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Aquarius & Leo

Leo-Aquarius Nature and Key Details

PlanetsElementModalitiesBest AspectWorst Aspect
Leo - SunLeo - FireLeo - FixedLeo - LeadershipLeo - Arrogance
Aquarius - Saturn and UranusAquarius - AirAquarius - FixedAquarius - InnovativeAquarius - Detached

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Have you ever felt that he or she was the one for me at the first meeting? Well, this can happen with Aquarius and Leo because they match the same level of energy and passion. Also, both zodiac signs are fixed signs; there is a strong probability that they can form a strong bond with each other. Leo and Aquarius compatibility is undeniable because Leo's creativity skills and Aquarius intellect personality attract each other without a second thought.

So, what do you think about how this match is going to work? Is there a bright future for a Leo and Aquarius match? Are Leo and Aquarius compatible? Come along with us while we find out through Aquarius and Leo compatibility percentage in different aspects of life.

Leo-Aquarius Love Compatibility Percentage ⇨ 88%


When we imagine Leo and Aquarius as partners, a question might arise in our mind: “Is Leo and Aquarius a good match?” Well, let us tell you that this Fire and Air sign is extremely compatible when it’s a matter of love. The emotional and socialising nature of Leo and Aquarius’s determined and focused nature helps them bloom and grow together in a relationship.

You might always find them laughing, learning, shedding tears together and putting equal efforts to keep their relationship healthy and lively. Also, Aquarius Leo compatibility is strong because they are aware of each other needs and desires in a relationship. They keep an eye on each other’s likes and dislikes, which makes their relationship a perfect match.

Leo-Aquarius Marriage Compatibility Percentage ⇨ 89%


You might always be wondering in your mind, “How is Aquarius and Leo marriage compatibility?”. Well, as you read below, you’ll be amazed to know that Aquarius and Leo are the perfect compatible couples for marriage. Their compatibility as a married couple is powerful and unbreakable. They make sure they respect each other’s boundaries and respect independence in their relationship. Even though Leo and Aquariums are two opposite individuals with different personalities and behaviours, sometimes the opposites attract the most.

They make sure that they have open and clear communication in their relationship so that there is not a tiny space left for disagreements and denial. Also, they both believe they must always find special times for one another so that their married life feels nurtured and a stronger bond is always maintained. They discuss every little thing and conclude while making any decisions in their life. Their strong communication skills allow them to understand each other better.

Leo-Aquarius Sex Compatibility Percentage ⇨ 98%


Having a good sexual relationship with your partner is equally important in every relationship. Even though you have the most loving, affectionate and romantic partner, if there is no good sexual compatibility between the two people, your relationship might take a dip. They always keep in mind that both of them need to be equally satisfied with their sexual relationship, so they try to keep the moment more open and comfortable.

They try to talk and make each other comfortable so that their personal moments become smooth and filled with pleasure. Also, the fire and the Air element zodiac sign intensify the heat under the sheet, making it more sexually appealing to each other. The emotional and passionate bond gets together to make it more exciting and joyful.

Leo-Aquarius Friendship Compatibility Percentage ⇨ 89%


Do you know how the Leo and Aquarius friendship compatibility percentage is so high? It’s all because of their loyalty and honesty towards each other. They prioritise their friendship to a level that they are able to understand each other situations and problems without even sharing them all. They give each other equal independence and the right to make individual decisions in life.

They do not push each other to do certain things if they aren’t comfortable with it. They have certain boundaries that neither of them crosses, and that’s how their friendship compatibility is so strong and made to last long. They always try to appreciate each other’s efforts and motivate others to work hard and achieve their goals. Also, their friendships last longer because they have no jealousy or hatred for each other in a friendship.

Leo-Aquarius Communication Compatibility Percentage ⇨ 90%


Having good and healthy communication is the most important aspect of every relationship. However, Aquarius Leo compatibility is healthy and strong because they keep the way for open communication. They talk out things instead of just pilling it up in their heads. They take time for each other and try to talk to and understand each other.

This way, there is no chance left for misunderstanding and conflicts between the two. It’s not that they are always in a mood to indulge in fun activities and romance, but they sit together and communicate with each other so that they are aware of each other needs and wants. They are clear about what they want to discuss and talk about instead of just taking the conversation the other way around.

Leo-Aquarius Work Compatibility Percentage ⇨ 92%


Leo and Aquarius get along well even in their workspace due to their equal determination and effort for their career. They keep in mind that every task is completed efficiently by guiding and helping each other. They bring the best work to the table with their equal passion for keeping on every detail. Moreover, Aquarius and Leo share good work compatibility because the level of intellect and innovative power they both have is just incredible.

They can make the toughest task seem easy and smooth by their potential and passion to offer their best to the task they have been assigned. Not only that, but Leo Aquarius can also be an amazing business partner because how they execute their ideas and skills can never be matched by anyone else. Also, big business requires unique and innovative ideas where they both can get along and bring the best work, which can lead them towards the path of success.

Leo-Aquarius Trust Compatibility Percentage ⇨ 75%


Trust in a relationship between Leo and Aquarius comes from how they treat each other. Both are always open to clear communication, which doesn’t leave any space for doubt and trust issues. They always make sure that even the most silly things are discussed so that the other person is always informed about things going on in each other's lives.

Also, there is always mutual respect between each other that makes both of them feel safe, and the bond of trust grows stronger. They create a breathing room for each other beforehand so that none of them crosses the limits and boundaries in a relationship, and the trust always stays stronger and intact.

Leo-Aquarius Emotional Compatibility Percentage ⇨ 99%


Leo and Aquarius share an extreme emotional bond that is deep and fulfilling. They are emotionally connected, which allows them to understand each other more deeply. They also have the exact emotional needs where they accept and give love equally to each other. Also, everyone in their lives needs someone with whom they can connect on an emotional level.

Both provide a safe space for expressing their feelings openly. Also, there is always mutual respect between each other that makes both of them feel safe, and the bond of trust grows stronger. They create a breathing room for each other beforehand so that none of them crosses the limits and boundaries in a relationship, and the trust always stays stronger and intact.

Leo-Aquarius Relationship: Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Strengths: The most powerful strength of Leo and Aquarius' compatibility is their willingness to communicate and keep things clear between each other. They make sure that they are able to fulfil each other's needs and wants, and thus, they make the most out of every moment of their lives together.
  • Weaknesses: Sometimes, the most minor things in a relationship can become your weakness, and the same is true with Leo and Aquarius. Leo’s constant need for attention can make the Aquarius feel suffocated and make them feel that they are not getting enough personal space. So, during this situation, it’s essential for Leo to understand that they need to give Aquarius some time and space.

Leo-Aquarius Compatibility Tips

Every relationship has certain ups and downs, and thus, reflecting on those issues and solving them as soon as possible can save the relationship from getting drowned. While opposite signs get attracted and attached very quickly, they can also come across differences. So it’s very crucial to accept each other’s flaws and work on them so that their relationship is healthy and stable.

Zodiac Compatibility Calculator

Enter your details and find out the compatibility between your and your partner's signs

Frequently Asked Questions

Leo and Aquarius are compatible because they almost share the same energy, passion, and commitment to building a great bond. They get along with each other so well because they have the ability to understand each other’s desires, likes and dislikes.
Leo and Aquarius make a perfect match for marriage because they can make the most dull moments turn into fun and exciting moments. They have a high level of understanding and maturity within themselves that makes them the best couples.
The Leo and Aquarius match has a great ability to create sparks and excitement in a relationship. However, they need to remember that it requires effort and understanding to make it work. Their compatibility can lead to a strong and passionate relationship if they communicate and try to proceed with things effectively.
Leo and Aquarius are sexually compatible because their passionate and adventurous natures make their sexual life more exciting and harmonious. Also, the ability to understand each other’s needs and desires acts as a cheery on the top, making them the most compatible zodiac sign.
Trusting an Aquarius for Leo individuals can be a bit challenging because of their independent nature and the want to spend most of their time alone. Also, keeping the trust constant in a relationship requires open and clear communication, consistency, and understanding between each other; only then both of them will be able to establish a solid foundation in their relationship.
Aquarius and Leo can be in the same team when it comes to professional development. Aquarius is quick at bringing new and innovative ideas, while Leos is a creative and born leader.
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