Yoga In Astrology

According to astrology, Yoga is a relationship between two or more planets in your kundali. By examining the zodiac signs and houses in which the planets are positioned, you can determine a Yoga that brings fortune to your personal and professional life. Use the free yoga calculator in astrology today to discover your luck.

Free Auspicious Yoga Calculator

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Auspicious Yoga Calculator

The Yoga Calculator in kundali lets you calculate an auspicious occurrence of planets that can bring you success and wealth. This occurrence or Yoga benefits can be utilised if we understand what it means and what activities can be done based on the Yoga we are born with.

The free yoga calculator in astrology not only reveals your auspicious Yoga but also indicates personality traits gifted by a particular Yog. Additionally, it also suggests you perform various activities like marriage, purchasing new items, giving a baby a name, doing havan, etc.

How Does The Online Yoga Calculator Work?

In Hindu astrology, a person's life is believed to go well if their horoscope indicates planets making lucky yogas in astrology by date of birth. In order to use the yoga calculator in Kundli to determine it, all you need to do is follow some steps below.

  1. First, you enter your name, place of birth, time of birth, gender, and date of birth.
  2. After you fill in these details in the calculator, click on calculate.
  3. It then further presents you with the results that display the Auspicious Yoga you are born with and its meanings. Alongside, you will also get to see timings that one must avoid.

Features of the Online Auspicious Yoga Calculator

The free yoga calculator in astrology provides you with not just the name of the yoga you are born with but also has some additional features. The components of the Astrology Yoga Calculator software are mentioned below.

  • Name of the Auspicous Yoga with interpretations: This is the first thing you see after giving your details in the yoga calculator. This has three parts - Your Yoga Name, Specials and Meanings. The Specials indicate activities you can perform in this Yoga, while the Meanings feature explains the personality traits you are gifted with.
  • The Rahu, Gulika and Yamaganda period: What sets this online yog calculator in kundli unique is the mentions of inauspicious timings during the Rahu, Gulika and Yamaganda period. These timings must be noted as these can stop you from getting the benefits of your Yoga.

Most Auspicious Yogas In Astrology

Some yogas are ordinary and are found in most people, while others are very rare in astrology. Here is a list of some significant and best yogas in astrology that are sure to bring wealth and prosperity.

Here, Ruchika yoga, Bhadra yoga, Hansa yoga, Malavya yoga and Sasha yoga are the types of Panch Mahapurush yoga, also known as Panchkoti Yoga. These are the very rare yogas in astrology and make some of the richest people in the world.

  • Mahalaxmi Yoga: A person born with Mahalaxmi Yoga is born with royal benefits. They are never out of wealth for their whole life. However, they are determined, disciplined, and hardworking enough to take their legacy to the next level by adding more wealth to the already gifted luxury.
  • Amsavatara yoga: A person with Amsa Avatara yoga has a natural talent for the arts and is devoted to it, whether singing, acting, painting or sculpting. They are very enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Moreover, they are people who are always eager to learn new things.
  • Gajkesari yoga: Gajkesari yoga combines two words, "Gaj" and "Kesari", which means elephant and lion, respectively. This signifies wealth and success. If you have Gajakesari in your Yoga, you can be highly intuitive, have good physical features and are always energetic.
  • Ruchika Yoga: Ruchika yoga means a person will be courageous. These people will be good leaders and well-known for their qualities. They are not likely to have enemies. Alongside, they will be successful in all his ventures with hard work. The natives of this Yoga will do noble deeds.
  • Bhadra Yoga: Bhadra yoga represents people who are honest, intelligent, and born with a natural charm. They love everyone and are always ready to help others. These people are naturally blessed with beauty and are always well-dressed. They are intelligent, will be successful in life, and will be very popular.
  • Hamsa yoga: The native of this Yoga is always in the limelight. They are religious, righteous and idealistic. Hence, they can influence others. Moreover, they are highly respected by his friends, relatives and well-wishers. These people are gifted with good luck and success.
  • Malavya Yoga: The people with Malavya Yoga will be gifted with attractive physiques and features. They will easily attract fame and wealth. Their natural beauty will attract people towards them. They will also be courageous, and their good looks will give them an edge over others.
  • Sasha Yoga: Sasa Yoga has its natives interested in the occult and secret knowledge. These natives will be skilful and intelligent in their work, but at the same time, they will be fickle-minded. They will have an intense desire to accumulate wealth.
  • Lagnadhi Yoga: The person born in Lagnadhi Yoga is sincere and straightforward. He can be a soldier, a judge, a police officer, but also a doctor, a scientist. His main feature is that he can make any work very logical. He is well suited to work as a manager, a banker, a lawyer, a supervisor and similar bureaucratic roles.
  • Sunapha Yoga: Those born on Sunapha Yoga will have a positive attitude towards life. They will have a very positive outlook and always try to live positively. They will always be able to attract luck and make the best out of any situation. These natives have the potential to achieve fame and rise to a very high position in society.
  • Anapha Yoga: Those born with this Yoga in their chart will be highly principled and consistent in their approach to life. They will be deeply committed to what they do and aim to do the right thing. These people are highly ethical and honest. They will be highly dynamic and energetic, and their life will have a sense of purpose.

Some Other Yogas According To Astrology

A few more yogas can form in your kundli in addition to those mentioned above. Those yogas in astrology by date of birth are listed below.

Dhan YogaRaja YogaDurdhara YogaBrahma YogaPushkala Yoga
Chanda YogaGauri YogaSaraswati YogaDevendra YogaMakuta Yoga
Jaya YogaVidyut YogaChandika YogaSukha YogaVishnu Yoga
Shiva YogaVimala YogaChapa YogaNabhi YogaDhwaja Yoga
Gola YogaRavi YogaGaruda YogaShubha YogaTrilochana Yoga
Vajra YogaYuga YogaVasarpati YogaNaga YogaPadma Yoga
Musala YogaAnguli YogaLavanya YogaHarsha YogaSarala Yoga
Chandra Mangala YogaChaturmukhi YogaLakshmi Yoga or Laxmi YogaMangala Madhya Klebba YogaMaha Bhagya Yoga
Gandharva YogaVesi YogaVasi YogaUbhayachari YogaAmala Yoga
Bhaskara YogaMarut YogaParijat YogaKundalini YogaMalika Yoga
Chamara YogaSrikantha YogaSrinatha YogaShakti YogaBudha Yoga
Indra YogaParvata YogaDwigraha YogaGuru Mangal yogaChatussagara Yoga
Vasumathi YogaMatsya Yoga*Shakat Yoga*Kemadruma Yoga*Daridra Yoga

Note: Daridra Yoga, Shakat Yoga and Kemadruma Yoga are exceptional Yogas in astrology that contain some unfavourable planetary combinations causing financial loss.

Famous Personalities Under Luckiest Yogas

Various Yoga formations have benefitted many people and made them some of the most influential and successful people in the world. Let us have a look at popular public figures who have rare but the best yogas in astrology.

Gajakesari Yoga CelebritiesVipreet Raj Yoga CelebritiesMalavya Yoga Celebrities
Narendra ModiAmitabh BacchanJayalalitha
Queen Elizabeth IIRajiv GandhiSania Mirza
Bill ClintonRajnikanthShri R.K. Dhawan
Akshay KumarLata MangeshkarSonia Gandhi
David CameronRabindranath TagoreRaj Kapoor

Frequently Asked Questions

Yogas are special occurrences of a set of planets that can impact your success, wealth, prosperity and sense of awareness. There are several yogas in Kundli, and most of them are auspicious. Find your own yoga with Yog calculator in kundli.
The yogas are created when planets are positioned in particular houses that can be significant or little, good or harmful. The planets govern our behaviour, and how that force is channelled depends on where those planets are in the horoscope.
The astrology yoga calculator software will calculate your yogas by employing an advanced algorithm based on astrological analysis. You can easily estimate your yogas in astrology by entering date, place and time of birth, your name, and gender. Check yogas in your kundali free for yourself now!
Yoga calculator in Kundali can not only calculate your Yoga but also let you know how to utilise this Yoga for various activities. You can further consult our astrologers for an in-depth understanding of how to reap the maximum benefits of this yoga in terms of success and wealth.
No. While most of the Yogas in Kundali are auspicious, there are a few exceptional Yogas or occurrences of planets in a horoscope that can have bad impacts on people’s lives. They are Daridra Yoga, Shakat Yoga and Kemadruma Yoga.
The presence of a rare Yoga in your Kundli is a good indicator of wealth, peace, success and prosperity. For example, a person taking birth with Mahalaxmi Yoga is rare, and if it happens, it may indicate wealth generation for life. If you wish to find yours, check yogas in your kundali free today!
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