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One of the world's most wholesome, hopeful, and optimistic feelings is being in love. Every one of us wishes to be in a fulfilling relationship that will make us feel better, help us grow and become better versions of ourselves, and build a better future.

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Now, being in love requires a lot of sacrifices too. A relationship is built on the collective efforts of two people, and it cannot stay strong without constant work. For example, you're in a relationship and feel that there is something lacking.

This may be the case because you and your partner are not being consistent with each other. Also, being in love is to build your patience and become emotionally resilient and affectionate.

We require partners who possess qualities which are complementary to ours and tend to stay longer in relationships when we feel more emotionally attached, fulfilled, and happy. On the other hand, nobody wishes to continue with a relationship or partnership where they feel unimportant, ignored, and unloved.

So, in cases like these, a love compatibility tarot session can help you unravel some essential questions of your relationship. This particular type of reading and tarot card interpretation enables you to understand whether you and your partner are meant to be together in the long run or not and how you can make your relationship better.

A relationship tarot reading session acts as an essential tool for discovering whether your relationship has what it takes to survive all storms and battles. Through a personalised love life prediction and free tarot reading session, it can be possible to determine if you and your partner are meant to be together. Besides this, you also get to know of factors which might affect your relationship and how you can put in collective efforts to strengthen your love life.

If you have been questioning your relationship and its strength, one simple yet effective way to test the power of your and your partner's dynamic is through tarot card reading sessions. To book your consultation with InstaAstro tarot readers, head to our 'Talk to Tarot Readers' page, choose a tarot reader on the basis of their credentials, fix an appointment with them, and get talking! Our team will assist you throughout the love test process, and you won't feel ignored or disregarded, even for a minute.

What is Love Compatibility in Tarot?

Love compatibility in a tarot reading is nothing but a test of the dynamic shared between you and your partner. For example, you believe that you and your partner are meant to be, but unfortunately, your partner might not feel the same. So, to check whether your belief holds any ground, you can engage yourself in a love compatibility tarot session that will give you the answers you seek.

Moreover, these special types of readings are pretty popular amongst persons of all age groups. In addition, as per information gathered from some of the tarot experts at InstaAstro, they receive numerous queries from people seeking their free love tarot spread for singles. So, it is clear that a love compatibility test is famous among all individuals, whether singles or people in committed relationships.

As per the rules and essence of love compatibility in tarot reading sessions, you are supposed to provide some necessary details, such as your and your partner's zodiac signs. Now, you must be wondering about the significance of zodiac signs in a tarot reading. The answer is simple: love compatibility reading is a unique type of tarot reading that is a blend of astrology and tarot predictions.

What this means is that in this particular tarot session, energies, planets, zodiac signs, and the connection of all these elements to each other. But did you know you can predict the level of compatibility, love, and understanding between two people just by analysing their zodiac signs individually and then in relation to each other?

In tarot, various factors and aspects usually dominate love compatibility sessions. For example, in an average love percentage tarot card reading session, a balance of energy is a huge requirement. The tarot reader is responsible for cleaning the vibrations, strengthening positivity, and welcoming blessings from your angel guides.

As we already know, no tarot reading can be deemed successful without proper cleansing and balancing of energies. Still, a love tarot card reading is essential and valuable.

How is a Love Compatibility Tarot session done?

A love compatibility tarot reading session is performed similarly to any tarot reading. However, some essential factors come into play while engaging in a love tarot reading. For example, since this type of tarot card reading is a mixture of astrology and tarot reading, it is highly essential to weigh the influence of planets, Nakshatras or conjunctions of stars, their positions, energies, vibrations, and frequencies.

Here are the steps to do a love compatibility tarot reading:

  • Firstly, if you're the one who's doing your tarot reading, then it would be best to sit in a quiet place where you won't be disturbed, and your attention won't be affected by external factors such as noise and chaos.
  • Then, get your feelings in order, centre yourself emotionally, and express your intention or reason for doing this tarot reading. The aim of voicing your motivation is to let the Universe know your intention.
  • The next step would be to cleanse the energy of the cards and the energy around you. Many tarot card readers suggest performing this with the help of crystals and sage, but if you're an absolute beginner in tarot reading practices, you should first consult a tarot reader. Also, you can buy quality crystals through the InstaAstro website.
  • After this, shuffle your deck, lay out your cards in a fan-like spread, and choose three or five cards depending on your problem. You can learn more about the three-card and five-card love compatibility tarot spread by scrolling down a little.
  • While choosing your cards, it is advisable to remember to take a deep breath, close your eyes, channel all your positive thoughts into the cards, and only then choose the cards intuitively. Intuition, faith, and belief play a significant role in tarot reading. Furthermore, it would be unwise to question your choices as this can derail the authenticity and accuracy of the messages sent to you by your angel guides.
  • After you've chosen your cards, thank your spirit guides for providing you with strength, power, and support. Moreover, it would be best if you also thanked them for their guidance.
  • Then, analyse your cards, unravel their messages, understand the hidden meanings, and relate it all to your current situation. Each card has a different purpose and symbolism, so if you're a beginner, it would be best to get in touch with professional tarot readers. A skilled tarot reader will not just read your cards and tell you of their messages but also make you understand their influence on the various aspects of your life, such as your relationship.

What are the Relationship Compatibility Spreads?

Relationship Compatibility or Love Compatibility Spreads are usually made up of three cards or five cards.

In a three-card spread, the first card represents you, the second card stands for your partner, and the third card represents your dynamic or relationship. Usually, in a three-card spread, the cards are responsible for answering simple questions such as "How can I make my relationship better?", "Does my partner love me?" or "Is my relationship compatible with my boyfriend or girlfriend?". These questions are usually easier to answer as compared to other ones, which are analysed with the help of the five-card spread.

Let us learn in detail what the three-card love compatibility tarot represents:

Card 1: You

The first card of the three-card tarot spread symbolises your role in a relationship and how many factors are dependent on you. For example, this card will tell you about your influence in your relationship, how you perceive your dynamic with your partner, the things you are responsible for, and how your understanding of yourself affects your relationships.

Card 2: Your Partner

The second card, which represents your partner, is the card that analyses your partner's role in your relationship. This card reads their understanding of themselves and their relationship, their willingness to work toward your relationship, their efforts, their influence, and the things you entrusted them with.

Card 3: Your relationship or duo

The last card of this spread talks of your relationship. Now, in a love compatibility tarot reading, one can consider the last card of the three-card tarot spread as highly significant due to its messages. This card will tell you how your relationship is, what the things that make this a good or bad relationship for you are, its characteristics, its elements, and how you and your partner would describe your relationship.

The five-card spread is a little more complicated, elaborate, and lengthy, which pertains to layered, deep, and complex questions. Generally, questions which require more analyses, details, and unravelling come under the five-card tarot spread.

In this spread, the first card stands for your influence in a relationship. The second card is for your partner's role. The third card stands for past events and the building blocks of your relationship, and the second last card is for your current situation.

Finally, the last card is the card of future predictions. In other words, the first two cards talk of you and your partner, similar to the three-card spread of love compatibility, and the last three cards talk of the past, present and future, similar to the three-card past, present future tarot spread. The fact that the love compatibility spreads are a mixture of two different types of tarot reading is a pretty unusual factor.

Here are the implications of each card in your relationship:

Card 1: You

The first card represents your role in a relationship, what you should or should not do, the things under your care, your feelings, and your emotions. The first card analyses your part in a relationship.

Card 2: Your Partner

The second card represents your partner's part in a relationship, their impact, their emotions, their emotional understanding of your relationship, and the efforts they are willing to put in.

Card 3: Past

The third card of the past looks into your relationship's journey. Also, the factors that may have played a substantial role in your equation. These aspects might have shaped your relationship into what it is now. Moreover, these factors can also be arguments shared between your partner and you and other elements of your past life.

Card 4: Present

The card of the present reads your current situation in your relationship. It gives you messages to either alleviate the negative aspects of your relationship and build a more vital dynamic or maintain the good factors and cultivate happiness. This card also talks about your equation in the present, if it requires changes or not, and whether you should take some steps not just to bring changes into your love life but also to understand why change is needed.

Card 5: Future

The last card of the five-card love compatibility tarot spread is the card of the future. This card talks about future predictions, how things will be in the future for you and your partner, the things which might not be the same as compared to the present day, and how your relationship will be in the long run. Since tomorrow is built on today, the future card is in relation to the present card.

In a love compatibility tarot reading session, the three-card spread, and the five-card spread, both hold different meanings and values. In the former spread, all the cards are in a continuous loop. What this means is that you and your partner are connected, and this equation paves the way for a healthy dynamic. So, the first two cards are related to each other and influence the third card.

Similarly, the first two cards are associated with each other in the five-card spread, and the last three are linked together. So, while one can analyse these cards from an individualistic point of view, it is best to study them in relation to each other.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The love compatibility test of star signs is the general love compatibility tarot readings or horoscope readings done for you and your partner's zodiac signs.
Through InstaAstro chat or talk services, you can get your love life tarot reading done by experienced, esteemed, and popular readers from India.
The InstaAstro free love tarot card reading tools are programmed to be highly accurate, and you can trust your results blindly.
Usually, online tarot card reading for love usually gives you precise answers instead of deep, layered ones. However, you can choose to consult a tarot reader, such as the ones at InstaAstro, who will be able to answer your questions in-depth.
Tarot compatibility by birthdate is a part of love astrology which takes an input of the dates of birth of both the individuals involved. It then gives answers based on planetary positions, energies, and frequencies.
While tarot cards don't have the power to change things, you do. So, as per your reading, you make the necessary changes to improve your relationship.
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