Abhijit Nakshatra Meaning

Abhijit Nakshatra lies between Uttarashada Nakshatra and Shravana Nakshatra and is a special case in Vedic Astrology. The word “Abhijit” means “victory” or “undefeatable”. There are 27 Nakshatras in total, but Abhijit is an extra one added to the list. With the ruling planet Mercury, Abhijit Nakshatra blesses individuals with intelligence and maturity. People are born in this nakshatra when the moon's position stands between 6:40 degrees and 10:53 degrees in Abhijit Nakshatra zodiac sign.

Dates for Abhijit Nakshatra 2024

Abhijit Nakshatra characteristics are derived from both of the mentioned Nakshatras. Therefore, it brings a suitable time or muhurta for different spiritual events. In Vedic history, Abhijit Muhurat means 28 minutes before and after 12:00, both AM and PM.

Let us see the Abhijit Muhurat dates for 2024.

Day and DateStart TimeEnd Time
Friday, January 12, 202410:00 AM, January 1204:40 PM, January 12
Thursday, February 8, 202409:00 PM, February 803:30 AM, February 9
Thursday, March 7, 202407:35 AM, March 702:30 PM, March 7
Wednesday, April 3, 202404:10 PM, April 311:15 PM, April 3
Tuesday, April 30, 202410:25 PM, April 3005:40 AM, May 1
Monday, June 24, 202410:15 AM, June 245:20 PM, June 24
Sunday, July 21, 202406:40 PM, July 2101:40 AM, July 22
Sunday, August 18, 202404:45 AM, August 1811.40 AM, August 18
Saturday, September 14, 202402:55 PM, September 1411:00 PM, September 14
Friday, October 11, 202411:35 PM, October 1106:50 AM, October 12
Friday, November 8, 202406:05 PM, November 801:35 AM, November 9
Tuesday, December 5, 202411:30 AM, December 507.00 AM, December 6

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Features of Abhijit Nakshatra

Let us look at the auspicious Abhijit Nakshatra characteristics below.

Abhijit Nakshatra AspectsFeatures
Abhijit Nakshatra Lord PlanetMercury or Ketu
Abhijit Nakshatra SymbolHorse Head
Abhijit Nakshatra GodLord Brahma or Mahavishnu
Abhijit Nakshatra Zodiac SignCapricorn
Abhijit Nakshatra Lucky StoneGarnet
Abhijit Nakshatra Lucky Number7 and 9
Abhijit Nakshatra Animal and BirdFemale Elephant and Hansa (Swan)
Abhijit Nakshatra TreePoison Nut Tree
Abhijit Nakshatra GanaDeva
Abhijit Nakshatra Lucky ColourBrownish Yellow
Abhijit Nakshatra NatureDeva
Abhijit Nakshatra CareerEngineering, Media, Hotel Management and Politics

Abhijit Nakshatra Zodiac Sign

Abhijit Nakshatra Rasi, or zodiac sign, is Capricorn. People who fall under this zodiac sign have the qualities of Abhijit Nakshatra lord planet, Mercury, i.e. they are brave and independent. Moreover, they are opinionated and keep a balance between their heart and mind. They will use their brains but also ask their heart in a dilemma.

They know how to talk with respect. Everybody likes to be their friend and are very pampered by them. They also have motherly instincts and are very caring. At the same time, they are academically inclined and have an interest in research. You will find them wherever there are intense general discussions about life and science.

These people are fond of books and tend to find answers about their circumstances. They value the “What and Why” of things. Abhijit Nakshatra famous personalities traits include being curious, intelligent, religious, and spiritual and have good communication skills. However, they do not follow a healthy lifestyle and face health issues.

Abhijit Nakshatra Characteristics: Male

Let us have a look at Abhijit Nakshatra male characteristics. Below, we talk about their personality, love life, marriage, career and health.


An Abhijit Nakshatra male is well-behaved and is respected by everyone in society. The Sun in Abhijit Nakshatra imparts wisdom, awareness and stability to the male natives. They live by routine and are well-disciplined in life. Having Abhijit nakshatra symbol as the Horse’s head, they have sharp minds and do not let any obstruction stop them from progressing.

Love Life and Marriage

The Abhijit Nakshatra male tend to marry early, usually around 23 years of age. Due to quick decisions on marriage, the males of Abhijit Nakshatra compatibility with their wife is average. Some of them also end up in a divorce and decide to have a second marriage later. They treat their wife with respect and love, but certain impulsive behaviour causes difficulties in love life.


You will find most of the entrepreneurs from the male native of this nakshatra. They are inclined to work in top-level positions and wish to lead a team. Victory is assured in whatever they want to pursue. They are go-getters and very ambitious. However, it is always a matter of concern for the family that they might go deep into spirituality and religious activities.


Abhijit Nakshatra males are born in the Abhjit Muhurat. They are fit but have minor health issues. They keep themselves healthy through a basic lifestyle and simple food. Their go-to meal is usually dal, rice, and green vegetables. Moreover, they have friends who encourage them to be physically active.

Ashwini Nakshatra Characteristics: Female

Now let us go through the Abhijit nakshatra female characteristics, i.e. their personality, love life, marriage, career and health.


The female natives of Abhijit Nakshatra are good at heart, and you’ll feel warmth in their conversations. Due to facing some unexpected bad events, women of this nakshatra will get intense and mature early in their age. They do not judge the book by its cover and only form opinions when they personally get to know a person. They do not make friends based on social status.

Love Life and Marriage

Due to bad examples of marriage that the female natives of this nakshatra have observed in their childhood, they tend to be against marriage for a broad period of time. But, probably, after the age of 24, their perspective changes when they go away from their families to study and meet people. They get their guards down and open their doors to love and marriage. The Abhijit nakshatra female marriage life runs smoothly, and they nurture good children.


As Abhijit Nakshatra female characteristics involve a helping nature, they are interested in social work and frequently contribute to worshipping places, dharamshalas and orphanages. Spirituality is another topic of interest for them. So, they might indulge in fields dealing with spiritual energies, such as psychics. However, chief executives, investment bankers, marine engineers, scientists, and researchers are the professions they prefer the most.


Before becoming 18, females here frequently get ill. They are likely to face continuous cough, arthritis, inflammatory diseases and skin disorders. Parents have to take special care of them and teach them with love about any mistake, especially when they are in their 15th year, as it is a crucial stage in their life. Once they are 19, they will enjoy, earn well and live happily.

Abhijit Nakshatra Pada

The division of the Nakshatra into Padas helps us examine the changes in attributes that occur as we move from one pada to another. Next are the four padas of the Abhijit Nakshatra.

Abhijit Nakshatra Pada 1

Abhijit Nakshatra Pada 1 inherits all Abhijit Nakshatra characteristics like hard work, strong communication skills, courage, sharp-mindedness and intellect. In this pada, people have a strong desire to win over others. Things may get fiery as their ego clashes with their fellow mates, and this may end up in disputes.

Abhijit Nakshatra Pada 2

People of Abhjit Nakshatra Pada 2 have a practical approach to dealing with things. They reside in the Taurus Navamsa. These people put in their best efforts while keeping all the rights and wrongs in mind. Governed by Venus, they tend to perform better and give good results at their workplace.

Abhijit Nakshatra Pada 3

People born in Abhijit Nakshatra Pada 3 have bright brains. They are smart and academically inclined. They reside in the Gemini Navamsa. They love science as a subject, and people praise them for their analytical minds. Governed by Mercury, they have strong communication skills and are sweet in behaviour.

Abhijit Nakshatra Pada 4

People of Abhijit Nakshatra Pada 4 find their interest in anatomy, i.e. the study of the human body. They are curious about the inner workings of our living bodies. They are keen to cut and dissect the bodies and help in repairing and healing. This brings us to the family of surgeons or doctors in this pada.

Different Planets In Abhijit Nakshatra

Planets move from one nakshatra to another, bringing various changes and impacts to individuals' lives on Earth. Let us see what happens when different planets get seated in the auspicious Abhijit Nakshatra.

  • Venus in Abhijit Nakshatra: When Venus resides in the Abhijit Nakshatra, it causes an individual to encounter a delay in their marriage. Moreover, there is also the chance that natives will have a love marriage.
  • Jupiter in Abhijit Nakshatra: This arrangement helps individuals attain and gain a lot of success in their lives. Moreover, the natives who have this arrangement in their birth chart come out to be very wealthy individuals.
  • Rahu in Abhijit Nakshatra: Individuals with Rahu seated in Abhijit Nakshatra do whatever it takes to win the battle. Rahu can either make a person very cunning, almost criminal or encourage a person to win power with honesty.
  • Mars in Abhijit Nakshatra: When Mars visits Abhijit Nakshatra, it makes an individual keen on politics. Moreover, the natives can pursue this interest as a career and become very successful individuals.
  • Sun in Abhijit Nakshatra: The Sun in Abhijit makes an individual desire a position of authority and power. Moreover, they gain positive and beneficial outcomes in any goal they set.
  • Moon in Abhijit Nakshatra: The Moon in Abhijit brings intellect, knowledge and wisdom to an individual. Such individuals are fit physically and mentally and hence enjoy good health.
  • Mercury in Abhijit Nakshatra: When Mercury meets Abhjit Nakshatra, it offers success to individuals in all aspects of life. Be it love, marriage, career, finances or health, you will face favourable situations in all areas.
  • Saturn in Abhijit Nakshatra: The Saturn in Abhjit Nakshatra indicates many bad and negative results in an individual’s life. However, it eventually ends, and a person ultimately grows financially and intellectually.
  • Ketu in Abhijit Nakshatra: This setup brings leadership and academic expertise to Abhijit Nakshatra rasi. It represents spirituality, moksha, liberation and enlightenment. If you can meditate and go deep within yourself in a noisy world or where frequencies are high, Ketu has reached you.

Mythology Associated With Abhijit Nakshatra

The Moon meets the Abhijit Nakshatra at the 22nd position or lunar station, and there is a special connection between the two. In traditional texts, it is mentioned that the Moon had the 27 nakshatras as the wives and the 28th nakshatra (Abhijit) was his son.

In addition to this, the Bhagavad Gita mentions that Lord Krishna declared himself Abhijit Nakshatra. This happens when he encourages everyone to be alert and awake during the Mahabharata war.

Abhijit Nakshatra: Strengths and Weaknesses

People born in Abhijit Nakshatra are rare and, therefore, special to be born under its auspicious Muhurat. They have their unique strengths and weaknesses. Let us have a look.


Below are the strengths of people born under Abhijit Nakshatra:

  • The victorious energy in the nakshatra keeps the people safe from financial problems.
  • They earn well and hold reputed positions in society.
  • When it comes to Abhijit Nakshatra wealth, individuals born here are grounded and work hard continuously to maintain finances.
  • Through their continuous hard work and determination, they receive all worldly pleasures and get blessed with the goddess Laxmi.
  • Polite by nature, they are full of compassion and kindness.
  • They create an impact when they talk. They are honest and speak the truth.


Below are the weaknesses of the individual born with Abhijit Nakshatra zodiac sign.

  • People of Abhijit Nakshatra bond well with their partners, but they may fight and argue a lot.
  • Abhijit Nakshatra individuals are less capable of keeping long-term commitments. There is a chance that they may face divorce or separation.
  • Some individuals born under Abhijit Nakshatra are against marriage. Hence, if they marry under family pressure, the Abhijit Nakshatra marriage life gets difficult.
  • They get easily angry and do not take others’ advice well.
  • These individuals are in a habit of making impulsive decisions. They act without thinking and end up in trouble.
  • They can’t take a loss easily and get disappointed quite quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Abhijit's nakshatra rashi is Capricorn. With the ruling planet Mercury, Capricorns are wise, smart, helpful, and deeply interested in spirituality. Know more about Abhijit nakshatra in English as well as Hindi on our website.
Lord Rama, who was the king of Ayodhya and incarnation of Lord Vishnu, was believed to be born in Abhijit muhurta. He was a great example of high morals and goodness.
The answer to Abhijit Muhurat is good or bad is that it is considered to be the most auspicious nakshatra. It is called the Abhijit muhurta. Pandits prefer Abhijit nakshatra as the best time to worship the god or keep poojas. Fifteen beneficial muhurtas lie between sunset and sunrise, while Abhijit lies in the centre of that duration.
Abhijit Nakshatra is known to be the son of the Moon. That indicates that individuals born under this sign may hold many secrets. They may initially seem introverted and would hide that they are working hard. Later, they reach the topmost levels of an organisation before anyone else does.
Mercury is the lord Planet of Abhijit Nakshatra. It brings intelligence, sharp-mindedness, intelligence and honesty to individuals born in this nakshatra. The Mercury in Abhijit Nakshatra brings these qualities to Capricorn natives.
The most compatible nakshatras for the Abhijit nakshatra are Bharani, Mrigashira, Moola and Ashwini. These nakshatras share some common traits with Abhijit nakshatra, like being lively and dynamic. Common traits will help them form an understanding of each other.
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