakshatra have excellent leadership skills by birth. Unlike other Nakshatras, people belonging to the Magha Nakshatra are not ruled by Devas; rather, Magha Nakshatra lord is Pitris, who is an ancestor of human beings. Thus it is believed that people in this Nakshatra are inclined towards their family tradition and values. People of this Nakshatra are usually attached to worldly pleasures and materialistic pleasures. Magha nakshatra zodiac sign is Leo.

Read the Characteristics & compatibility of male and female persons under Magha Nakshatra. Also, check the marriage life & career of Magha nakshatra native.

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Astrology of Magha Nakshatra

The brightest star in the Leo Constellation is Regulus which represents the Magha Nakshatra. The Magha in ancient Hindi terminology is associated with 'marvellous' or 'magnificent', and it is symbolised by a throne belonging to royal lineage. The beings born in this Nakshatra can achieve great things if they use their position and power wisely and correctly. The deepest essence of this Nakshatra is honesty and achievement. Natives of this belief in their lineage and ancestors a lot. They earn the blessings of elders. The traditional values and rituals are upheld by the natives, which gives them strong emotional and physical support in life. The natives are usually helpful and generous, and they believe in giving back to the community and society by doing good deeds.

Some Important Facts About Magha Nakshatra

  • Zodiac signs- Leo
  • Degree range- Leo 0 to Leo 13.20
  • Element- Water
  • Bird- Eagle
  • Banyan Tree
  • Deity- Pitris
  • Direction-west

Upcoming Important Dates in Magha Nakshatra in 2023

  • 10th of January, 2023
  • 6th of February, 2023
  • 5th of March, 2023
  • 2nd of April, 2023
  • 29th of April, 2023
  • 26th of May, 2023
  • 23rd of June, 2023
  • 20th of July, 2023
  • 16th of August, 2023
  • 12th of September,2023
  • 10th of October, 2023
  • 6th of November, 2023
  • 3rd of December, 2023
  • 31st of December, 2023

The mythology of Magha Nakshatra

The mythology of the Magha Nakshatra is a story connected to our Lord Krishna. The story where Lord Krishna takes over a tri-headed serpent, kalia, and dances on its head. The serpent acts as a throne to lord Krishna. The serpent here represents human desires and wants of the materialistic world and lord Krishna winning over it represents that he wins over his desires. This proves the point that a king only becomes a king once he or her has complete command over their materialistic wants and needs. That is the basic essence of Magha nakshatra.

Ketu is, the lord planet of Magha, is symbolic because Ketu represents the power of spirituality and letting go, which indicates that a person who is living a life of luxuries must always remember that all of the materialistic worlds is non-permanent and it will all vanish one day. So one should not get attached to it. The power gained in this Nakshatra should be utilised in a wise way. One should remember that power is to be maintained like a good king and not a bad one.

The sun in Magha nakshatra is associated with leo as Ketu is the ruler planet of Magha nakshatra and the Sun rules over leo which eventually gets to the all four quarters of this Nakshatra.

Magha Nakshatra Padas

  • 1st Pada- The first Magha Nakshatra Pada is dominated by the planet Mars and it falls under Aries. It is related to strong willpower. It secures the throne by slicing the multiple-headed serpent.
  • 2nd Pada- The second Magha Nakshatra Pada is dominated by the planet Venus. Venus in Magha nakshatra is regarding the king's accession to the throne. It falls under the Taurus sun sign. The foundation here is to build a good and powerful image and work on your duties as well as sorting out materialistic needs.
  • 3rd Pada- The third Magha pada comes under Gemini sun shine and is dominated by the Mercury planet. The major inclination in this one is to focus on creating art and gaining knowledge by increasing mental actions.
  • 4th Pada- The fourth Magha Nakshatra Pada comes under the cancer sunshine. It is dominated by the Moon.

Magha Nakshatra Characteristics for Male

The people born in this Nakshatra are usually very light-hearted and have a sense of humour. They respect elders and old family members, and usually, they try to follow customs and traditions with respect and love. They are very warm and good to other people. If they unknowingly affect someone negatively, they immediately respond by apologising. They do not like cunning and trouble-making people since they themselves are good and kind-hearted.

They will hence make nemesis who will try to belittle them and steal their success. People will get jealous of their prosperity and power and will try to affect them negatively. Some people will use the trick of flattery to gain their trust and support, and in the long term, they will try to cause harm to the natives. So beware of such people.

These people will be inclined towards donating to the needy. These people will be artistically more inclined, and they will pursue some art form and they might end up getting recognition, fame and awards for their work. They may even gain celebrity status through this pursuit.


The Male born in the Magha Nakshatra is going to inherit a lot of monetary and materialistic wealth due to his affluent family background. The Magha Nakshatra male characteristics do not vary a lot, so the person born in this is going to find success in the inherited work from his family. He may not find a lot of success on his own. Additionally, if Rahu in Magha nakshatra is dominant, then the Male is unstoppable, and he will earn success which is unheard of.

The males are usually very stern and rigid with their decisions, and they do not change their minds once they make a decision. If they choose the right path, they go very far in life, so it is very crucial to choose the correct path. Their bravery is well known to the people around them. People surrounding them will always look up to them.

Marriage and Family

Magha nakshatra marriage age is after 27 as it is only after that age they will start to prosper in their respective fields. Magha nakshatra male married life is going to be married happily with their partners. They would not face marital problems as such. They might face a lot of responsibilities that can become overwhelming at times. Family responsibilities from siblings can be one of the biggest responsibilities, but they will still manage it with great vigour. Magha Nakshatra characteristics say that the magha nakshatra male marriage life will be full of joy and happiness.


Men born in Magha Nakshatra are usually very likely to get caught with serious health problems like cancer, epilepsy etc. and one of the major ones being night blindness. They may also get affected by the motion caused in stars. Healthy food habits need to be adopted so as to avoid unnecessary falling sick.

Magha Nakshatra Famous Personalities (Male)

  • Direction-west
  • Bill Clinton
  • Walt Whitman
  • Joseph Stalin
  • Sri Aurobindo
  • Michael Jackson

Magha Nakshatra Female Characteristics

The women born in this Nakshatra are usually strong-headed and take a stand which leads them to keep getting into fights and arguments. Native women are hot-headed and are usually not calm. Outside people would not be able to dictate the native woman into doing something. The native women are usually big-hearted and generous by nature. They will manage both professional and domestic jobs with utmost excellence.They will have a placement of Jupiter in their nakshatra and that is why success would come to them quite easily. They will have a cordial relationship in a professional space with their bosses especially. They are god-loving and feared by nature so they perform good deeds and rituals with honesty.


As per Magha Nakshatra characteristics it has been seen that if Jupiter in Magha nakshatra is placed correctly, then the native woman will hold really high positions in her professional career. The native woman will fight her way upward if she wants to achieve something, then she can. She has a high chance of getting married to men of rich households and backgrounds. If she can control her emotions, she can lead a very prosperous life full of comfort.

Marriage Life

The native woman's married and family life is a bit turbulent as most of the issues in the marriage, and her family life will be caused by her. Her habits will cause a lot of issues between herself and her husband and in-laws. It will become a very unhealthy situation for everyone. Her short-temperedness will be the main cause of the friction in the family. The Magha Nakshatra married life for women says that they will incline towards arguments and fights.

If she controls her emotions correctly, then she can actually build a very good family life for herself. She has a high chance of conceiving a healthy and strong-willed son and a few healthy and wise daughters.


The native woman may have to face some severe health issues such as eyesight problems, blood issues and urine problems. These health-related issues will start showing very early, but if not treated correctly in time, then it will cause a lot of major health issues in future. They need to be extra careful of Jaundice as they are prone to get affected by it, so take appropriate precautions beforehand. Hence, the native woman needs to take extra care of her health physically and mentally to lead a healthy life. Consumption of Healthy food at the correct time of the day is a must to maintain good health.

Magha Nakshatra Famous Personalities (Female)

  • Margaret Thatcher
  • Julia Roberts
  • Theresa May
  • Lou Henry Hoover
  • Jodie Foster

Different Planets In Magha Nakshatra

Let us have a look at the effects that different planets have when placed in Magha nakshatra. These are as follows:

  • Venus In Magha Nakshatra: Venus inMagha nakshatra tends to make an individual have a dominating spouse. Moreover, the individual, on the other hand, will also possess good and fruitful relations with their partner and spouse. Thus,they will enjoy marital bliss to its extreme.
  • Jupiter In Magha Nakshatra: The natives with Jupiter in Magha Nakshatra tend to make an individual quite wise in nature. Moreover, the individual also comes around to be very intelligent and also has a lot of knowledge.
  • Rahu In Magha Nakshatra: The natives having Rau in this nakshatra come around to be obsessed with materialistic things. Moreover, the individuals will also never be satisfied in their life by any or everything they have or achieve.
  • Mars In Magha Nakshatra: The placement of Mars in this nakshatra tends to make an individual quite hard working in nature. Moreover, the native also comes around to be very ambitious and will do anything and everything in order to achieve their goal.
  • Sun In Magha Nakshatra: Having Sun in this nakshatra tends to make an individual possess leadership qualities and skills. Moreover, the native also will lead a luxurious life as they have a fine eye for the same.
  • Moon In Magha Nakshatra: The placement of Moon in this nakshatra tends to make an individual possess leadership abilities. Along this, the individual also tends to possess a liking for power and authority.
  • Mercury in Magha Nakshatra: Mercury in this nakshatra tends to make an individual quite good at communication. Moreover, the individual has a huge chance of gaining success in the business sphere.
  • Saturn In Magha Nakshatra: The natives with Saturn in this nakshatra will come around to be very hardworking in nature. Additionally, the natives will also possess leadership qualities and abilities.
  • Ketu In Magha Nakshatra: The individuals having the placement of Ketu in this nakshatra tend to come around as down to earth individuals. Moreover, they also tend to possess a keen interest in the field of research.


It can be deduced that a person born in Magha Nakshatra will grow up to gain huge dominance through the position of power. The native individual will lead a fulfilling life with every comfort at their will. They should always seek blessings from elders and their ancestors. Celebrating ancient customs and traditions is going to play a huge role in their success, so natives should never abandon their roots. Except that, they need to be cautious of their health and well-being. Their success might be a bit delayed but it cannot escape them. One day it will come on their path.

We at InstaAstro hope that this article provided answers to your questions and quenched your curiosities regarding nakshatras. If you liked the article please visit the page again because we make related content every day to keep you engrossed with knowledge. For related questions, you can scroll below to our frequently asked questions section. Hope to see you again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Magha nakshatra lord is Ganesha, who is a ruling deity of mercury.
The people born in this Nakshatra are highly influential and powerful. They reach a high level of success in their lifetime. As per Magha Nakshatra in English, these individuals are ambitious and hardworking.
Women born under Magha Nakshatra are highly dominating and powerful, which would lead them to succeed professionally, but it might lead to family problems due to ego clashes with their partners and in-laws.
The Nakshatra, where Jupiter is a dominant planet, provides monetary wealth and success.
People born under this Nakshatra are usually very hard-working, and are known for their power and bravery.
The year 2022 has been quite good for Magha Nakshatra natives as you may have received monetary help from friends and family. They will back you up during crucial phases and won't let you fall back on your own.
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